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Monday, May 17, 2010

Thrifty Finds

It's been awhile since I posted any of my thrifty finds. So today you are going to get "thrifty overload".

I found this cute plate on clearance at Target a couple of weeks ago. I got it for $5.00!!! I think it was originally $10.00. Isn't it cute? It goes perfect sitting on my china hutch.

When I saw this tray at my local thrift store it was love at first sight. I had to have it. It was $17.00. More than I would normally pay. But it was love, love, love!!! And did I tell you it is huge???? I'm going to paint it Heirloom White & probably distress it. It will fit perfect on top of my old trunk with the uneven top. This tray will make displaying objects on the trunk so much easier. Hubby can't see the beauty in this piece. And he thinks I paid too much. But it was love!!!

I love the frenchy handles. I'm not going to paint them.

I've started a new collection. Like I don't already have too many collections. But I've been bitten by the vintage flatware bug. I've seen so many of you with them in displays, I had to jump on the bandwagon. Here are the knives I got a few weeks ago for 25 cents each at the thrift store.

These spoons were 50 cents a piece.

The forks were 50 cents a piece as well. I choose all my vintage flatware for the pattern on the handle as that is the part that is going to show when I display them in my little white pitchers.

Every time I go to a thrift store I always look for a Scrabble game or Dominoes. But have not had any luck until last week. I found a Scrabble game for $2.00. Still had every single letter. It was like brand new.

I also love collecting urns. Found this one for $1.50 a couple of weeks ago at the thrift store.

I picked up these ugly brass candlesticks for about $1.00 each. I'm going to spray paint them. Not sure what color. I'm thinking blue for summer. I need candlesticks like I need a hole in my head. But I don't have any that aren't silver, crystal, black or white. I'm looking to add some color to my life. And I won't be afraid to paint these some wild color. Or some not so wild color.

I paid $1.00 for this silver candlestick. I just love the shape of the base. I am probably going to glue this to a silver tray to make a pedestal tray. I'll be sure to share it later if I do.

This is something I got this past Saturday at the thrift store. I think it is a towel or napkin holder. Not really sure. I just loved the bird on it. It was $4.00. A bit pricey for me, but again, it was love at first sight.

I'll probably paint this heirloom white as well & then antique it. Then I'll add a vintage print to the frame part. I'll use it for holding my dinner napkins. Isn't that birdy just the sweetest?

I got this little shell dish to use in a summer vignette. I'll probably paint this heirloom white as well. It was $1.25.
I found this 3 tier dessert stand at a thrift store for $5.00. I have a couple of reproduction ones from Tender Heart Treasures. Paid a lot more for the reproduction ones. I think this silver one is the real deal.

I passed it up a few weeks back as I already had a couple of the repro ones. But I couldn't get this beauty out of my mind. So lucky for me it was still there on Saturday.

At this same thrift store I found this vintage rooster for $3.00. Yup, roosters is another of my collections. There isn't much I don't collect I'm afraid.

I also found a bag of vintage clothes pins for 50 cents.

And I found more vintage flatware for my newest collection. Each piece was 25 cents.

Another new collection for me is vintage milk glass vases. I saw on someones blog, where they had about 5 milk glass vases sitting on a round silver tray with flowers. I loved it. I have a silver round tray and some flowers. All I need are the 5 milk glass vases.

So I started looking for milk glass vases. All the ones I saw at Goodwill were like $2-3.00 each. Yikes!!! I can do better than that. I found this one at my local community cupboard thrift store for 50 cents. Much better.

And these 3 were only 25 cents each. I just need one more to make my silver tray display. But until then, I'm using 3 of them in this weeks tablescape. Be sure to come back Thursday to see more.

I'll try & show you later how I used my thrifty finds around my house. So stay tuned.

Oh and I almost forgot, I found the most spectacular crystal chandelier at Lowe's on clearance for $32.00!!!! Once hubby gets it installed, I show photos. I am so excited, I can hardly wait. I've always wanted a chandelier.

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  1. love that bird tray and tiered dessert stand. those are great finds, and well worth what you paid. i don't think you paid too much. i get so jealous when bloggers are like "and all furniture was 90% off" or something. crazy.

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and i am so glad you thought the post was funny! glad that i'm not the only one out there working for a crappy salary, tho it sure seems like it, doesn't it, when you hear what people make?

  2. What treasures - especially the tray. I probably would have passed it up and beat myself up for it. Seems expensive for a thrift store, but try to find a 'new' one!! Great find. And I have seen brass candlesticks at every thrift store and it never once occurred to me to paint them!!! Brilliant. I also have developed a 'collection' of monogrammed flatware. I recently unpacked a few that I've had for a while, so now I'm on the hunt everywhere I go. And that 3 tiered server -- I have one of the repros also that I think I paid too much for but I love the silver one. And I almost never pass up tarnished silver plate anything. Can't wait to see it all prettied up.

  3. were have a boatload of treasures! Luv the flatware...that "COOL" Target plate...the urn (I'm collecting urns too)...and the 3 tiered server!


  4. Kim, you found some great stuff. I know what you mean about the silver flatware. I even found some more today. I love that big tray you got and can't wait to see it painted.

  5. What a wonderful selection of treasures you found. That tray is awesome! Love the little bird tray also. Hope you will show us after you paint them!

  6. Wow, what wonderful finds. Especially that tray! It is amazing! Good for you. I've been so blessed to find some amazing things too! I do a happy dance when that happens! hahaha

  7. Hi Kim - really have been getting the deals. I would have bought that tray's gorgeous! You bought alot of the same things I would have;) ....tierd deseert stand, the silverware, clothes pins, rooster.....
    ♥ Toni

  8. Kim, you have been busy! Great finds. I agree, your tray is really special. Also love that little tray with the birds. Wow! You found a treasure trove! ~ sarah

  9. Oh you did so much better than me! I love the milk glass and the Scrabble game was a great one!!!
    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. OH!! I am SO IN LOVE with that little tray with the bird and the dogwood flowers!! That would look dreamy in my bathroom with embroidered hand towels!! XXOO

  11. I love your beautiful old flat ware finds - my sister collects flatware and she has about 30 pieces framed and hanging in the dining room. It is such a great conversation piece.

  12. Wow! You really racked up this week! I'm inspired, I think I should go treasure hunting too!!

  13. Hi Kim,
    You have some great finds there! I am loving that tray! Painting it white would be wonderful, but also you could paint it white, then put wallpaper inside the tray or decoupage it. There are so many possibilities and I know you will make it zing. Be sure to show us. Loving the silverplate collection too. I just started collecting random pieces too. It's addicting!

  14. Well, aren't you Miss Nifty Thrifty! Kim, when your heart tells you ya have to have it, and you see the beauty in it, you gotta grab it!

  15. Kim, I've never seen anyone find the great deals like you do!! I love the silver candlestick and the wooden tray with the awesome handles best of all! That three tiered metal stand is pretty awesome, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  16. Wow, that try is amazing! It looks like it is well worth it.