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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eek!!! It's starting to look like Halloween.

On Saturday my sister in law invited me over to her house for some arts and crafts. I rarely take time to do crafts, but I love doing them. My SIL has the same problem. She has a friend who sells craft kits and she wanted to do something crafty, but she didn't want to do it alone. So she invited me over. And the best part was, she bought the kits and wouldn't let me pay for mine. So I got mine FREE!!!! Can't get any more frugal than free.

Our plan was to meet at her house at 1pm. I got there, a few minutes late, and Jeannette had everything all set up. So we got started right away. Now since I don't do much crafting, I was so excited that I forgot to take photos of the kits in the bag. But I did take a photo of the instruction pages that came with each.

Most everything we needed for these projects came in the kits. All we needed to supply was black paint, mod podge and foam brushes. Luckily my SIL had everything we needed.

We started off painting the wood blocks & bat, black. Here is mine all painted. Just waiting for the paint to dry.

Next we mod podged on the Halloween paper provided in the kits. For the larger block we ripped the edges of the paper first.

Next we applied the vinyl letters to each block. This was my first time using the vinyl letters. It was pretty easy with these large letters. But on the witch shoe block, the lettering was small & it wanted to stick to the wrong side of the paper. So it took a little more time. For some reason I forgot to take photos as I was making the witch shoe block.
Here are the Eek blocks after applying the letters.

Now comes the fun part. Foofoofying them.

For the "E" block, I had to first curl a piece of purple wire. I've never seen purple wire before. Then I threaded the wire through a green button. Then glued the button & wire onto the bat, and then glued the bat onto the block. Easy peasy!!
The small "e" got a couple of pieces of multi colored ribbon tied together with a piece of some fuzzy stuff glued behind it. Not sure what you would call the fuzzy stuff, other than fuzzy stuff.

The "k" got an orange rhinestone, and some fuzzy yarn that had little pom poms, which was tied in a bow & then glued on top.
Didn't it turn out cute?

And here is the final result for the witch shoe block. Each word was applied separately so that they could be placed different ways. A purple rhinestone was added to the question mark. The orange shoe came laminated, I just had to glue on a little black pom pom. Then we tied a polka dot ribbon all the way around the block & added some smaller pieces of ribbon to the top, and VOILA, it was done. The kit also came with tiny ribbons of various colors that we were suppose to tie in a knot & glue up & down the right side. But I left mine off. Thought it was too busy. I liked mine how I did it.

I had a good time with my SIL making these blocks. And now I am completely hooked on vinyl letters. I wish I had a machine to make them. I would be putting vinyl letters, numbers & signs everywhere if I did. So I guess it is good that I can't.

So now I have my first 2 items to decorate for Halloween. Hopefully I'll get my house decorated for Halloween, before Halloween.

Well thanks for looking at my craft project. It might be the only one you see for a long time. I am always buying stuff to do craft projects, but then never get around to doing them. I guess I need to set up a monthly or weekly craft time with my SIL. Then just maybe I'd get something crafted.

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And have a great day!!!



  1. those are super cute and you can't beat FREE!!! :D

  2. Soooo cute Kim... great minds think alike!!!! now take a trip over and see my EEK!!!!!, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. I'm digging these! I've never used vinyl letters either, but now I'm tempted to try :o)

  4. Kim they look great! And so simple to make (thanks to your mini tutorial)... a good way to entertain and occupy the grandies too.
    Just a quick reminder, I have a GIVEAWAY on my's for everyone!
    Warmest hugs,

  5. Kim these all turned out just great my friend...I love also doing crafts when I have the time...Thanks for sharing these and how great your SIL paid for it best part ha ha!! Hope you have a great day....hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Hi Kim, these little Halloween decorations turned out great! How fun that everything was in a kit- sometimes I just have no inspiration an just need a gimme... LOL
    Get to work- you have a month before the spooky nite- plenty of time to work your magic on the spooky stuff.
    hugs, Sue

  7. OMGoodness!!! Those are SO cute and what a neat idea to do kits!!!
    Thanks for stopping in....

  8. Loooove your crafts...thanks for sharing!


  9. These are soooo cute. It looks like a professional did it. And it sounds like you had such a good time too. BTW - I love you blog design. It's so very pretty.
    Have a great day....Tracy :)

  10. How come I wasn't invited?? Okay, well we all know it wouldn't have been free if I had to drive up there :o) Looks like fun! I think I might try & do something like that myself (without a kit!). If I do, I'll post it on my blog to show you!!

  11. These are adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing ~ :-)

    Where do you find the vinyl letters? * embarrassed to ask *