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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Patriotic Inspiration from my Summer Staycation

Last week I was on a stay-cation. And what is a stay-cation?  Why it is a vacation where you stay at home and do stuff in your own house or neighborhood.  In other words, it means you are too broke to go on a real vacation.

Originally I was going to do all kinds of projects around my house.  Such as, redo our master bedroom (which really means, clean it up), redo the boys bathroom (which really means, get them to clean it up so I can redo it), and paint my china hutch (which really means, work, which I am apposed to doing while on vacation).   

What I really did is, sleep, eat, go shopping, eat and sleep some more. And did I mention shopping?

It was the most relaxing vacation I've been on in a long time.  I highly recommend it.  But unfortunately, nothing got done around my house.  Oh well.

One of my stay-cation days was spent down in Old Town Temecula.  My favorite store in Old Town Temecula is Serendipity Antiques

The front of the store was all decorated in a Patriotic theme.  I just love this Uncle Sam.  Wouldn't he be fun to have on your front porch?

Love this flag made from part of a picket fence.  Hmmm, I have part of an old picket fence sitting on the side of my house.  Maybe I should make me a flag like this.  But don't hold your breath.

Love this vignette.

Not the sharpest photo, but I love this coffee filter wreath.  I need to make me one.  I like how you can add seasonal items to dress it up.

I love these patriotic ornaments and paper lanterns hanging from tree branches.  This would be easy to recreate.

Not a lot of "Patriotic" items in this area, but having lots of red items still gives it that Patriotic feel.

I totally need to make me one of these baskets.  This would look great on my front porch.  That is, until the heat of summer scorches it and it dies.

I did not buy anything on my day trip to Old Town Temecula.  Only because I couldn't find anything I couldn't live without that I could afford.  But I had fun looking.  

All in all, I had a great time on my stay-cation.  I'll probably do it again towards the end of August around my birthday.  But secretly I'm hoping to win the Lottery so I can go on an actual vacation. 

What are you doing for vacation this summer?  Are you going somewhere?  Or doing a stay-cation like me?  Do tell.