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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm on vacation

Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. My first reason is that I haven't had anything to blog about. I finally got my patriotic decor taken down. But I have yet to put up any summer decor. Summer will be over before I get around to it I'm afraid.

The second reason for my lack of posts is that I am on VACATION!!!!

A real vacation, not a stayvacation like I had back in June.

And where did I go for my vacation?

Nope, it's not some relaxing secluded beach. Even though I wish it were.

Maybe Disney World? Nope. Even though I love Disney World and Disneyland, I haven't been in over 15 years.

How about Australia? I've always wanted to visit there. But no, still costs too much for me.

Did I return to visit Venice?

Or maybe Paris? I did get the chance to see both of these places back in 2003. And I would love to go back someday.

But no. I'm not so lucky as to go to a foreign land.

Unless you consider Utah a foreign land.

Yep, I am in the State of Utah visiting one of my brothers.

My sister had to bring a couple of her boys to a week long camp of sorts at BYU called Especially for youth. She didn't want to drive by herself so she invited me along. All I had to do was pay for my food. And since we are staying at our brothers house, it is pretty much a free vacation.

So I may not post much if at all this week as well. I will if I find someplace fabulous to blog about. So far we have visited places where I used to live (I lived in Utah back in thelate 70's, early 80's for about 8 years. And went shopping at the mall.

Today we are hoping to hit up some thrift stores and craft stores. I want to visit a Hobby Lobby as we don't have them in southern California.

So I hope that all if forgiven on my lack of posting. Take care until we meet again. Until then, I am on VACATION!!!!


  1. Kim, sounds like you are having a great vacation visiting with family. Utah is as pretty or prettier than some of those places you mentioned! Have a safe trip home.

  2. Kim, sounds like you are having a great time. Utah is a beautiful state. Travel safely and enjoy your vacation. ~ Sarah

  3. Have yourself some great fun, Kim! LOVE your banner!