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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm melting!!!

This is the current temp close to my house. It's almost 109 degrees!!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Summer has finally arrived in southern California. This is hot even for where I live.

And here is where I will be once I get home from work.

Giving thanks that we have a pool. Want to join me? Just bring your own towel.


  1. Your pool looks very inviting!! I'm sure it will be great to jump in and get a break from the heat!!

  2. Kim, your pool looks so very inviting and I love your lovely and lush landscaping. What wonderful retreat to get home too! Enjoy!


  3. Oh I hear ya Kim! Summer has definitely finally decided to show up. I was perfectly happy with the mild weather. It's supposed to start cooling down by the weekend (I hope they're right!). My in-laws live in Lancaster so they're close to your temps. We're in the high 90's...blech!

  4. Kim, yes, that is hot, but be very thankful your humidity is 15% and not 70% like here in Kansas! At least you have a pool you can jump into to cool off.

  5. That is way too hot even for going out and getting in the pool. The water is probably warm, too. Very nice pool. I am jealous.

  6. 107 here today. Wish I had your pool to jump into.
    Enjoy your refreshing swim. ~ Sarah

  7. Oh Kim, I know your pain! We were in Palm Desert two summers ago and it was 115. Hadn't been in those types of temps for a long while. The saving grace was that it was dry heat- not the horrible humidity that we have in the midwest. I'll take high temps over humidity any old day. The pool looks inviting- hope you cooled off in it. :-)

  8. Your pool is gorgeous. We've had some very HOT days here in Southern Maryland. Finally has cooled down a bit. Enjoy your swim.


  9. Hey there Kim! Yep is supposed to be 107 here today, but then supposed down to the 70's by there will be relief right around the corner Yay!!

    Your pool or the "cement pond" as I like to call it, looks really inviting, with all that gorgeous landscaping around it.

    Can you believe, it's been so cool this Summer... another Yay!! I haven't been in my pool not one single time. Maybe today will be the day!

    I hope you enjoy your swim today! Don't forget the sunscreen!!
    Hugs, Sherri;)

  10. What a beautiful yard you have, Kim! Love your pool. We have an inground pool, too, but since the kids are older and hardly use it, we choose AC over the pool, so it was covered this year.

  11. Kim, what a beautiful pool, and what incredible landscaping! Looks like a wonderful place to be when the temp is over 100! Have fun! laurie

  12. Oh goodness... we have not had much sunshine ... this has been the worse summer we have ever had.. I can imagine myself lying next to that pool.. or in it on a floaty.. :)