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Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Hutch - "The Birds"

Here is the latest metamorphosis of my china hutch. I call this one, "The Birds".

Did you ever see Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds"? I remember seeing it as a kid. And by the way, what kind of mom takes her kids to see that kind of movie?

Don't worry, it wasn't my mom.

I can't remember when or where I saw the movie, but I remember it scared the bajeezus out of me. I was so scared of birds after seeing that movie.

But luckily, I finally got over my fear of all birds. Except for crows, I still don't like crows, except for at Halloween.

I now love using birds in my decorating.

I've decorated my spring china hutch in a bird theme. Nothing says spring like birdies. In fact, I can hear some birdies chirping outside as I write this post. And of course they stopped chirping the moment I bring it to everyone's attention that they were chirping.

Wait, I thought this was a post about decorating with birds. There are no birds in this photo. But I did add some green balls to some thrift store urns and vases.

Now we are talking birds. I found this bird cage a few years ago at Home Goods. It usually sits on top of the cabinet in my bedroom that I've never shown you. And don't be expecting me to anytime soon as that would require deep cleaning. And anyone who knows me, knows I have an aversion to deep cleaning. I'm allergic to dust people. ALLERGIC!!!

I added some bird finials I picked up last year. I think they came from Michael's. The tin birdhouse I've had for years. It is usually sitting out on the retaining wall in my backyard. It was full of spider webs when I brought it in & cleaned it up. Complete with a live spider. Yikes!

And yes, I did scream when the spider came out of the front hole. I hate spiders!!!! Probably from seeing Arachnophobia. It seems most of my fears come from seeing a movie. Movies can scar you for life.

I kept my hutch in a neutral color scheme. With a splash of green.

The wooden birdhouses are actually Christmas ornaments.

I've had them for probably 15 years.

I still love them. Plus I get double duty out of them. I can use them in the spring and again at Christmas to hang on the tree.

Harold & Maude my Target S&P birdies came back for a little visit. They feel right at home on my hutch.

My newest birdies are Prince William and Princess Catherine. I found them at Michael's a few months back.

And here we have more birds.

This one made a nest in this crown.

And these 2 love birds are also Christmas ornaments from Target.

These are how my apothecary jars usually hang out as. No birds here.

And no birds here either. But I did make this green ball by gluing some split peas to a Styrofoam ball (I guess Styrofoam must be a trade marked name of a company or something as when I use a little "s" spell check tells me it should be a big "S"). It's sitting in a salt cellar that I found at a thrift store.

Another birdie in a nest sits under this cheese dome. Most of my glass cloches came from the thrift store. Or I made them using stuff I found at the thrift store.

Most everything on my hutch came from a thrift store, or I found as a bargain. I'm happy to say that I didn't spend one cent decorating my spring hutch this year. I have so much stuff, that I didn't need to.

And I'm happy that I got over my fear of birds. Well, except for those dang crows. They still scare me. And mocking birds. I don't like them either.

If I see them, I just try to:

Do you have a fear of something after seeing a movie? Do tell.


  1. Hi Kim, I love your hutch! Where did you get the green floral balls that you put into your white urns? I love them. I also especially love the apothecary jar with the clothespins! Great idea.
    Nice job!

  2. Oh Kim your hutch is so pretty!! I love all your white dishes and your cloches look so pretty the way you accessorized them! LOVE IT! Martina

  3. Kim, your hutch full of white goodness looks terrific. Love the little bird and bird house accents. Happy spring! ~ Sarah

  4. That movie still freaks me out. I keep telling my girls they have to watch because it's so scary but they just roll their eyes and say how scary could it be!

    I love your new hutch decorations. I think it's my favorite arragement of all time. The touches of green and all the sweet little birds makes it so cheerful and summer like.

  5. I love your hutch!! I love birdhouses, they're one of the things that I collect. I cannot WAIT to get myself a hutch like this so that I can display them better!

  6. Girl you have such an eye for balance and display. You could totally do this kind of thing for a magazine. The white birds are precious with your glass and ironstone and the little touches of spring green.


  7. I saw What Lies Beneath as a teenager and I'm still afraid of bath water that doesn't have soap in it. That...and opening a medicine cabinet with a mirror...who knows what you'll see when you close it back up lol!!