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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Cherubs Are Taking Over-Part 1

I have a thing for Cherubs. I'm in love with them. But they only get to come out to play a couple of times a year. Christmas and Valentine's Day.

This year, they missed Christmas. I think they went to Florida for Christmas. But they made it back in time for Valentine's Day.

My obsession with Cherubs started about 5 years ago when I was getting married. I was buying them from everywhere. Mostly thrift stores, antique stores and eBay.

You will see as I post my Valentine's Day decor, that they really have taken over my family room.

I placed a couple of them under glass to try & keep them under control. I gave them a bed of shredded tissue so that they would have a comfortable place to rest. As you can see, I'm still in a pink mood.

I even dressed up their habitat some with this paper heart garland. I just punched a bunch of hearts out of Valentine paper and hot glued them to some twine. I really wanted to use white string, but do you think I could find mine? Obviously the answer is "NO". So twine was the next best thing. Fast, cheap and easy project. But then, aren't all my projects fast, cheap & easy? Kind of like me. Just kidding.

I placed these "faux" white roses in this cherub planter. The roses originally came wrapped up in red foil. I exchanged the red foil for some pink tissue paper.

I added some vintage reproduction prints from my computer to this thrift store frame. This cherub is actually Cupid as he has arrows and a bow.

My heart still goes pitter patter when ever I see a Cherub.

Stay tuned as more Cherubs are still to come. I just have to get them to pose for photos before making their debut. I may just have to put some more under glass in order to do so.

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  1. Doh! I've never thought to put out something like this at Valentine's Day. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awwww they are so cute ! My youngest looked just like a cherub when she was a baby...chubby and curly hair !
    Hugs ,

  3. This is so cute Kim...I need to do something for always do a great job on all your displays my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  4. Cupid send's his hello's to Kim and say's yes, we are here..not just for Christmas or Valentine's day..not just cherubs, or cupid, or angels..but when you dont even know it..we are here..allof us..
    Love your cherubs under glass..
    ~Shirley & Cupid..

  5. Lovely set-up. Love cherubs too, and I collect Angel statues. SO adorable.

    Hugs from the Netherlands

  6. It look amazing. i really like it.


  7. I love your cherubs! Mine stay out at all times whether they like it or not. I was watching an old movie from the 30's and the woman had 2 of the most enormous cherubs on her wall, they were the size of toddlers! So I didn't feel so bad about my obsession after that.

  8. the cherub planter is soooooooo cute!


  9. What really lovely cherubs! You decorated so beautifully!

  10. I love the LOVE poem in the frame! How did you make it and where did you get the poem?