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Monday, March 12, 2012

My St Patrick's Day Mantel

Hello! It's me. You know, Kim. The one you thought had dropped off the face of the earth.

I'm still here. And I finally got off my lazy butt and decorated for St Patrick's Day.

My family asked, "Why bother? St Patrick's day is in less than a week. Why not go straight to decorating for Easter?"

But my sweet leprechauns were calling from the attic to be let out. Even if just for a week. So I had to oblige. And they are so happy I did.

The problem with me being a procrastinator is that by the time I get done decorating, the light in my family room isn't very good and my pictures don't turn out like I want.

But then, maybe that's because I take crappy photos. I really need a new camera. Or learn to take better shots.

Here is one of my sweet leprechauns. I found him on eBay a few years ago. I think he is so cute. Don't you agree?

I only purchased one thing for this years mantel, and it was from the thrift store. I'll show you later what I got. For now, here is the left side of the mantel.

I made the flower balls a couple of years ago when I spied some at Tai Pan Trading that I was too cheap to buy. The white urn came from Tender Heart Treasures. I loved that catalog. I wonder what ever happened to that company. Does anyone know?

I purchased a CD off eBay along time ago that has tons of vintage images for every holiday. I just printed this one and placed in this spray painted frame from the thrift store.

All my frames on the mantel came from thrift stores over the years. I had hubby add some chicken wire to 3 of them. I've been using them on my mantel in almost all my decorating for the past year. I still love them.

I found this "Happy St Patrick's Day" sign a couple of years ago at Joanns on clearance.

The "Lucky" banner was a free printable I found at Sugar Tot Designs. Oops, I guess that was something new for the mantel this year. But since it was a free printable, I didn't consider it a purchase.

And here is the right side of my mantel, with my other two leprechauns.

Can a leprechaun be a girl? I say "yes". Aren't they the cutest? This is the first year in the last three years that I didn't search eBay for new leprechauns. I guess 3 is enough for me. At least for now.

Another vintage print from my CD in another vintage thrift store frame.

And this was my only purchase for St Patrick's day this year. I found this green urn at the thrift store this weekend. My hubby thought it was ugly. But I thought it would be perfect for my St Patrick's Day mantel.

Here are some final shots of my 2012 St Patrick's Day mantel.

I hope my "Lucky" banner makes me lucky in finding my pot of gold. You never know. I just bought a mega millions lottery ticket just in case. Somebody's got to win sometime. And it might as well be me.

Who wouldn't love to win millions? Maybe then, I could purchase some more leprechauns for next years mantel. Or better yet, a new mantel.

Come back tomorrow and I'll share this years St Patty's day hutch.

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  1. Hi Kim!

    I've told you before that I identify with you. I still have to get the St. Patrick's decor up. Then it will have to come right down if I want to participate in any of the Easter parties! Pretty sure the Easter stuff will stay up awhile...

    Love what you did this year.. I will be using a few of you ideas.

    If I win the Lottery I will buy a different house that has a fireplace! I sure miss having one, not so much for the fires but for a place to decorate.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  2. Love the leprechauns - I have a couple that belonged to my grandmother - unfortunately I was too late in decorating for St. Patricks, maybe if I put ears on them I could use them for Easter? LOL!

  3. It looks like you are very talented with decorating. I still have alot to learn in that area. Cute leprechauns you have. :)

  4. These mantel displays are gorgeous! I saw your link on the other blog, glad I visited you! I agree the your sweet leprechauns is really cute. :)

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