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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Favorites-Breakfast of Champions

For this weeks Sunday Favorites hosted by Chari at Happy to Design, I'm reposting a story from my family blog, Manning Family Tree. It originally posted on 10/16/08.

This morning as I got to work, my stomach began to rumble & tell me it was hungry. Normally I will have a bowl of strawberry & banana yogurt. And if I am feeling really adventurous, I will throw in some granola. But today my tummy said it didn't want something healthy, it wanted something yummy.

I looked around my desk to see what I had to eat that might satisfy my craving for something different. I spied a bag of Boston Baked Beans. Remember Boston baked beans from when you were a kid? I've loved them since I was a kid. They are one of my favorite candies.

I had just been to the Dollar Tree store yesterday & I LOVE Boston Baked Beans. So whenever they have them, I have to buy. It's one of my weaknesses.

Boston baked beans for breakfast you say? I know it is not the typical breakfast of champions (more like the breakfast of fat people, of which I am), but I couldn't resist. I tore open the bag to just taste a few. I was then going to put them away for later & eat something healthy.
Oh no, it's just like eating Lays potato chips, you can't eat just one (remember those commercials?). I have this terrible problem of eating the whole bag of any candy that I might open up. If the candy is on someone else' s desk, I'm fine, but on my own desk, I'm in big trouble. I should know better than to buy candy, especially the kind I like. But I always think, this will be the time I will have enough will power to not eat the whole bag at the same sitting.

Would this be that time? The time I could finally conquer my weakness of eating the entire bag? Heck no!!!! I ate every last bean. Common sense went out the window, I was in heaven, I didn't want it to stop. But all good things must come to an end, I ran out of candy.

Then I did the most terrible thing of all. I turned the bag over to see how many calories. It said "70 calories". Not too bad, I thought. Then I looked closer, there are 10 servings per bag. Now, I know I haven't been in school for many a moons, but even I can figure out that 10 x 70 equals 700. I had to let it sink in a little while (I am getting old you know, so it takes a little longer). 700 CALORIES I had consumed in one sitting, all in my quest for instant gratification!!!!

Needless to say, my euphoria from eating the candies turned to depression (only for about 2 minutes). How could I have done this? Where is my will power? When can I go to the Dollar Tree store & buy some more? STOP THAT! NO MORE CANDY!!!!

Now my tummy isn't feeling so good. I guess you aren't suppose to eat Boston baked beans or any candy for breakfast. Hopefully I can remember this the next time I want to be adventurous for breakfast.

Have you ever eaten something for breakfast that you knew you shouldn't?



  1. I have been known to occasionally eat somethng less than normal for breakfast myself! lol I scrolled down to see your pretty!! Happy weekend...Debbie

  2. Those are delicious...can't say I blame you!

  3. Boston Baked Beans are a candy from my childhood memories. My Dad loved them, well, actually, he still does.
    As far as eating something we really shouldn't eat for breakfast, hum..Me? Nah, never! Yeah right. LOL I wonder if a massive hot fudge and caramal sundae would be considered not a breakfast food? LOL

  4. I loved Boston Baked beans as a child. I still get excited when I see them in stores today. I know exactly what you mean about eating something that you know you shouldn't. I can remember eating a taco once.

  5. Hi Kim...

    Girlfriend, I'm not even going to justify your question with my know, about whether or not, we have eaten something unhealthy for breakfast! Hehe! But I will tell you that I love Boston Baked beans...yummy!!! I would have happily shared them with you for breakfast that morning! Oops...wasn't going to tell that!

    Thanks for sharing this fun post with us today for Sunday Favorites...loved it!!!

    Darlin', I just went through your cloche party post...sorry that I didn't get by here sooner to see all of your pretties! I love your fabric pumpkins! I've seen a couple of posts with them! I'm thinking that they can't be that difficult to make! Love your pretty pumpkin soup tureen! I don't think I've seen those...ohhh, please do a tablescape up with they are awesome!!! Okay...have to tell you that one of my favorite cloches is the one where you display those pretty old salt and peppers! That's just a fabulous look...I love it!!! You lucky Girl, I love your newest little cloche...oooh, and that pretty little teacup and's perfect under glass!!! So very pretty, my friend! Sure enjoyed all of your pretties!!! Oh yes, love your old scale too!!!

    Well my friend, have a super Sunday and thanks again for joining in Sunday Favorites!!!

  6. I think it's a fine breakfast! I'm a candy junkie, too! But late at night -- when I'm on the computer!

  7. Hiya Kim! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving sweet comments!
    I have to tell you, when I read your profile I just laughed out loud and thought "we could be best friends!" ;-)
    Then I checked out your blog--what a great writer you are PLUS a decorater! I love you cloche and rooster ideas.
    Thanks again for visiting..I'll be back soon!

  8. I haven't had boston baked beans forever but maybe I don't want to pick any up-
    My blog has been growing so rapidly that I haven't had time to get over for visits, but I was missing all my blog friends and wanted to take some time to come over and see what everyone was creating and say Hi and invite you over for a visit as well.
    Its So Very Cheri

  9. candy for breakfast - you were just wanting to do something you wanted to do as a kid but couldn't. most of those things turn out to be a not so great idea. like staying up all night, eating candy for breakfast or wearing your pj's outside LOL! :D

  10. Amen, CANNOT eat just ONE of those Boston Baked Beans. They always remind me of my childhood, too. : )