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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Halloween is finally here. So I thought I better show you the rest of my Halloween decor.  So go ahead & look at my photos while I sit here eating Halloween candy.  Mini Snickers to be exact.  I love Snickers. 

I remembered that I had these number plates that I got from Target last year or the year before.  So I decided to use the "3" and the "1" to make "31.   The skeletons and headstone came from Dollar Tree.  The milk glass urns came from the thrift store.  The tin cup and the wire basket came from an antique store.

I found the black & silver bottle brush trees from Hobby Lobby.  They were in the Christmas section.  But I thought they were the perfect color for Halloween.  The spooky gate with crow & skeleton came from Dollar Tree.  I love that it looks like you will be walking into a graveyard.

This shelf is in my kitchen.  The skeleton plates came from Target last year or the year before.  The smaller subway art plate is actually a paper plate that I got at Target a few years ago.

The only thing I purchased new this year are the skull mugs up top.  They came from Tai Pan Trading. 

I made a garland by printing out Halloweeny images that I found on Google images and/or Pinterest.

I really like vintage and/or Victorian Halloween stuff.  Just can't afford to buy the real thing.  So printing out a free image is the next best thing.

This is the cabinet that sits at the end of my kitchen cabinets.  The orange in these photos is quite bright.  Not really that bright in person.

I won the "One Hour Broom Parking" sign from a blog a few years back.  It fits perfectly inside my white frame that lives on this cabinet.  

The skull & crow is a new purchase this year from Tai Pan Trading.  The skull lights up and flashes multi colors.  The orange boa is from the 99 Cent Only store.

I added a Dollar Tree skeleton on my thrift store door knob.  The orange tickets I draped over my apothecary jars that hold my number balls that I still enjoy. The witch pumpkin came from Target a couple of years ago.

I wasn't as excited with this vignette, but it will do.

Next we will move out to my backyard.   I draped cheese cloth over my metal gazebo.   I used this area for our photo booth.

I wanted a Halloween chandelier to hang in the middle.  So I hit up the thrift stores, etc and finally found an old brass chandelier at my local Habitat ReStore.  And luckily it was on sale for $5.00.  

I had hubby paint it black (I was too busy, I mean lazy, to do it myself).  We used el cheapo Walmart brand spray paint in gloss black.  Used one can for 97 cents.  I changed out the regular bulbs for these flickering ones.  I had a sting of flickering lights from years ago.  Just took them out of the string of lights & put them in my Halloween chandelier.

I then hang black skeletons from twine to the bottom of each arm.  I found the black skeletons at the 99 Cent Only store.

I had planned on adding some black beads, but never got around to spray painting some Mardi Gras beads that I picked up from Dollar Tree.  Maybe next year.

I have moved the chandelier to my front porch for tonight.  

Do you recognize this feller?

Why it's Cousin It from the Addams Family.

He is made from a grass umbrella.  When we went to put away the umbrella at the end of summer, I thought it looked like Cousin It.  The hat was found at the thrift store and the sun glasses belong to hubby. 

I'm going to move Cousin It to the front porch for tonight as well.

The only other decorating I will do for the front porch is place a lot of candles and lanterns.  That will give it the right amount of spookiness.  I will try & post photos of my front porch once I get it all done.  But it won't get done until about 6pm since I won't be home from work until then.   Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  

What are you plans for Halloween tonight?  Are you staying home and handing out candy like me?  Or are you talking kids out trick or treating?  Or do you stay home & turn off all the lights and ignore Halloween all together?  Or are you back East where you won't be able to do anything for Halloween because of  the destruction of Sandy?  Do tell.

Happy Halloween everyone!



  1. Love you Halloween decor!! You did a fabulous job! Hubby and I are taking our 3 boys out to trick or treat tonight! You are making me so hungry for some Snickers or any chocolate really! Michelle

  2. Kim, as always your decor is fun and special. You must have great fun! Cousin It is too cute..........Happy Halloween ~ Sarah

  3. I love, love all of it Kim!! My favourites are both cloches... love them to bits! Can't wait till Target gets to Canada - hoping to find some dandy decor bits myself. Because I really need more... Have a great evening and have a Snickers for me! :)

  4. It's all fun, and cousin It is a hoot! Oh, yes, I remember "it" well!

  5. Hi Kim!

    Great chandy, love those flickering lights. I hope you post pictures of the porch in the dark. I bet the kids loved it!

    We had no trick or treaters, as you know our gated community is full of 55+ folks. I just entertained myself by eating the whole batch of refrigerated cut and slice brownies and a couple glasses of milk. I am sticking to my holiday diet plan that I shared a few days ago.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  6. I really have enjoyed seeing your Halloween Decor.

  7. I have to ask...what the heck is a grass umbrella?