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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Thrifty Soup Tureen

So how was your Mother's Day? My kind of sucked. I feel a bit ungrateful for saying so. I guess I just set my expectations too high.

I did get lots of love and a fabulous gift from my own flesh and blood son. So for that I am grateful. But my 20 year old stepson that I've been a mom to for almost 15 years made the day pretty sucky for me. It was so bad that the wicked step mom in me had to make an appearance. And I hate being a wicked step mom. In 15 years this is probably only the 2nd or 3rd time that she has raised her ugly head. But she had grown tired of the bad attitude, lack of respect, lack of being appreciative and his not thinking of anyone else but himself and that he still hadn't mowed the lawn. Yep, the last one was the final straw that brought on the wicked step mom.

Oh well, this too shall pass. And if not, he is going to find himself out on his butt. He thinks he has it so bad at home, let him find out how the real world is.

Sorry for the little tirade. But I do feel better now. So let's move on to more pleasant things.

A couple of weeks ago I was back in my old haunting grounds down in San Diego county. I had the chance to visit one of my favorite thrift stores AMVETS. There I found my first soup tureen. I was so excited. I have seen so many pretty ones out in blogville and I was feeling out of the loop. I needed me a soup tureen.

And now I have one.

Isn't she purdy?

She didn't look this purdy when I first found her. She was pretty dirty. But she cleaned up nicely.

And she only cost me $5.00! It was 1/2 price on miscellaneous items the day I was there.

She does have a crack in her lid. And she is missing her ladle.

But she still deserves to be the center of attention on top of my TV cabinet.

She feels right at home with all the other white thrifty goodies I've picked up over the years.

She's queen of the TV cabinet. At least for now.

I feel a whole new collection coming on.

So what great thrifty treasures have you scored lately? And have you had to be a wicked step mom? Do tell!

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  1. Kim, not a mom or a stepmom, so I don't have to deal with those
    issues. ;-) Sorry it spoiled your day.
    But the new tureen is certainly a terrific find. Any time I find a nice piece of white ironstone at a thrift store makes me happy. Nothing of late though.
    What I have found recently was a tole painted tub with Napoleonic bees. Sweet! ~ Sarah

  2. Love you 4 keeping it real! There are expectations and then there are long as no blood was parented. That's what we do. It ain't always pretty!

    Now that white soup dealio there is Pretty!!! I never knew what is was called. I will certainly sound Fancy if I ever come across one!!!

    I have developed a fondness for the pure white lately...maybe because its serene and uncluttered. Most of my stuff is vibrant, and sometimes it overloads me! Happy Hunting!!!

  3. Sweet!!! I just ealized I follow you on FB, but not here!

    I AM FOLLOWER #500!!!!!

    Way to GO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm so sorry you had a less than stellar Mother's Day! That stinks. :(

    Love the soup tureen! I love ironstone of any kind, but especially the larger pieces. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. You make a wise choice and got a good deal. I love white ironstone.

    I hope you had a better day today!

  7. Sorry you had a crappy Mother's Day...maybe he needed to have that little jolt to bring him back to reality.
    Love your new tureen...I have been in the right place at the right time, lately, when it comes to white tureens...I found 3 white and a blue all within a week.
    Hope the rest of your week goes well, Kim.

  8. Well the tureen made up for the sucky day. It is a pretty one. Love it with the rest of your ironstone.

  9. I think tureens will be the next collection I start. When I "finish" with pitchers. We shall see about that (smile). Gorgeous find.


  10. Isn't it exciting to find a tureen at the thrift store. I about peed my pants when I found mine! I like your vignette of white pieces!

  11. Many times kids (step or biological) at that age are a pain in the butt! Respect is a must so keep up your rules. Love your soup tureen! Great find and I love the whites all grouped together. hugs, Linda

  12. Sorry you had a yucky mom's day! Love=disapline so stand your ground! Stay strong mom! Do love your beautiful tureen!

  13. I so love and have several white soup tureens. I adore yours.

  14. What a great find, Kim! I love your new tureen! It's amazing what good shape many of these thrift store tureens are in. I couldn't believe when I found mine in such excellent condition. I love all your whites you have displayed. I'm looking to get a few pitchers myself.

  15. Hi, just found your it! Am drooling over your sourp why can't I find stuff like that at a thrift store? Looking forward to your posts, would love it if you ever want to stop by!~devon

  16. Ohhhhh.... she's quite beautiful! Great find. You have the prettiest white ware collection ever!


  17. Just wanted you to know that you now have full members rights to the Wicked Mother's club. Enjoy!

    As far as a ladle for your tureen. I found a beautiful stainless steel ladle at an antique shop, I think I paid, $3.00 ...that might foot the bill for your soupy needs.