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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I need me some "FALL". Where is it?

Isn't today suppose to be the first day of Fall? The calendar says it is. But Mother Nature is telling us a different story here in southern California. The temp is suppose to be 105 degrees today where I live. Sounds like Summer weather to me.

But, and there is always a but, the weather man did say we were suppose to get Santa Ana winds today as well. Now anyone who knows anything, is that when the Santa Ana winds hit, it is the true sign that fall has arrived.

For those of you who don't live in southern California, we don't really get "fall" weather. We get Santa Ana winds which translates to "fall" weather for us. The few leaves that do change color here don't usually do so until about December. And that is usually when the leaves fall off the trees as well.

And because we don't really get "fall" weather, I usually don't decorate for fall. But this year I did decide to decorate a few areas to try & make me feel cooler (hasn't worked so far). I've already shown you my mantel, a shelf and a cabinet that I decorated. Today I want to show you a small area of my trunk.

I'm linking to the following blog parties: Three or More Tuesday, hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner. Celebrate the Holidays hosted by Cheri at Its So Very Cheri. And since it is also the first day of "fall", Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses is having a Welcome Fall Party today as well. And finally, we can't forget the fabulous Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality. She is hosting a "It's Fall Y'all" party on Oct 1. Be sure to visit all of their blogs to see who is all participating.

The three tier cake stand came from Brylane Home Kitchen. I got it for "free" as I had a gift certificate. I placed it on top of an old glass block. My trunk top is not even so the glass block gave it a larger flat area to sit on so it doesn't fall over.

Doesn't the candy look yummy? I told my boys that they can only eat the candy in the candy dish in front. The candies in the little jello molds are for display purposes only. Let's see if they stick with the plan. So far so good.
On the top cake stand I placed a pumpkin candle (don't remember where I got it) and two birdie candle holders from Dollar Tree. Since I almost burnt my house down using real candles in the past, I have now graduated to using battery operated tea lights. They don't look or smell as nice, but much safer. I love these birdies. I was going to paint them white, but they are the perfect color for fall.
The middle tier has my small collection of swans. It started with the crystal swan on the left. It is a Swarovski crystal swan that I bought on our trip to Europe back in 2003. I bought it in Austria where Swarovski crystal is made. The silver & glass swan in the middle came from a thrift store as well as the larger glass swan on the right (hard to see). There is also a Lenox swan in the back that I couldn't get a photo of. The small glitter pumpkins came from the 99 Cent Only store on Saturday. All four pumpkins for 99 cents.

On the bottom shelf I placed my mini jello molds that I picked up at an antique store in Phoenix while on vacation this summer. I filled them with fall like candies. I had seen this done by Pottery Barn and thought that it was a fabulous idea.

I filled the molds with Pumpkin candy (yum, yum), Boston Baked Beans (my favorite), Caramels, Root beer candies (I wouldn't recommend eating them as I've had them for 4 years stored in a jar on top of my kitchen cabinets. They were looking a little melted so that is why they are in the back), Candy Corn and Tootsie Rolls. All the candy (except for the root beer candy) came from Dollar Tree store. The candy has been out on display for 5 days now & it looks like none of it is missing. I have good boys.

I see you eyeing my candy. Hands off!!!! It's mine!! OK, I will share, but you can only have one piece. I need enough for everyone to have some. Just don't tell my boys. I'll tell them we have ghosts. They'll believe that, as they already blame everything on ghosts.

Thanks for visiting, be sure to leave me a comment. Tell me what your favorite candy is and if "Fall" has arrived at your house.



  1. Kim, your fall decor looks great on your tierd stand. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to leave cute little candy bowls out all of the time (not that I have any children around to eat it - I would eat it! Maybe I'll look for candy I don't like - not much of that around!) You must have some very well behaved children. I laughed hearing about the ghosts causing mischief at your house. When my children grew up and left home, I was surprised we didn't have ghosts in our house any longer! laurie

  2. Hi Kim,
    Love your post today. Very funny, especially the candy part.
    (I'm taking one piece of candy corn.)
    You got some great buys there.
    Thanks for sharing where you got things.

    Thank you for coming by for a visit,and I'm glad you like what i am doing with the frames. This challenge has been great for me, and the more i do, the more inspired i get!

    It is not too late to participate, and certainly a bit of a fall display would be a project finished.
    If you do another one, might be fun to have before/after.
    I always enjoy seeing what people started with. So come on over and I'll put your name on the list, then just link up next week at Tam's.

    blessings on your day.

    barbara jean
    (standing in for Tam at 3 or more too.)

  3. Kim-I love your tiered cake plate and the jelly molds look great with the candy in them! I did not forget Knot's Landing--I think I got embarassed when I realized how much tv I watched :) I loved to hate Donna Mills! :)

  4. Hi Kim, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I love your cake stand very much and how nice you have decorated it!! You give me idea's, girl!!
    See you next time.

  5. love your glitter pumpkins

    cannot eat candy corn - yuck

    i love suckers

    can't wait for the leaves to change here :D

    happy FALL

  6. Oh how cute! And please don't tell me how hot California is... our weather here in NJ is just beautiful right now... but I'm heading for Pasadena to visit my daughter on Friday and EEEK it's hot there! Guess summer's not quite over for me, yet!
    And if I were at your house, I'd eat all those little sugar pumpkins. I love those babies.

  7. Do you think we would be kicked out of the blogosphere if we share our "fall" trees in December?

    Not that they would be able to see mine because they will be shrouded in FOG then. Oh well, two seasons are enough I guess: hot or cold.


  8. Soooo cute! I struggle with centerpieces, and this is a terrific idea. I can see it decked out for each season. Love your blog, ma'am.

  9. Love the cake tier idea. I collect cake stands and what a great way to use them! It is starting to look a little like fall inside our homes and I sympathize with you, I can hardly stand another hot day in Phoenix...will it ever end?

  10. I love the idea and those little frosted pumpkins look wonderful sitting in between you lovely swans.
    Long time before it's "fall" here, we are just coming into spring.
    Have a happy day Kim.

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  12. Lots of goodies at your house.I can't imagine 105 degrees- we have never had it that hot.

  13. Hi Kim, I love your little display. I'm on the lookout for a cake stand just like you have, I'm hoping for a thrift store/yard sale find!
    Our weather has been hot here in central TX too but thankfully today we had rain and only in the 70's, very low 70's I might add.... brrrrrr! but I loved it ;-)
    Happy Fall.

  14. I love your tiered Fall display! And the jello molds are a great idea!

    Have a great day!

  15. Beautiful platter. It has been unseasonably warm here as well. First day of Fall was 87 degrees, which is much warmer then normal in the Pacific NW.

  16. Hi Kim
    I love the way you displayed everything on the tiered stand. Thanks for coming to the party.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  17. Hi Kim...I'm back!! This time,
    I have an award for you here if you'd like to accept it.
    I realize that some bloggers are "Award Free" and rules sometimes must give way to practicality. So, even if you can't play along please accept this award and my sincere belief that you deserve it.

  18. Oh i love this! I am going to steal this idea! I have amber cake plates and I just LOVE that you filled the jello molds with candy! Why didn't I think of that! I have those! I do LOVE the little pumpkins! We don't have a 99 cent store. And our dollar store doesn't have the great things you guys get! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Lisa

  19. Wow I love your tiered cake stands. Love the decorations. Happy Fall!


  20. What a cute way to style your tiered cake stand! My favorite candy - hmmm - that is a tough one. In the fall genre I like Mary Jane candies the best!

  21. Kim,
    What a clever use of those little jello molds! I have those but wouldn't have thought of that!

  22. Very pretty display of the stacked cake plates...and by the way, the leaves are turning in central NY!!

  23. The stacked cake plates with the gelatin molds look so adorable, but I would not have any goodies left if I left out all these kinds of candies... You should see the decimation of my candy corn cloche I have on display! * big grin* I need to refresh it with more Dots candy once I go to Target this afternoon. I cannot stay away from the stuff.
    ;-) Sue

  24. Hello Kim - oh my, all that candy made me *drool* hee hee. Those little birdies are so sweet!