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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Red, White and Blue Hutch

I can't believe that the 4th of July is in four days. The summer is already whizzing by so fast. Maybe it's because I'm old. But I refuse to admit that I am getting older. So I demand that summer slow down. Like it's going to listen to me.

I had hoped to have this post online this morning, but Blogger wasn't cooperating with me. Or maybe it was just me, since I'm so old and all.

Anyhoo, I better get with posting the rest of my Patriotic decor since I don't have many days left. So today I'll show off my china hutch.

This one is called: Red, White and Blue Hutch. I'm a genius when it comes to making up post titles. NOT!!!! Am I the only one who gets brain freeze when thinking up a title for a post? Or writing a post? Please don't tell me I'm the only one. Someone needs to lie to me.

I'm going to try & keep my talking to a minimum. That way you can just scroll through the photos. But don't hold your breath cause I will most likely talk more than I had just promised. I can't seem to keep quiet for long.

I was going to change out my white ironstone as I have some new patriotic dishes. But the lazy part of me said "Why?". So the white ironstone stayed. Plus I needed some white for my red, white and blue decor.

The paper hat was one I originally made to go on my teddy bear knock off. But I decided the cone hat looked better. So I used this one here. And the red, white & blue patriotic fan is left over from last year. They were free printables from Martha Stewart.

The star box came from Tai Pan Trading last year. And the striped wooden star came from Target dollar spot a couple of years ago.

Another paper hat I made along with some more fans/lollies. The bird cage was another Tai Pan Trading purchase from last year.

I told you I was obsessed with flags this year. I stuck them everywhere.

The only new purchase is the star ornament hanging from the cloche. I picked it up for 25cents on clearance from an antique store.

The Uncle Sam's came from Michael's a few years back.

The pennant banner came from Target dollar spot this year.

I placed a bunch of flag toothpicks in an old flower frog & placed it under this cheese dome cloche. But the flags refused to cooperate with me. They wouldn't sit straight & proper. They wanted to young & carefree. They wanted to do their own thing.

I found these small pinwheels at Michael's. They were like 3 for a dollar. I was going to make some this year, and when I saw these I said "Why make them, when I can buy them so cheap?". The lazy me always wins.

Whoops, I guess I bought more than one new item this year as I keep finding other new things. When you get old, you forget really easily. So don't hold my lack of memory against me. Someday you will be old too. Hopefully not for a long, long, long, long time.

Placed some patriotic paper behind this stencil. Then propped it up with another old flower frog.

I found this star at Tai Pan Trading this year.

The patriotic tootsie rolls came from Dollar Tree. I'm already on my 2nd bag in the jar. They seem to be disappearing for some reason.

And I am not the guilty party.

I swear.

I bought some stickers at Joann's and added them to some paper fan/lollies I made.

I bought these red, white and blue clothespins off eBay. They would be really easy to make. But again, the lazy me decided to buy them instead of making them. Aren't they cute? I still might make me some. That way I'll have more. But then, the lazy part of me will probably not get around to it.

So there you have my red, white and blue hutch. I guess it will stay this way for at least another week. Then I need to decorate it for summer. That is, if summer slows down enough for me to do so.

Does summer seem like it is whizzing by for you? I guess that makes you old too.

Nah, you aren't old.

Just a little less young.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Patriotic Teddy Bear Knock Off

One thing that you probably don't know about me is that I have "a thing" for Teddy Bears. I adore them! I have collected them for years.

In the past few years, not so much. I guess I thought I had too many.

But then in the mail comes my catalog from Victorian Trading Co with this yummy Patriotic teddy bear from Bethany Lowe Designs.

I had to have it!!!! I needed it!!! I wanted it!!!!

It was $39.95!!!! Plus shipping!!!

Too rich for my cheap blood.

I checked all over the Internet to find it cheaper. But the cheapest I could find it was on eBay and it was still $34.99 plus shipping.

So what is a frugal girl like me to do?

Why knock it off.

I already had this cute teddy bear. But he was brown, not cream like the one I wanted. But he did look old and vintage. Plus, look at that face. Isn't he adorable? He would work just fine.

I first made him a ruffly collar from some red, white & blue crepe paper streamer I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 99cents when I was in Utah a few weeks back. How I wish we had Hobby Lobby here in SoCal.

Anyhoo, I just used a needle & thread to make a running stitch along one edge of the streamer. Then I pulled the string to make the streamer gather to make a ruffle. I made 2 ruffles & tied them around the neck of the bear. I did cut off the red section of the streamer on the 2nd ruffle.

Now he was starting to look patriotic.

Next came the hat. For some reason I find making a cone one the hardest things I have ever done. What is wrong with me? It seems so easy, but it took me about 10 tries before I got a cone I halfway liked. Even if the music is upside down! You can't win them all.

I hot glued on some silver tinsel that I had on hand. It originally came from the Dollar Tree. And I added a small paper medallion. I bought a bunch of pre made patriotic ones from Joann's last month to use in other projects and I had this small one left over.

Next I needed a small wooden box for the toys. I didn't have one. So I got my dear hubby to make me one. What? You expected me to make it? You obviously don't know me well enough yet. I don't use power tools. Why should I when I have a talented hubby who loves to use them and to make me stuff? I'm not stupid, just lazy.

Hubby used some wooden paint sticks he had laying around put together a small box for me. He even put little pegs on the side to make it look old using toothpicks. Then he even stained it for me. I painted the red stripe at the top and bottom & stenciled on the blue stars. I then sanded it to make the stars look like they were old. Hubby then waxed the box for me when it was all done.

The box turned out exactly how I had pictured it. Thanks hunny!!!

Then I needed some toys for the "toy box". I was going to try & make the toys look exactly like the one in my inspiration photo.

But why not use what I already had?

I've had the miniature sock monkey & pony stick for years. I did pick up the mini pistol at an antique store in Vegas while on vacation.

I also found this vintage looking "Jumbo" the elephant on wheels bank at an antique store while in Vegas. I don't gamble when I'm in Vegas, I go antique shopping. I know both of these items aren't actually "antiques", but I don't care. I just like vintage looking stuff. Plus I didn't pay the price for them actually being "antiques". I bought them for a knock off price. So I'm happy.

I then placed a small flag (from Target Dollar spot) across his arm and my "knock off" bear was complete.

I think I might even like my "knock off" version better than the original.

The only things I had to buy specifically for this project was the mini pistol and the elephant toy. So I only spent a little over $10.00 for this project. And I really didn't need to buy these items, I could have found something else around my house. But they spoke to me while out shopping.

Everything else we already had around the house.

Here is one more look at the inspiration for my project.

And one final look at my "knock off version".

I had more fun putting this together than I would have if I had just purchased it. And I'm tickled pink (more like red, white & blue) on how it turned out. I'm sure Bethany Lowe isn't though.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stars and Stripes Forever

I have a thing for flags this year. I've become a little obsessed with them.

But nothing screams "Patriotic" like flags. I've used them a lot this year in my decorating for Memorial Day, Flag Day and the 4th of July. The only problem is (my favorite saying), when ever I see a flag, I start humming or singing Patriotic songs in my head. Like I'm sure you were when you read the title of my post "Stars and Stripes forever". Didn't you start singing it in your head when you read the words? If not singing, at least humming the tune? Come on, admit it.

Speaking of patriotic. Look at these cute vintage salt & pepper shakers I picked up off of eBay. They are perfect for the 4th of July BBQ I'll be hosting.

I just had to have them. Luckily I had a $15.00 gift certificate so I was able to bid higher than I normally would have. I ended up paying $21.00 for them. But that only cost me $6.00 out of my own pocket. That and shipping. But I love them!!!!

They are perfect here under this cloche.

Did you notice that I moved the larger chicken wire frame that had been on my mantel over to this cabinet? I placed a rusty star in front that I picked up last year from Tai Pan Trading.

Someone needs to convince that store that they need locations all across America. At least they were smart enough to put one in SoCal (that would be southern California for those of you who aren't hip to such things). Tai Pan is my favorite place to shop right now. Too bad it is still 45 minutes away from me. But that is good for my wallet that it is.

And did you notice that I made another flag garland? I have a larger version hanging from my "Old Glory" mantel. Isn't it the cutest thing?

I made flag garlands to place all around my family room. I told you I was obsessed with flags this year.

A couple more flags were added to this thrift store vase I picked up last month for a buck.

And there you have another flag vignette in my family room/kitchen.

I pretty much have all my patriotic/4th of July decor done. I just need to take photos so that I can share. So stay tuned!

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