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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Mother's Day tablescape

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday. Not sure what I will be doing at this point. I guess I better figure it out real quick. I'll either go down to San Diego to visit my mom. Or maybe I'll see if she wants to come up to my house. Or maybe I'll send everyone away & have the house all to myself and do what I want. Sounds like heaven to me.

Since I haven't figured out what I will be doing for Mother's Day, I haven't even thought about a new tablescape for this year. And since I have been feeling so lazy I thought I would recycle another tablescape from last year. But I love this one & I hope that you will too. I originally posted it on my family blog last year. I have updated it for this year.

I live in a family of all men, so I figured the only way I am getting a nice table for Mother's Day is to set it myself.

If we stay home we will eat dinner out in our backyard. The weather has been beautiful here in southern California aka: SoCal. A little on the warm side, but last year at this time it was already 100 degrees here. So 80's is nice.

If I were to choose the menu (and I am), I would have hubby BBQing steaks, potatoes and corn on the cob (he will if I go and buy it). That is my all time favorite meal. Some salad would be great too (need to have something a little healthy). And we can't forget strawberry shortcake for dessert (What? It's Mothers Day). Do you hear that boys? You've got to give men lots of clues as to what you want.

Even though I live in a family of boys, the table will be very girly. Cause I am a girl!!! And it is my day!!! So they will just have to live with it. I'm sure they will insist that no photos be taken of them sitting at such a girly table. But we'll see.

I purchased the tablecloth & napkins from a website called Crossroads Cottage last year. She is no longer selling this particular tablecloth or napkins.

I love these napkins.

For napkin rings I used pewter curtain rings & clips. I then clipped on a silk rose.

Here is a photo of a place setting without the napkin on the plate.

The white dinner plates came from The Dollar Tree last year for $1.00 each. A dollar!!! I love how the edge has a basket weave. And they are white!!! Did I tell you they were a dollar? And you know I have an obsession with white plates.

For salad plates I used my Bordallo cabbage plates. I love that they are green. I got mine on clearance at Ross last year for $2.49 a plate. I've seen them in pink on some other blogs, but have not found the pink ones in person. I would love to have pink ones.

My silverware really means a lot to me. My Grandma gave me this set when I graduated from High School. I used them in this setting as they have roses on them. My Grandma had a similar set and I got her set as well when she passed away. I had to search high and low to find these in all my stuff. And anyone who knows me knows that was no easy task. I have a lot of stuff. I unfortunately don't know who they are made by. I'm not good at remembering stuff like that. I'm lucky I can remember to feed myself each day. And take one look at me & you can tell that is one thing I don't forget. lol.

I used my favorite thrift store goblets again. I only have a couple of sets of goblets, so you will see them all the time in my tablescapes. I'm more of a dishaholic, not a gobletaholic.

Here is my centerpiece. I used my Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic pitcher that came from Mervyn's years ago when Shabby Chic first became big. I had never heard of Rachel Ashwell when I bought the pitcher. I bought it because I collect pitchers & I love roses.

The silk roses it holds are the $1.00 flowers from Walmart (years ago). But I think back when I bought them they were actually only 88 cents for a bunch. Does Walmart even have $1.00 flowers anymore? I know they still have silk flowers, but I don't remember seeing the $1.00 ones lately. Don't get me started on Walmart's downsizing of their fabric & craft departments. Not a happy camper here.

The wire charger underneath the pitcher came from Target last year. I have four. It was in their Easter decorations. I wish I could say that I purchased them on clearance after Easter, but no, I had to have them. Didn't want to take the chance they would be all gone, so I paid full price. Hard to believe, but sometimes I give in to temptation.

Then of course my Target birdies Harold & Maude couldn't wait to be back in a tablescape. Did you ever notice that they have roses on them? I never noticed until just now.

The vintage candlesticks came from a thrift store. When I originally saw them I took them up to the counter to ask how much (they didn't have a price tage). The girl told me $4.00. I thought too much & passed on them. A few days later I went back to the thrift store & they were still there. By now, they were calling to me. This time a different woman was working & she said they were $2.00 for the pair. I said SOLD!!!! I was so happy that I waited on buying them. I love these as they have roses on them too. Are you catching a theme?

I see you eyeing that pool. Doesn't it look refreshing? I know you just want to jump in. It's not quite warm enough to go swimming yet. Maybe in a few weeks. You will just have to come back. But bring your own towel.

Here's one final look at my table.

Well thanks for visiting my Mother's Day tablescape this week. Let's hope I figure out exactly what I'm going to do for Mother's Day and that it turns out the way I expect. But you know how that can go. Especially if you have kids. Even if they are adults.

What will you be doing for Mother's Day?

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Honestly, that is one of the prettiest tables ever! I really adore the tablecloth, the napkins and the beautiful centerpiece you created! Now, how about that fabulous pool area! Have been holding out on us? It looks amazing back there, I want to come for a dip!

  2. I love, love, love this tablescape! I'll list some of the things I like because if I listed them all it would be everything! The tablecloth is great, the napkin rings, the pitcher, it all looks fit for a lovely mother!!

  3. Very pretty, love the tablecloth and napkins! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. You are too funny! I wasn't just eyeing that pool, I was drooling over that pool! I hope you have more outdoor photos too! Back to the original post, LOVE your tablesetting! It really is all so beautiful and I am blown away by all the bargains you got on everything. It's gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day...hope you get the steak dinner!

  5. Kim, what a gorgeous vintage looking table. I love the aqua and pinks together. So nice that you have your grandmother's silverware. Those are so dainty and pretty. I was also noticing a very pretty back yard and pool.

  6. What a gorgeous tablescape! I adore the tablecloth! It looks like it's made to go with the Rachel Ashwell roses pitcher! I have one just like it and I love it! (The pitcher, that is! I wish I had the tablecloth, too!!)

  7. Kim, you are one of my all time favorite decorators! This table is just bee-u-tiful! Everything your hands touch comes out so lovely!

  8. Lovely, just lovely. The tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous. Dropping by from BNOTP.


  9. The perfect table, the tablecloth is gorgeous!!!

    Enjoy your day!!


  10. OH, this is just BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE the tablecloth!! It is a PERFECT table for Mother's Day!! Enjoy!!

  11. Kim, all of your tables are gorgeous, but...this one is my favorite, by far. That tablecloth is beautiful and the dishes you have chosen are so perfect with it. The silver and crystal are really nice, too. I think I am becoming as much a gobletaholic as much as a dishaholic, lately. My motto is you can't have one without the other!
    Happy Mother's Day, to you.

  12. Hello Kim; What a beautiful Mother's Day table scape,,,,,love it all, and a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a great dinner...


  13. What a beautiful tablescape and it fits the theme perfectly. Thanks for sharing and Happy Mother's Day.

  14. Just beautiful. Any mother would be grateful to dine there. Of course it would be girly: great tablescloth and napkin rings and plates and love the pitcher - oh, obviously I love the whole thing.

    Happy Mother's Day.

    - The Tablescape

  15. Kim, that is absolutely breath-taking! I love the roses on the napkin rings. You're so clever! That tablecloth and napkins are beautiful! Have a Happy Mother's Day. laurie

  16. What a sweet and feminine table setting. Just perfect for Mother's Day!

  17. Hi Kim,

    One of the sweetest table~setting I have ever seen! So pretty!

    Happy Mother's Day!


  18. Me again! Just saw you went to Old Town Temecula and thought you must live close by! Well you sure do! I live in Murrieta! We are neibors!!!! Hugs, Maryjane

  19. Oh, fiddle! Now, what was I going to say? Well, I love your table, of course. OH! I live in a house full of men too, except, my husband and I noticed that the tables are tipping. (Save the china!) There's my husband and, then, 3 boys. They felt sorry for me - all those years - me, a girly girl with all of my china - all alone. They let me pick out a girl puppy. HA! She just had 9 puppies! 7 girls in there. Between that and the lone rooster surrounded by those 10 gals, we rule the roost once again! Goodness! I've gone on! This is important, though!

    I'm from SoCal too. It's lovely to see your beautiful pool and pretty outdoor setting. Love the napkins and centerpiece and those basket weave plates. Lucky, you! What a find!

    Love, Kate

  20. Kim, I love your girly tablescape. All those soft pinks and beautiful flowers. You did a fantastic job of pulling all this together. The white plates remind me of my Nantucket plates. And of course the cabbage plates are wonderful too. Love that touch of green with the pink. Super!
    Hope you have a terrific Mother's Day! ~ Sarah

  21. Gobletaholic- you're funny!
    Lovely, lovely table!
    I am a mom, can I come?
    I'd let you take pictures of ME at the girly table!
    And, I'd bring my own towel for the pool!
    I have those bird S/P shakers, too!
    My shakers don't have names yet.
    Should name them.
    What awesome pictures you take!
    Happy happy Mother's Day to you, KIM!!

  22. Hi Kim, I love your pretty vintage looking table. The aqua and pinks together are so stunning and yummy looking. I recently purchased a tablecloth similar to the one you used, can't wait to use it. You are so blessed that your granndmother gave you the pretty silverware. When I saw your pool in the backround my heart sunk for a moment, last summer we took out our 20' by 40' inground pool. It was beautiful but I was tired of caring for it after 20 years. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  23. Beautiful table. My silver is very similar to yous if not the same. Dori

  24. Hi, Kim
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this table!
    Pink and pink roses galore! I love pink. I love roses.
    The napkins are darling, especially with a big pink rose!
    I love your rose theme carried throughout the table.
    And I have those same goblets! I got a set of six as a gift in the early 1990s, but I think I only have 4 left. Another blogger told me they are called Longchamp by Durand, I believe was the name.

  25. So pretty - I love your pink striped napkins. Your table is girly and you deserve it. What a lovely setting.

  26. This is gorgeous!!!! Make that jaw dropping GAW-JUS!!!!!

    HAppy Mother's Day,

  27. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Love the jug with pink roses and the tablecloth!