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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Last years Halloween party

I'm having a Halloween bash this coming Saturday. So in preparation I decided I would post photos of last years party. It was my first ever Halloween party.   Well, the first one I've hosted.  I have always wanted to throw one, but just never have until last year.

Now don't get too excited.  I'm not one of these super organized, plan everything months in advance and everything has to be perfect kind of gal.  I'm a last minute, do it easy, do it cheap kind of gal.  So my party was pretty basic. 

For my punch I just used Shasta Tiki punch, straight from the bottle.  I like to live dangerous like that.  I did add this skull shaped ice.  I purchased the skull mold from Walmart.  Everyone loved it.  The ladle came from Party City.  The glass punch bowl was a thrift store find from about 6 years ago. 


This is my attempt at a cool seven layer Mexican dip.  Click on this link to see the inspiration photo.    You basically just layer beans, sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce & olives.  I just left off the olives as I think they are yucky. So mine is actually a six layer dip.

I then cut out a tree, some tombstones and some fence posts from flour tortillas. I did use a cookie cutter for the tombstones, but the tree, I just winged it.   I then baked the tortillas in the oven until they got crisp.  Turned out pretty good for my first try.  It would have been better if I would have used a darker brown tortilla for the tree like in the inspiration pic, but I am too cheap to buy a different kind of tortilla just for one stinkin' tree. 

I did buy Halloween shaped tortilla chips and had nacho cheese as well.  Just not showing you a photo. 

This was a pot luck party.  I just told everyone to bring something Halloweeny. 

My neighbor brought the chicken from KFC.  I was calling them bat wings. 

The same neighbor made these spiders on a log.  Aren't they cute?  It's peanut butter piped onto celery.  Not sure what she made the spiders with. 

I made the bone breadsticks.  They were pretty easy.  Just buy ready made breadstick dough, cut the ends & turn them under and bake.  Easy, peasy.  The wrapped hotdogs were suppose to be mummy dogs.  But I had too many things going on so they got wrapped like normal, not like a mummy.  My niece made the funeral potatoes (at my request).  I just love funeral potatoes.   

My husband cooked pork riblets.  It was fun to serve them from this cast iron witches cauldron. 

We also had some desserts that I forgot to take photos of.  The most favorite dessert was my fossil cookies.  I got the recipe from Martha Stewart.  Click on the link to see what fossil cookies look like.  They were a hit.  I actually used some pre packaged sugar cookie dough mix from Costco.   I got my plastic insects from Dollar Tree.  You really have to press the insect into the dough pretty deep.  When they cook, the imprint lightens up. 

We ate, sat around the fire pit, relaxed in the jacuzzi and watched a Halloween movie by the pool.

We also had a photo booth set up.  I had asked everyone to come in costumes.  Not everyone did.  But that was OK, I had props to use for those who did not dress up. 

My hubby dressed as a cowboy.  He is holding our friends little boy who was also dressed like a cowboy. 

Some of my neighbors.  They even brought a mystery guest. 

This is my brother and my niece.  My brother stole part of the costume from his son.  My niece Danica dressed up as Danica Patrick, the race car driver. 

My other niece (on the right) and her good friend.  They did not dress up so they used some props I picked up from Dollar Tree.   Who doesn't love a good fake mustache, nose and glasses?

My niece again, this time with her hubby.  My niece was pregnant last year, so her hubby tried to make it look like he was preggo as well.
Some friends.  We had to drag their oldest son out of the pool for this photo.  This photo had a combination of costumes and props.  I got all of my props from Dollar Tree.

My nephews.

Hubby and me.  I ran out of time so I did not get my costume done.  So I just put on some props. 

Some more friends.  They are actually friends of my niece and her hubby.  But they are more than welcome at my house anytime. 

My neighbor.  Everyone thought he looked so scary.  Took him most of the night to get ready.  Better late than never. 

My neighbor's son as Freddy.  Another scary costume.

Afterwards we just hung out in my family room talking.  I did buy glow necklaces for all the kids at Dollar Tree. 

Now I am finally getting excited for my second annual Halloween party this Saturday.  I think this year I am going to do Halloween theme pizzas.  And who knows what everyone else will bring. 

We will again sit around the fire pit, relax in the jacuzzi and watch a Halloween movie at the pool.  And of course we will have the photo booth again.  That to me, is the funnest part. 

I'll be sure to post photos next week. 

Are you planning a Halloween party this year? What will you be eating or doing at yours?  Do you go all out, or do you keep it pretty basic like me?  Do tell.

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