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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stars and Stripes Forever

I have a thing for flags this year. I've become a little obsessed with them.

But nothing screams "Patriotic" like flags. I've used them a lot this year in my decorating for Memorial Day, Flag Day and the 4th of July. The only problem is (my favorite saying), when ever I see a flag, I start humming or singing Patriotic songs in my head. Like I'm sure you were when you read the title of my post "Stars and Stripes forever". Didn't you start singing it in your head when you read the words? If not singing, at least humming the tune? Come on, admit it.

Speaking of patriotic. Look at these cute vintage salt & pepper shakers I picked up off of eBay. They are perfect for the 4th of July BBQ I'll be hosting.

I just had to have them. Luckily I had a $15.00 gift certificate so I was able to bid higher than I normally would have. I ended up paying $21.00 for them. But that only cost me $6.00 out of my own pocket. That and shipping. But I love them!!!!

They are perfect here under this cloche.

Did you notice that I moved the larger chicken wire frame that had been on my mantel over to this cabinet? I placed a rusty star in front that I picked up last year from Tai Pan Trading.

Someone needs to convince that store that they need locations all across America. At least they were smart enough to put one in SoCal (that would be southern California for those of you who aren't hip to such things). Tai Pan is my favorite place to shop right now. Too bad it is still 45 minutes away from me. But that is good for my wallet that it is.

And did you notice that I made another flag garland? I have a larger version hanging from my "Old Glory" mantel. Isn't it the cutest thing?

I made flag garlands to place all around my family room. I told you I was obsessed with flags this year.

A couple more flags were added to this thrift store vase I picked up last month for a buck.

And there you have another flag vignette in my family room/kitchen.

I pretty much have all my patriotic/4th of July decor done. I just need to take photos so that I can share. So stay tuned!

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  1. LOVE those cute salt and pepper shakers! And what a great deal you got. :) You sure do have a nice collection of flag things. Happy Summer!