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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Red, White and Blue Hutch

I can't believe that the 4th of July is in four days. The summer is already whizzing by so fast. Maybe it's because I'm old. But I refuse to admit that I am getting older. So I demand that summer slow down. Like it's going to listen to me.

I had hoped to have this post online this morning, but Blogger wasn't cooperating with me. Or maybe it was just me, since I'm so old and all.

Anyhoo, I better get with posting the rest of my Patriotic decor since I don't have many days left. So today I'll show off my china hutch.

This one is called: Red, White and Blue Hutch. I'm a genius when it comes to making up post titles. NOT!!!! Am I the only one who gets brain freeze when thinking up a title for a post? Or writing a post? Please don't tell me I'm the only one. Someone needs to lie to me.

I'm going to try & keep my talking to a minimum. That way you can just scroll through the photos. But don't hold your breath cause I will most likely talk more than I had just promised. I can't seem to keep quiet for long.

I was going to change out my white ironstone as I have some new patriotic dishes. But the lazy part of me said "Why?". So the white ironstone stayed. Plus I needed some white for my red, white and blue decor.

The paper hat was one I originally made to go on my teddy bear knock off. But I decided the cone hat looked better. So I used this one here. And the red, white & blue patriotic fan is left over from last year. They were free printables from Martha Stewart.

The star box came from Tai Pan Trading last year. And the striped wooden star came from Target dollar spot a couple of years ago.

Another paper hat I made along with some more fans/lollies. The bird cage was another Tai Pan Trading purchase from last year.

I told you I was obsessed with flags this year. I stuck them everywhere.

The only new purchase is the star ornament hanging from the cloche. I picked it up for 25cents on clearance from an antique store.

The Uncle Sam's came from Michael's a few years back.

The pennant banner came from Target dollar spot this year.

I placed a bunch of flag toothpicks in an old flower frog & placed it under this cheese dome cloche. But the flags refused to cooperate with me. They wouldn't sit straight & proper. They wanted to young & carefree. They wanted to do their own thing.

I found these small pinwheels at Michael's. They were like 3 for a dollar. I was going to make some this year, and when I saw these I said "Why make them, when I can buy them so cheap?". The lazy me always wins.

Whoops, I guess I bought more than one new item this year as I keep finding other new things. When you get old, you forget really easily. So don't hold my lack of memory against me. Someday you will be old too. Hopefully not for a long, long, long, long time.

Placed some patriotic paper behind this stencil. Then propped it up with another old flower frog.

I found this star at Tai Pan Trading this year.

The patriotic tootsie rolls came from Dollar Tree. I'm already on my 2nd bag in the jar. They seem to be disappearing for some reason.

And I am not the guilty party.

I swear.

I bought some stickers at Joann's and added them to some paper fan/lollies I made.

I bought these red, white and blue clothespins off eBay. They would be really easy to make. But again, the lazy me decided to buy them instead of making them. Aren't they cute? I still might make me some. That way I'll have more. But then, the lazy part of me will probably not get around to it.

So there you have my red, white and blue hutch. I guess it will stay this way for at least another week. Then I need to decorate it for summer. That is, if summer slows down enough for me to do so.

Does summer seem like it is whizzing by for you? I guess that makes you old too.

Nah, you aren't old.

Just a little less young.

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  1. You are killing me with all the stuff from Tai Pan Trading....I want one of those stores here! Heck, you aren't as lazy as me-I decorated my mantle for summer and it's going to stay that way till fall. No red, white, and blue this year for me-I'm having a stay-cation this summer-which means the less work the better. I love your idea of putting the paper behind the metal stencil-genius!


  2. Love your patriotic decor against the white ironstone! Esp those tootsie rolls. :) I've never seen anything like them.

  3. WOW! Very festive. Have a happy 4th!

  4. Hi Kim

    Love the vintage feel everything has. And why not go the easy way if you can right?

    Happy 4th!

  5. This is so cute. So many GREAT details.

  6. Your white pieces are gorgeous and serve as the perfect backdrop for your beautiful patriotic touches! Love how you layered many pieces, as well! Happy 4th! Becca (your newest follower)

  7. I love this post! You are so ready for the 4th! I'm visiting over from funkyjunkinteriors. I'm hosting my first ever blog party and its all 4th of July-all Red, White, and Blue! I'd love for you to link up and share with me!

    Hope to see you over at my place soon!

  8. Oh I am in love with everything! Super fabulous!