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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Birds and Cherubs

My love affair with cherubs continues. This is the table that sits behind the couch in my family room.

I covered the table with burlap at Christmas. I liked it, so I left it. Did you notice the frame hanging above the table? I put new vintage Paris prints in it. I love it!!! It had angels at Christmas.

Now back to my table.....

I put my cherubs under glass again. This one is praying that I let him out.

The glittered "Love" word came from Michael's last year or the year before from their dollar bin. I tell you this as I personally like when others tell me not only where they got something, but when. Cause sometimes you see something that you just got to have, but you can't have it as it was years ago someone got something. But I like to know that up front, so I don't waste my time dashing to a particular store only to find out it was something they sold years ago. So that is why I tell you. I wouldn't want you to waste your time, not to mention your gas, dashing to a store only to have your hopes smashed into tiny little pieces. I'll smash your hope right from the get go. I'm nice like that.

This cherub is just plain bored. He can hardly wait for his release. I might let him out early for good behavior.

I raised him up on this vintage frog. I remember the first time I heard of flower frogs. I thought, "What the heck are they talking about? It doesn't look anything like a frog!" So I have no idea who thought to call them that. Anyhoo, I use them for raising things up.

Then I added some heart scatters that I've had for a few years. I did make the paper hearts this year. They are so easy to make. I learned how from Stephanie Lynn's blog Under the Table and Dreaming. She has the tutorial over there. I'm too lazy to tell you how to do it. I'll make you click a link to find out how.

I taped some glitter hearts behind the cherub. They came from Walmart last year.

In between the two cloches I placed these four frames that spell out "LOVE". I made them last year. Well you can't really call it "made". I just printed out some vintage letters I had in my computer in sepia tone & placed them in some Dollar Tree frames. Sometimes, Dollar Tree has some fabulous frames. Haven't seen any lately, but last year, they had a lot of frames I loved.

I actually have 5 or 6 of these frames. I also used them last year to spell out "LUCKY" for St Paddy's day.

If I was really on the ball (and at home), I'd give you the images for these letters. But since I am neither at home, nor on the ball, I don't have them to share. I can't even tell you what font they are. They came from a book called Memories of a Lifetime: Weddings. So I'm not sure I could even share with you without getting hauled in by the copyright police.

I then placed 2 birdies in front. I've had these birdies for at least 5 years. Not sure where I got them originally. They usually sit on the shelf over my bathtub. I'm surprised they are in as good of shape as they are. You see one night a few years back, one of the nails holding up my shelf came out of the wall in the middle of the night. The shelf & everything on it crashed into my bathtub. It was quite a rude awakening. Luckily only a couple of things broke, which is actually a miracle since almost everything on the shelf was glass and/or breakable. But the birdy on the right did get a broken tail. The pieces were too smashed to glue back together. So hubby used some of his bondo to fix him right up. He even painted him. Looks good as new.

I thought the birdies needed a little something to spruce them up. So I made them some paper crowns. I spent hours creating these crowns. NOT!!!! About 2 seconds was all I could give. But they do look better. The only problem is (my favorite thing to say), the crowns cover up their eyes, so they can't see. Who am I kidding? These birdies can't see even if their eyes weren't covered up.

So there is today's post. Pretty lame I know. But at least I've posted 3 times already this week. I'm on a roll. And I still have more Valentine decor to share with you. So y'all come back now, you hear?

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  1. Love it! So funny about the trapped cherubs and I have to make a paper crown for my little birds!

  2. I love the little paper crowns on your birdies! That's funny about your cherub being trapped. It always disturbs my husband when I do that. I hung a cherub inside one of my birdcages and then took it out and put a mini chandelier in there instead. My husband was so happy to see the cherub let out!

  3. You are too funny! Like the cherubs trapped under the cloches and the Love sign that you burst my bubble to tell me that I can't buy now @ Michaels, so thanks for that! LOL! At least you're keeping it real. ;) Hey did you see this post at Three Pixie Lane? The 'love' reminded me of your letter art. Have a good week.

  4. Beautiful! I love those little birdies and their crowns!! Coincidently, 2 days ago a shelf fell off the wall in our dining room and a hurricane full of shells shattered all over the place! It was crazy, I told my husband he was lucky I was home b/c I NEVER would have believe that the shelf just "jumped" off the wall by itself!! LOL