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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eek!!! It's starting to look like Halloween.

On Saturday my sister in law invited me over to her house for some arts and crafts. I rarely take time to do crafts, but I love doing them. My SIL has the same problem. She has a friend who sells craft kits and she wanted to do something crafty, but she didn't want to do it alone. So she invited me over. And the best part was, she bought the kits and wouldn't let me pay for mine. So I got mine FREE!!!! Can't get any more frugal than free.

Our plan was to meet at her house at 1pm. I got there, a few minutes late, and Jeannette had everything all set up. So we got started right away. Now since I don't do much crafting, I was so excited that I forgot to take photos of the kits in the bag. But I did take a photo of the instruction pages that came with each.

Most everything we needed for these projects came in the kits. All we needed to supply was black paint, mod podge and foam brushes. Luckily my SIL had everything we needed.

We started off painting the wood blocks & bat, black. Here is mine all painted. Just waiting for the paint to dry.

Next we mod podged on the Halloween paper provided in the kits. For the larger block we ripped the edges of the paper first.

Next we applied the vinyl letters to each block. This was my first time using the vinyl letters. It was pretty easy with these large letters. But on the witch shoe block, the lettering was small & it wanted to stick to the wrong side of the paper. So it took a little more time. For some reason I forgot to take photos as I was making the witch shoe block.
Here are the Eek blocks after applying the letters.

Now comes the fun part. Foofoofying them.

For the "E" block, I had to first curl a piece of purple wire. I've never seen purple wire before. Then I threaded the wire through a green button. Then glued the button & wire onto the bat, and then glued the bat onto the block. Easy peasy!!
The small "e" got a couple of pieces of multi colored ribbon tied together with a piece of some fuzzy stuff glued behind it. Not sure what you would call the fuzzy stuff, other than fuzzy stuff.

The "k" got an orange rhinestone, and some fuzzy yarn that had little pom poms, which was tied in a bow & then glued on top.
Didn't it turn out cute?

And here is the final result for the witch shoe block. Each word was applied separately so that they could be placed different ways. A purple rhinestone was added to the question mark. The orange shoe came laminated, I just had to glue on a little black pom pom. Then we tied a polka dot ribbon all the way around the block & added some smaller pieces of ribbon to the top, and VOILA, it was done. The kit also came with tiny ribbons of various colors that we were suppose to tie in a knot & glue up & down the right side. But I left mine off. Thought it was too busy. I liked mine how I did it.

I had a good time with my SIL making these blocks. And now I am completely hooked on vinyl letters. I wish I had a machine to make them. I would be putting vinyl letters, numbers & signs everywhere if I did. So I guess it is good that I can't.

So now I have my first 2 items to decorate for Halloween. Hopefully I'll get my house decorated for Halloween, before Halloween.

Well thanks for looking at my craft project. It might be the only one you see for a long time. I am always buying stuff to do craft projects, but then never get around to doing them. I guess I need to set up a monthly or weekly craft time with my SIL. Then just maybe I'd get something crafted.

I'm linking to Its So Very Cheri, Celebrate the Holidays blog party. Be sure to visit her blog to see more holiday stuff. And something very big is going to happen over at her blog tomorrow Oct 1st. So be sure to check it out.

And have a great day!!!


Monday, September 28, 2009

More thrifty finds

Edited Thursday 10/1: I'm also joining Thrifty Thursday at Tales from Bloggeritaville. Be sure to visit Leigh & this weeks participants.

Also, I went back to the thrift store on Tuesday and they still had my bunny napkin rings (you'll know what I'm talking about once you read my post). Hip, hip, hurray!!!! The owner said she noticed that she forgot to put them in my bag as I drove off. She knew I would be back sometime for them. So she had them waiting. I also bought 2 more of the frenchy bottles. Ooh la la!!!

It's Monday & time for Today's Thrifty Finds hosted by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. I think this is the last week she is doing this as yard sale season is pretty much over. And it's time to move on to holiday stuff. So, since this is the last week, time for one last hurray.

As I've told you before, I am not a morning person, so I don't go to yard sales. I stick mainly to thrift store shopping. I found so many goodies over the past 2 weeks that I've posted them in two parts. To see part 1, click here.

All of the goodies in this post were found over the past weekend at 3 different thrift stores. These first 2 items were found at my local Community Cupboard thrift store.
I collect Teddy bears so when I saw this one for $3.00 I couldn't resist. Could you? I love him as he is tall & lean. I wish I were too. Well, I'm tall, I'm just not lean.

I got this to make a cloche out of it. I'm pretty sure it was a light cover. Cost: $1.00

The next two items I found at a thrift store by my work. I actually bought 3 items, but when I got home, my pewter bunny napkin rings were missing. I hope that they still have them at the store & forgot to put them in the bag. I'll be stopping by there at lunch to see. Cross your fingers they still have them.

I like to collect these type of glass jars. They are great for storing misc items. Cost $2.00.

I loved this French bottle. I have one similar that I picked up on vacation in August. But this one looks brand new. The thrift store owner told me her daughter brought the bottles from France. But since I love anything French, I had to buy. Cost: $2.50. They had 2 more that I didn't buy, but I may just have to get them when I go back at lunch to see about my missing bunny napkin rings.

These last three items I picked up at a new thrift store that I found about 4 miles from my house. I loved this thrift store. They had it set up more like a boutique than a thrift store.

I found this shabby chic candle holder. I love it!!! All I need to do is add some hanging crystals (which I just happen to have). Cost $3.50. A little pricey, but it spoke to me.

Then I found these 2 ironstone plates. They match the plates from Big Lots that I have. But these are better as they are ironstone and by Johnson Brothers. Both plates were marked $2.00 each. But one of the plates had some crazing on the back so she only charged me $1.50 for that one.
Here is the maker mark on the back of the dinner plates.

I also got 3 matching salad plates. Cost: $1.00 each.
Here is the maker mark on the back of the salad plates. I love white ironstone. My hubby asked why I was getting it as I have a lot of white ironstone plates already. I said "But it's ironstone!!!, how can I pass it up?"

Well there you have my thrifty finds for the past week. I think I love finding stuff at thrift stores more than regular shopping now. But not quite.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

This weeks thrifty finds

Updated 9/28: I am also linking to Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for Today's Thrifty Treasures. I think this is her last week of doing this as since I forgot to post last Monday, I'll link up today. And be sure to visit my most current post for items I picked up this past weekend as well.

Well here it is, Thursday. What am I going to blog about today? Well normally I would try & post a fabulous tablescape. But no, I've been too lazy lately. So no tablescape.

I know, I have some thrifty finds that I picked up over the weekend. I can blog about them. Then I can share them on:

Thrifty Thursday hosted by Leigh over at Tales from Bloggeritaville (I love that name). Be sure to visit her blog to see this weeks participants.

Our story begins last Saturday. It was a leisurely day around our house when all of a sudden I got the urge to shop. Imagine that! I told hubby that I wanted to go to Big Lots and the 99 cent Only store. I asked him if he wanted to join me (all the while secretly hoping that he wouldn't). He said no. What???? He never says no. He always wants to tag along. I asked him if he was sick. He said no. He just felt like staying home & relaxing.

Well before he could change his mind, I was out the door and peeling out of the driveway. You see, I never get to go shopping by myself.

So I stopped by Big Lots and the 99 cent Only store. I found a few fall things to decorate with (not worth mentioning here, even though 99 cents is thrifty). I was about to return home when I realized that I was by myself!!!! I could go anywhere that I wanted and spend as much time as I wanted. What's a girl to do? I decided to do some more shopping!!!

Next I went by the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Do you have one in your neighborhood? You can find all kinds of great deals there. However, I didn't find anything I couldn't live without on this trip. Darn it!

Then I stopped by Salvation Army. Now I haven't been in Salvation Army in quite a long time. I usually go to my local thrift store or Goodwill. I looked over everything in the store. But wowza!!!, everything was soooooooo overpriced. They were charging antique store prices. I saw a couple of items that I liked, but I wasn't about to pay the prices they were charging so I left the store.

On my way out of the store, I noticed a sign that said "Storewide Sale, everything 1/2 off". What? Why didn't I see this sign on my way into the store? Well, I turned around & went back inside to take a second looksy. Half price ain't so bad after all. So I picked up the 2 items that I liked.

I found this covered casserole dish. It doesn't have any maker markings on the bottom. But it looks like ironstone to me. And I collect white ironstone (but then, who doesn't). It has a crack in the lid & one of the handles has a chip. But I don't care. I love it!!! It cost me $3.50.

The second item I got from Salvation Army is this cute bunny jar. It will be perfect for Easter. Aren't the bunnies precious? And it is in perfect condition. It cost me $1.25.
After leaving Salvation Army I decided to head over to my favorite antique store Granny's Attic.
I found some thrifty things there as well. I know, I know, thrifty and antique store don't usually go hand in hand. But sometimes you can find thrifty prices at an antique store.

I first found this pair of topiaries. I love topiaries & have been wanting some that look just like these. I will probably paint their pots, but for now, I love them. Cost: $5.00 each. I couldn't make them for $5.00 each.

Then I found this faux pumpkin. And it was already painted the way I wanted. Cost $2.25. Have you priced faux pumpkins? Even at Michael's on sale they are more than $5.00 for this size.
And finally I found 2 more flower frogs for my collection. I just started collecting them this summer. Sorry that the picture is a little blurry. The larger frog on the left was on sale for $4.00. The little green spikey one on the right was $3.00. I like the spikey ones the best as you can use them as a photo holder.
By this time, the day was almost over and I was out of money. My day of freedom had come to an end, so I headed home. When I got home hubby says, "I thought you were only going to Big Lots and the 99 cent only store". I gave him the look that said, "Are you kidding me?" I guess he doesn't know me very well, does he.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I need me some "FALL". Where is it?

Isn't today suppose to be the first day of Fall? The calendar says it is. But Mother Nature is telling us a different story here in southern California. The temp is suppose to be 105 degrees today where I live. Sounds like Summer weather to me.

But, and there is always a but, the weather man did say we were suppose to get Santa Ana winds today as well. Now anyone who knows anything, is that when the Santa Ana winds hit, it is the true sign that fall has arrived.

For those of you who don't live in southern California, we don't really get "fall" weather. We get Santa Ana winds which translates to "fall" weather for us. The few leaves that do change color here don't usually do so until about December. And that is usually when the leaves fall off the trees as well.

And because we don't really get "fall" weather, I usually don't decorate for fall. But this year I did decide to decorate a few areas to try & make me feel cooler (hasn't worked so far). I've already shown you my mantel, a shelf and a cabinet that I decorated. Today I want to show you a small area of my trunk.

I'm linking to the following blog parties: Three or More Tuesday, hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner. Celebrate the Holidays hosted by Cheri at Its So Very Cheri. And since it is also the first day of "fall", Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses is having a Welcome Fall Party today as well. And finally, we can't forget the fabulous Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality. She is hosting a "It's Fall Y'all" party on Oct 1. Be sure to visit all of their blogs to see who is all participating.

The three tier cake stand came from Brylane Home Kitchen. I got it for "free" as I had a gift certificate. I placed it on top of an old glass block. My trunk top is not even so the glass block gave it a larger flat area to sit on so it doesn't fall over.

Doesn't the candy look yummy? I told my boys that they can only eat the candy in the candy dish in front. The candies in the little jello molds are for display purposes only. Let's see if they stick with the plan. So far so good.
On the top cake stand I placed a pumpkin candle (don't remember where I got it) and two birdie candle holders from Dollar Tree. Since I almost burnt my house down using real candles in the past, I have now graduated to using battery operated tea lights. They don't look or smell as nice, but much safer. I love these birdies. I was going to paint them white, but they are the perfect color for fall.
The middle tier has my small collection of swans. It started with the crystal swan on the left. It is a Swarovski crystal swan that I bought on our trip to Europe back in 2003. I bought it in Austria where Swarovski crystal is made. The silver & glass swan in the middle came from a thrift store as well as the larger glass swan on the right (hard to see). There is also a Lenox swan in the back that I couldn't get a photo of. The small glitter pumpkins came from the 99 Cent Only store on Saturday. All four pumpkins for 99 cents.

On the bottom shelf I placed my mini jello molds that I picked up at an antique store in Phoenix while on vacation this summer. I filled them with fall like candies. I had seen this done by Pottery Barn and thought that it was a fabulous idea.

I filled the molds with Pumpkin candy (yum, yum), Boston Baked Beans (my favorite), Caramels, Root beer candies (I wouldn't recommend eating them as I've had them for 4 years stored in a jar on top of my kitchen cabinets. They were looking a little melted so that is why they are in the back), Candy Corn and Tootsie Rolls. All the candy (except for the root beer candy) came from Dollar Tree store. The candy has been out on display for 5 days now & it looks like none of it is missing. I have good boys.

I see you eyeing my candy. Hands off!!!! It's mine!! OK, I will share, but you can only have one piece. I need enough for everyone to have some. Just don't tell my boys. I'll tell them we have ghosts. They'll believe that, as they already blame everything on ghosts.

Thanks for visiting, be sure to leave me a comment. Tell me what your favorite candy is and if "Fall" has arrived at your house.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Family Heirlooms

Updated 9/24: I am also linking this to Vintage Thingies Thursday blog party hosted by Coloradolady.

Marie over at Emma Calls Me Mama is hosting another Heirloom Party. In part one back in July, I showed you my Grandma's rocker. This time I will be showing a couple of family heirlooms that came from my hubby's side of the family and one from my side.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love old things. That is the real reason I married my hubby, he's old. Just kidding. I married him for his family heirlooms. Just kidding again. They were just an extra bonus.

One of my favorite items that belonged to my hubby is this secretary that belonged to his mom. But even before belonging to his mom, it belonged to his grandmother. Now my hubby never knew his grandmother as she died back in 1918 during the great flu pandemic. In fact, both of my hubby's grandparents died during this time. My hubby's mom was only 5 at the time of her parents death.

Isn't it beautiful? It sits in our kitchen. I've stocked it up with lots of items that I hope will be heirlooms to pass down to future generations. Who am I kidding? I have boys who hate this crap, I mean stuff. Maybe I'll luck out & have grand daughters someday. Right now, I only have a grandson. Or maybe my nieces might like some of these items.

None of these items are actual family heirlooms. But they are still heirlooms. Most everything was picked up at various thrift stores. The green scale did come from an antique mall. I had always wanted one & I found this one for a reasonable price.

The old coffee grinder belongs to hubby. He said someone gave it to him. Did you notice the little clay figures on the coffee grinder? My hubby makes them for fun whenever he uses his bondo to fix things. It's kind of a family joke now. The tall metal thing to the right is a Model A jack. Then hubby has 2 lanterns. The small one tucked inside the larger one is a mining carbide lantern. The larger lantern is a train lantern. Hubby said he was given these items or found them at a thrift store. The bell, bottle & small milk crate belong to me. The milk bottle & milk crate came from Disneyland back in the 80's. The bell I picked up at a thrift store.

The next shelf down houses some of my blue & white china. The cup & saucer in the back came from a thrift store. The old iron belongs to hubby. The heart shaped jar hubby bought for me in Amsterdam. The cream covered bowl came from Home Goods a few years back.

This old crock is hubby's. I think it belonged to his mom. We have quite a few crocks around our kitchen. This one holds sunglasses. You can never have too many sunglasses.

Sorry that this photo is blurry. The delft girl & shoes came from a thrift store to remind me of our trip to the Netherlands. The covered dish came from Home Goods a few years back. Another old iron that belongs to hubby.

The top shelf shown here holds more blue & white china. None of these items are very old. The white platters in the back are. They came from thrift stores. The bottom shelf has cook books, my recipe box (this is a family heirloom. It belonged to my great grandma), and an old wooden bowl that belongs to my hubby.

Luckily we still have the skeleton key to open the desk part.

The left side has a little cubby & a small drawer. Heaven forbid we look inside!!! I wouldn't want to scare you all.

OK, you twisted my arm. I'll show you inside the desk part. Just remember, this is my hubby's stuff. I don't have a clue what is all in here.

I did have to show you the desk part that pulls down. See that big black ink spot? When Hubby's mom was a little girl, she used to love & sit at this desk and draw, doodle, write, whatever. One day, she knocked over the ink bottle & it stained the wood.

This secretary meant a lot to hubby's mom since it had belonged to her mom and she lost her mom at such a young age. I'm glad she kept it all these years and passed it on to my hubby.

The next heirloom I want to share was also passed down from generation to generation. This mirror was a wedding present given to my hubby's grandparents in the early 1900's. I never knew until today it was that old. I love it because it is so chippy!!! It hangs in the little alcove by our bedroom.

Look at all that chippiness. Isn't it fabulous? And finally I want to show you one of my family heirlooms. This dining room table & chairs belonged to my Great Grandmother. The first time I met my Great Grandmother was in the 1970's when she was 90 years old. She had been living in the Phoenix area and was no longer able to take care of herself. She had to come live with my family. So we went to Phoenix to get her and all her belongings. I remember staying in a motel and all of us kids wanted to go swimming. My parents promised that after they got back from packing up my Great Grandma's stuff they would take us swimming. Well while they were gone a huge dust storm erupted & filled the hotel pool full of dirt. We were so disappointed that we couldn't go swimming. So when I see this table it reminds me of this story.

The table originally was natural wood. My parents used it in their home for quite a few years. In the 80's they gave it to my brothers family. They used it for awhile & then gave it to me. I was living in an apartment at the time & it wouldn't fit. So I stored it in my parents shed for 20 years. It was stored on end & the end on the ground rotted. In fact most of the wood looked real bad. My parents wanted to throw it away. But wait!!! Hubby to the rescue. He used his bondo stuff to repair the end that was rotted out. I was originally going to paint the entire table & chairs black. But the side of the table had beautiful inlay. Hubby was able to find replacement inlay for the end that was destroyed. He said if we painted parts black, he could fix the rest. And he did.
See the inlay along the bottom? The stuff on the left is new, the middle & right is old. Can't tell the difference, right? Also hubby found replacement veneer for the middle section as well. Since the edges were the most damaged, we painted them black. I wish we had taken before photos, but that was before blogging.

Here is a close up of the captain's chair. We painted them black & then distressed them. Hubby left the little area at the top of the chair natural so it would match the table top. We just reupholstered the chairs a few months ago for the Procrastinators Party.

Don't you just love the table & chair legs? I know I do. One of the table legs had a piece broken off. So hubby used bondo to fix that right up as well.

I just love this table. I don't think I will ever part with it.

The top still needs to be redone. Hubby did it once, but he didn't put enough shellac or something like that on the top. And you can see that I have the leaf in the table left over from last Thanksgiving. I was too lazy to remove it & Thanksgiving is coming up again shortly. The leaf has never been refinished. And I just noticed that my stepson left his dishes sitting on the couch. Had you even noticed it before I brought it to your attention? Keeping it real people, keeping it real.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed my family heirlooms. I have some more, but I'll save them for another Heirloom Party. Hopefully Marie will have another party someday. Now scoot on over to her blog to see everyone else's heirlooms. Plus she is having a fabulous giveaway to Hudson Goods. They have such yummy stuff!!! You need to visit her blog Emma Calls Me Mama to leave a comment to win. But I'm warning you now, I'm going to win!!! (Fingers crossed).

And don't forget to leave me a comment & let me know which heirloom is your favorite.