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Friday, February 11, 2011

Love and Cherubs-China Hutch Version

Oops!!! I accidentally hit publish post before I wrote anything.

Can you believe that Valentine's Day is now only 3 days away? I guess I better hurry up & post my remaining Valentine stuff.

Today I will share my china hutch.

Some of it is the same as last year. I did change up a few things.

I used all these cards last year in this photo display. This year I placed it in this pitcher. And placed some cherubs in front.

I printed out most of these in Sepia tone. I like the muted look.

The images I printed out are from numerous books that I've purchased over the years with vintage images. They all came with CD's so you can print the images out.

This LOVE banner was a free printable that I found online this year At Second Street blog. I just printed mine out on white card stock, cut it out, punched some holes & strung it on twine. Super easy.

You'll notice a recurring theme with me. Everything I do is easy, fast and cheap.

As I told you before, I have lots of cherubs left over from my wedding almost 5 years ago. They come in handy for decorating at Christmas and/or Valentine's Day. This is my favorite cherub. Cause he's blowing kisses. Or is it a her? I tend to think of cherubs as boys.

I taped some white heart shaped doilies I had on hand to my white plates. Then I printed out some vintage Valentine hearts in sepia tone & taped on top of the doily.

This cherub is praying that he doesn't fall off the shelf and break into a million pieces.

I did just break down and purchase these two birdies from Michael's. I didn't need any more birds. But these had crowns. And I got them for $1.69 a piece. They were cheap. So I had to get them. Plus I've been so good not spending money, I had to reward myself.

The Hugs & Kisses sign came from TJ Maxx last year.

I had a hard time deciding what to do with my apothecary jars. I switched them out about a hundred times. Ok, I lied, it was more like 5 times. This is what I finally ended up with. I'm still not completely happy. But it will do. Besides, Valentine's Day is in like 3 days. So no more tweaking.

The center jar I filled with heart shaped marshmallows from Target. They are strawberry flavored & pretty yummy. The bag cost $1.19. I also saw some heart shaped marshmallows that were pink on the outside & white in the inside at Dollar Tree yesterday, but I had already purchased the ones from Target.

The "X" & "O" letters came from TJ Maxx last year. It came in a set of 4, but I split them up this year & used half here and half on my shelf I showed you earlier in the week.

I divided up my number balls between two of the apothecary jars. And then placed some heart shaped cookie cutters inside. I like that the #2 ball is showing here. As it takes two to love.

I placed the #1 & #4 balls here as Valentine's Day is on the 14th. My son thought Valentine's Day was on the 17th. I told him that is St Paddy's Day next month. Valentine's Day is the 14th.

Under this cloche I placed a "love poem" propped up by a vintage flower frog. Then I placed 3 paper roses I made in front. They were left over from my paper rose heart that I made for my mantel.
Under this cheese dome cloche I placed a bunch of paper hearts that I made. I placed them inside a large pink heart shaped cookie cutter. I learned how to make the paper hearts from Stephanie Lynn over at Under the Table and Dreaming. She always has so many fabulous ideas.

I nabbed some letter balls from another apothecary jar to spell out "LOVE" for this cloche.

I also placed a small cherub sitting on a bed of curled sheet music strips.

Under this cheese dome I placed this crown bowl I picked up at Michael's for $1.69 on sale. And it has hearts on the crown. Perfect for Valentine's Day. I filled it with some heart ornaments that came from Lillian Vernon catalog years ago.

And that is my Valentine's Day china hutch.

I still have a "Be Mine" banner that I haven't shared that hangs on a mirror in my family room. Maybe I'll post it on Valentine's Day.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? We don't really have anything planned. I'll probably cook dinner, or better yet, maybe I'll get hubby to cook me dinner. That's more like it.

Tomorrow I'm suppose to help hubby clean out part of the garage. That is my Valentine's gift to him. Not very romantic, but it is something he has wanted for a long time. Not sure what hubby has for me. I know he has something. He's dying to give it to me. Wanted to give it to me early. But I told him to wait until Valentine's Day. It's driving him crazy having to wait until then.

I am curious, but I am having more fun making him wait to give it to me. I wonder what it could be? Maybe, I'll give in & let him give it to me tomorrow after we clean out the garage.

So, if I don't talk to you before Valentine's Day, hugs and kisses to all of you. Have a great Valentine's Day.

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  1. Oh Kim I always love my visits at your wonderful blog..Girl your good really good at all you do..I have been trying to find a white platter like you have for some time now..I want to add the words BATH to it for my bathroom ha ha!! Now the birds are just darling with the crowns I love anything with crowns on it..Happy VD to you and your hubs my Dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria our weather not beautiful here in Ca. right now..

  2. Everything looks so pretty and romantic! Sounds like a fun time cleaning out the garage (not!) but I can't wait to hear what your hubby got you!!! I love your little birdies and not spending money should definitely be rewarded by spending some:)

  3. Kim, it's always fun to see what creative ideas you come up with. Love the little birds with the crowns. I purchased some to put back for party favors for an upcoming dinner party. Great price! Also, I like your idea of putting the card holder down in the white ironstone.
    Happy Valentine's Day! ~ Sarah

  4. Very romantic Kim! I also have a "Love" banner hanging from my hutch. It's mostly there to help you know who remember Valentine's Day!
    I also tried my hand at the paper roses. You were right. It's pretty time consuming to make an entire wreath.~Ames

  5. Kim, your hutch is so pretty with all the hearts. Love those cherubs, adorable, especially the one blowing a kiss.
    Don't forget, we want to know what Mr. SC is having a problem waiting give you!

  6. I love your display! Such creative ideas!

  7. Your hutch looks so sweet - LOVE it!! :)

  8. How sweet and beautiful. You have a flare for decorating and bring a holiday or special day alive. Looking forward to seeing the banner.

  9. your attention to detail is just fantastic. I think I remember those X&O from a tablescape last year, am I right? I love them here too! As always, you are just so creative :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  10. I love absolutely EVERYTHING about your valentines display... i love the pink heart marshmallows, and the little pink heart ornaments, and the cherubs, and the little paper flowers you made...all of it. And,... I thought it was super funny that you said the cherub was praying he wouldn't fall off the shelf and break into a million pieces!


  11. Hi Kim! I love your hutch, your VDAY graphics, shoot, I just love it ALL! I always enjoy my visits here and get so many great ideas from you!

    I'm especially loving how you displayed such pretties in your cloche and apothecary jars.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  12. So very sweet and romantic. I have to paint my hutch and I love the white ones but your black one has me considering also. With all the white and red it looks gorgeous!