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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring & St Patrick's Day Cloches

It's Party time!!! And a cloche party at that. You know how I love my cloches.

It is so hard trying to think up different ways to decorate them. I went pretty simple this time. But then, don't I always? I'm continuing with my green theme.

So here are my spring and St Patrick's Day cloches.....

We will start off with the table that sits behind my sofa. I have placed two of my cloches here.

I placed a leaf decor ball I made on top of a candle stick. And then placed a candle ring at the base.

Under this cloche I placed a thrift store urn with a green decor ball on top.

To the left of my couch sits an antique trunk, a freebie from my sister in law. You know, one of those, "Oh, are you going to get rid of that? I'll take it". On top of the trunk I have this antique tray I picked up at the thrift store. The tray makes placing things on the trunk much easier. On the tray I have three, yes you heard me right, three cloches.

Another thrift store urn (a small one) with a small decor ball I picked up from Dollar Tree a few years back. The two birds came from Target last year. They were Christmas ornaments. I placed them on a bed of split peas.

This is my newest cloche. It's not really a cloche as it doesn't have a handle or knob on top. I think it is actually part of a light fixture. In fact, I was going to make a light out of it. But for now, I'm using it as a cloche. I have this glass dome covering another flower ball I made that is resting on top of another candlestick. The green birdies came from Micheal's last year. The black base is some sort of kitchen tin I picked up at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I liked the texture & that it was painted black. I think it is a tart tin, but I turned it upside down to use as a base.

I made this cloche out of a glass dome I found at a thrift store. I glued a glass knob to the top. I've made a couple of these. I placed a vintage bottle inside with a shamrock pick I've had.

I tied this charm to the bottle with twine. The charm was an eBay find from a few years back. Love the shamrocks.

Last year I grabbed a few rocks from outside & wrote "Kiss me I'm Irish" on them with a black Sharpie pen. They are my blarney stones. Placed everything on a bed of split peas.

For some reason, I have a hankering for soup. How about you?

Now we will move on to my hutch. I've already shared these when I did my hutch post earlier in the week. But let's look at them again.

This is Liam. I just caught him last week, from eBay. He is such a charmer.

On the base of my hutch I have a couple of glass cheese dome cloches and some apothecary jars.

Under this cheese dome I placed this crown from Michael's. I love how the heart shapes on the crown make shamrocks.

The inside of the crown is filled with fake gold coins with a leprechaun hat on top.

Did you think I'd keep real ones in there? Gold coins that is. I wish. But then I wouldn't be that dumb. Gold is expensive now.

How I wish my coins were real. If they were, do you think I would be here? Heck no! I'd be in Ireland trying to find a real leprechaun and a real pot of gold. And why Ireland & not Paris? Don't you worry, I'd be going to Paris as well. But I've already been there once. So I'd go to Ireland first, as I haven't been there. But I would definitely stay a week or so in Paris before coming home.

I added a touch of green to my apothecary jars.

Here is the right side.

This is another cloche I made by gluing a glass knob to the top of a thrift store glass dome. I placed some moss balls I had on hand. They came from Michael's, last year. And added a skeleton key I had laying around.

Under this cheese dome I added some moss rocks that came from Dollar Tree, last year. I hung this Irish blessing plaque from the knob.

And finally we have the little cabinet that sits at the end of my kitchen cabinets.

I did nothing different to the large apothecary jar. Still holds my letter balls. Which by the way, I still love.

But I did manage to capture a couple of more leprechauns. I've had these two for a couple of years now. They came from eBay as well. Their names are Siobhan ("shiv + awn", the Irish version of Joan) and Seamus ("shay + muss", the Irish version of James).

So there you have this years spring & St Patrick's Day cloches. I had great plans on adding some cute tags. But you know me, I decided I'd rather watch American Idol then to make tags. The lazy me always seems to win out.

Now be sure to stop by A Stroll Thru Life to visit all the other party goers.


  1. I just love it all. Can't choose which looks the prettiest. You did a great job decorating. Happy St Paddys Day.

  2. Everything is so pretty. Looks like you are "in the green" and ready for St. Paddy's day.

  3. Your holiday decor looks great as always! I'm GREEN with envy over your collection of cloches...lucky you! ;-)

  4. Woohoo it is brillant to use the lentils. Love all your cloches.

  5. Love all the greens! Very nice cloches!...Christine

  6. Ok, so you know I'm jealous of your cool Lefton's, so I was watching Idol and playing around on Etsy to see what I could see, and I came across this quilled (sp?) shamrock garland. How cool is that? Here's the link. Hope you can see it.

  7. Oh my! So unique and beautiful!

  8. Hi Kim, everything looks so pretty, love how you displayed your cloches especially the one filled with the moss balls. You just gave me an idea, Martina

  9. Oh my! I love, love, love all your cloches! You are very creative!

  10. Each and everyone is gorgeous. You are very talented. ~~Sherry~~

  11. Love all your green, Kim! They all fit in for St. Patrick's Day, but many of them will work all year. Love the simplicity of the greenery on urns and the moss balls!

  12. Hi Kim...

    I just read your sweet note and came had to come over to say hello, my friend! has been way too long since I have been by for a chat! I'm sorry! It seems that Blogland just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I'm finding it more difficult to get around to everyone! I have missed you, sweet friend!

    Well my dear, you certainly do have some GORGEOUS GREEN going on over at your place!!! Kim, you always do the prettiest decor for all the holidays! I love what you've done for St. Pat's day...everything just looks sooo pretty! Ohhh...and you have such a sweet collection of cloches and apothecary jars! I love how you did each of them! Ohhh...I just love the white flower ball that you made last year! I remember saying that I wanted to make some like it...but I never did! I think they look sooo pretty! I also love your little Irish shamrock tag that you got from ebay!

    Girl, I have missed your spring decor for your beautiful I am going to go back through your posts and get caught up! I know that it's going to be fabulous! Love how you decorated your pretty apothecary jars that you have displayed there! Well Darlin'...soooo glad that you stopped by for a visit! It's been too long! You have a wonderful weekend, sweet lady!

    Happy spring wishes,

  13. Beautiful cloches! Love the apothecary jars too. The things inside are gorgeous, so many of them to enjoy, I, for one, love them all, you did a great job! I'd love you to visit and see my cloches, not as many as yours, but fun.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  14. I get crazy when I saw your apothecary jars. Never find one in Stockholm.

    Arrrggghhh... love ém all..

    Happy w/end & CP...

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

  15. Oh my, I so so amazed at all of your cloche displays. Each one is perfect. You really do have some gorgeous vignettes. Thank you so much for joining the party. They are stunning. Hugs, Marty