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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot flashes.

Experienced some hot flashes at our house last night. I missed it all. And at my age, that is hard to do.

Let me explain.

My son & I were driving home from work when I got a phone call from hubby. He said "I have some good news, some really good news and some bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?" I said "the good news".

Then he said "The good news is that you know that ugly pampas grass bush that I hate? Well, it's gone." "The really good news is, the house is not." "And the bad news, well there was a little fire".

FIRE!!!! I hate those words. Nothing scares me like fire.

When I got home, this is what I found.

It seems someone set our pampas grass on fire, which then set the fence on fire. What we don't know is, who it was, or if it was on purpose. My guess is someone tossed a cigarette butt while either walking or driving by. I reallyneed to call Sherlock Holmes. Especially if Robert Downey Jr is the Sherlock Holmes that shows up. He can put out my fire anytime.

Sorry to get sidetracked. This is what pampas grass is suppose to look like (ours looked like this but bigger).

This is what it looks like now. And did you see our fence? It's black!! Or is it Oil Rubbed Bronze? I love black & ORB, but this is a bit too much. It was already about to fall down prior to the fire.

Lucky for us, the neighbor across the street on this side of our house (we live on a corner lot) had just gotten home from work & saw the bush on fire. He alerted hubby. Luckily hubby was home. Normally he wouldn't be home at that time of the evening, but last night he was.

Hubby had to use the garden hose from the back yard to try & put the fire out over the fence as it was the only one long enough to reach.

The fire started to burn through to the back yard side of the fence. Hubby said there was a lot of smoke. And he was only wearing shorts.

A lot of the neighbors came running to help, but since the only hose that was long enough was in our back yard, they had to throw buckets of water onto the burning bush from their side. If hubby hadn't been home, no one would have been able to get to the hose in the back yard. And I shudder to think what would have happened.

The fire department came but hubby already had the fire out. They just chopped down the rest of the bush to make sure it wasn't still burning. I really hated that I missed seeing the sexy firemen.

Poor hubby, he did inhale a lot of smoke. Took him to the doctor, but he will live. Doctor gave him an inhaler of some sort. He was happy.

Maybe I should get him a fireman's hat as an award for saving our house.

He is my hero.

My own sexy fireman.

Smells like a bonfire at the beach at our house now. Too bad I don't see the ocean when I look out through the big hole in the fence. I can dream.

Of course, every window and door in the house was open when the fire was happening. Hopefully the house will air out soon.

I'm just so thankful that hubby was home at the time of the fire. If not, our house probably would have burnt down. The fire was traveling down the fence towards our house by the time hubby started putting it out. And the pepper tree had started to burn as well. Could have been a real disaster.

And I'm so thankful for our neighbors who alerted hubby and called the fire department.

Just wish that I had been there to see it all. Then I could have had some real cool fire photos for the blog. And photos of some sexy firemen.

Now if only I hadn't just raised our homeowners deductible to $1000. Oh well. You live and learn.

At least the fire got rid of the big ugly beast (pampas grass). Too bad the ugly agave plants didn't burn as well. I guess I shouldn't be greedy.

And finally, what did we learn from this little experience? Hubby needs a longer hose. At least now I know what to get him for our anniversary.

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  1. My goodness - how lucky it was only the grass and part of the fence. So Scary! So glad your hubby WAS home. Happy to hear everyone and your home is safe though. I can only hope you holiday weekend gets a little better! Stephanie Lynn

  2. You are so funny even when you have a fire. I guess you didn't get Robert Downey to show up and sorry you missed the sexy firemen.

  3. Oh Kim, what a hilarious post! At first my mind went to.."her husband thought he could burn that grass and nothing else would happen...", shame on me. Of course it was an accident. Thanks for brightening my evening!

  4. Wow, Kim, I'm so glad Hubby was home and everything is ok! I've got some good new too. My giveaway is over, please stop by when you have a chance :)

  5. Hi Kim,
    I was so glad to read that your husband was home and that the fire was able to be contained. It had to be a scary moment for him when he saw things on fire. I hope you are able to enjoy your holiday weekend.

  6. I can't believe that happened!! That's horrible! At least you had a happy ending to your story! Sorry you missed the firemen!!!

  7. It's nice to see you have a great sense of humor in these poor circumstances! So glad your house did not catch on fire too! About the pampass grass, I really love those ugly beasts! We had one at our very first home and my husband hated it! He was always trying to figure a way to get rid of it. LOL!

  8. Scary, indeed! Thankfully your neighbor was kind enough to alert your husband...and no structural damage, other than the fence was case of another incident you had better get that man a longer hose!

  9. WWOOWW!! I am still in shock!! Your poor hubby, he does deserve a grand award!! XXOO

  10. i love sexy firemen too :D

    so glad it wasn't worse :D

  11. You were very lucky, Kim. I'm so sorry this happened though. I hate cigarettes altogether. But people tossing the butts really make me mad.

  12. I am so glad it turned out okay - except for that deductible part. What a way to get rid of a bush! I don't think I'll try your method though. :)