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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Along Came A Spider

It's been too long since I did a tablescape. Mostly because I normally do the tablescape on the dining table located in my living room. Less traffic there, so the table stays nice.

But a little while back my hubby brought home his latest project to work on. Which is rebuilding a baby grand piano. So right now, the keyboard to said piano is sitting on the table I normally decorate.

So if I want to decorate a table, I now have to use the one in my family room/kitchen area. I actually love this table more than the one in the living room. It's just the family room/kitchen table is normally piled high with stuff.

But I decided to clean it off & decorate it for Halloween. Plus I wanted to show off the number plates I picked up at Target a few months back.

The table & chairs were actually my Great Grandmother's. I think they are from the 20's or the 30's. They sat in my parents shed for about 20 years before I rescued them a few years back. Unfortunately, it was in bad shape. But hubby & I fixed her up. I wish I had taken before photos. You would be amazed at the transformation. Someday I will do a post & show better photos of this beautiful table. But that would mean I would have to dust the bottom portion, which is a pain. And hubby does need to redo the top again.

That is why I covered it with this spider web lace. I picked up this fabric from Tai Pan Trading back in September. It came in a package of 5 yards for $12.00 (on sale). I made a table cloth with part of the fabric. I used this same lace to cover a couple of my pumpkins.

On top of the spider web lace I placed this skull damask table runner I had picked up at Kohl's. I got it on a 50% off sale, plus I had a coupon for additional 30% off. Got to love Kohl's. The only thing that would have made this runner better for this tablescape is if it had spiders instead of skulls. But I do have skull plates stashed away in the attic from last Halloween that will go perfectly with this. But you will have to wait until next year. At this point, I'm not getting down my old Halloween stuff.

I've been so crafty this Halloween. I don't normally make things, but being broke is quite a motivation. I made this black spider web out of black card stock. Martha showed me how. Martha's was better, of course. But then, she is Martha.

I was going to put glitter on mine, but got too lazy.

I did glitter up some plastic spider rings. Placed some on my candelabra.

I didn't use any name cards as this table setting is for my own family of four. I just assign them numbers.

The spider web napkins came from Home Goods. I think they were $5.00 for four napkins. Right in my price range.

When I first saw the number plates at Target, I knew I had to have them. It took me awhile before I actually broke down & purchased them. I wanted the number canisters too, but they were too pricey, so I passed. The salad plates were more affordable.

I did make these spider web votive holders. They were left over from my parents 50th wedding anniversary a few years back. And no, they didn't have the spider webs on them for my parents anniversary party (in case you were thinking, "What kind of people have spider webs at a 50th wedding anniversary party?"). I just added the spider webs for this Halloween. I used a toothpick & white glue to draw on a spider web. Then I covered the glue with black glitter.

Looks like I need to brush off some more glitter. This was such an easy project.

I was on a roll making spider webs. I decided to make more. I picked up a dry erase pen from Dollar Tree & drew spider webs on my little glass hurricanes. Best part, it wipes right off after Halloween. Love it!!!

I placed the smaller glass hurricane inside a larger one. The smaller ones came from Dollar Tree last year. The larger glass hurricanes came from Walmart about 5 years ago. I think you can still find both at both stores.

I then used candle stickum to stick the hurricanes on top of a large crystal candlestick to give it some height.
The large candelabra in the middle I've had for years. It was originally silver, I painted it white & then distressed it. Added some acrylic crystals and garland. The black tapers came from Michael's. The glass tray below is actually the top portion of a cake pedestal. It broke off the base & I've been too lazy to glue it back together.

That is not entirely true. I did use E6000 glue but it did not hold. I need something stronger. Until then. I'm using it as a tray.

I'll shut up now & just let you look at photos.

I did use 2 glittered spider rings on the base of each goblet. I like how it gives it a little spooky bling. I love the look of glitter, but it gets everywhere.

Well I hope you enjoyed my tablescape. I always have grander plans, but then I get too lazy, or procrastinate too long. So you seem to get the watered down version of my vision.

But I'm still happy with the watered down version. I hope you are too. Let me know what you think.

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  1. This is fantastic!! I just love it. You and I have very similar ideas on our tables. I like some of your goodies better than mine. Love the napkins, plates, and candelabra! Just very chic! Mine is just sorta creepy. LOL Come and visit. We did the exact same thing with the pen to the votive. Very neat table. And I am impressed you probably spent less too.

  2. Dang it! I saw those plates and I thought about. I didn't buy them but I wish I did. I wonder if they still have them? They look so nice on top of the black dinner plates. I love the way it ALL came out. I love the bats you made too!

  3. I love the spider web lace. Love it! And, of course, anything that glitters.

  4. If that's the "watered down version", I can't imagine how fantastic the "grand plan" would have been! This is terrific! I love the colour combo and the number plates are perfect for it! I wouldn't have thought of using them for Halloween. The smaller hurricanes inside the larger ones on pedestals look great. The spider napkins are the icing on the cake!


  5. Your table is so cool!!! I love the sparkly spider rings crawling up the candle holder -Everything looks so good

  6. Your table is so cool!!! I love the sparkly spider rings crawling up the candle holder -Everything looks so good

  7. Super cute!!!! I have those target plates too!!! I love them!

  8. Very creative! Love your table especially the number plates! I wish I would have bought those paper plates from used them wisely! You did an outstanding job!
    Andrea-softer side of me

  9. Great setting! I love your runner and candelabra!

  10. Gorgeous tablescape, love the candleabra, glitter spiders, & that tablecloth is perfect! (Of course, so are the number plates)

  11. I love your table and love your commentary about your table. I thought maybe you were the Adam's Family if you had spiderweb votives for your parent's anniversary -- LOL! The number plates are so cute -- I haven't seen them before and all your crafty additions to the table make this great! Joni

  12. What a great tablescape! It's making me want to add some new things to my dining-room table, even though it will "unset". I'm just inspired now to make it better! Thanks!

  13. Love it all! Your grandmothers chairs go perfectly with it. Mary :O)

  14. Ah, love how everything looks! Loving your deal from Kohls. I like the mix of skulls and spiders and those dishes you found are wonderful!


  15. You did a amazing job,love those plates!

  16. Stunning!!! I'm drooling over here--I totally love black and white and totally love what you've done--bravo. Love the napkins and the bats on the lights--too cool!

  17. Kim, this is a great tablescape with all the black and white details. The spider web tablecloth and napkins are favorites, but the number plates are really calling out to me. You find the coolest things at Target. I never see these things. ~ Sarah

  18. Kim, You've decorated your house so cool!! Love the spider web tablecloth, candleabra, and all your numbered plates. I saw the canisters at Target, but apparently I was too late for the plates! boo hoo They are just too cool and the entire table is just so fun!
    ~ Sue

  19. This is really cute, such unique Halloween decorations! Love the number plates!


  20. You did a wonderful job on everything! I love your mantle! and also your spider ideas! I also am a lover of the Dollar Store too!

  21. OH Kim, I've been remiss in not leaving a comment before, but here I am now! I found your group either in late September or early this month and I just wait and check day by day, hoping for a new post! I've looked at last year's Halloween posts as well as your Tablescape posts. I just LOVE your blog, your creativity, your 'frugality' and your sense of humor!
    I don't decorate for Halloween, but if I did, I'd sincerely flatter you by copying much (if not all) of what you've done!!! I especially love your post on Spooky Letter Art!!
    I am a member of a Yahoo group (Christmas to the Max), and I emailed them about your Halloween posts this year. I hope that was alright! I left a link to the home page as well as the post on the spooky letter art. Thank you for all that you do; you are such an encouragement to me!

  22. A perfectly creepy Halloween table...I particularly like the treatment that you gave to the candleabra. The new plates are outstanding! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  23. A perfectly creepy Halloween table...I particularly like the treatment that you gave to the candleabra. The new plates are outstanding! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay