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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sunday Favorites-Spooky Letter Art

10/29/10: Linking this post up with Saturday Nite Special @ Funky Junk Interiors

For this weeks Sunday Favorites, I thought I would repost about how I made my Spooky letter art sign last year.

This originally posted on 10/12/09:

Remember back in May when I made this alphabet art Family sign using photos of stuff from around my house & yard? I posted about it on my family blog, Manning Family Tree. If you missed it & are interested in how I made it, you can read about it here.

Since it is Halloween time, I thought it was the perfect time to update the alphabet art sign to a new word. Since there are 6 openings in this frame, I needed a 6 letter Halloween word. So I came up with "Spooky".

Now comes the fun part, our the hard part, looking for items that look like letters. Since spooky & family both end with "Y", I could use the "y" already in the frame. That meant, I only needed to find 5 letters.

I first went out on my front porch. I found the perfect "S" in this plant hook. Plus it already had spider webs.

So I turned above into this: S

Next I needed a "P". I couldn't find anything with a p except for this.

My apothecary jar with the letter balls I got on clearance from Coldwater Creek back in August. Now I just have to find the letter "P".

Here it is!!! So I turned above into this: P

Next I needed not just one, but two of the letter "O". Pumpkins would make the perfect "O" for spooky.

I love this faux white pumpkin already on my mantel. It came from Target.

So above pumpkin became this: O

I wanted the next pumpkin to have a little bit different look. This copper pumpkin from Target qualifies. It is taller & a little thinner.

So the above pumpkin became my 2nd: O

I was on a roll. I only had 1 more letter to find. But it was a "K". One of my favorite letters (I wonder why). I lucked out when I went into the back yard. I found this old trellis leaning up against the wall.

So the above trellis became: K

And to remind you where I originally got the "Y". It's from this old glass conservatory. This originally came from Big Lots years ago. It's been in my backyard for the past 4 years & is looking old & weathered. Just the way I like it. Unfortunately since this photo was taken back in May, it has completely fallen apart. Hubby may try to see if he can put it back together. If anyone can do it, hubby can.

So I turned above into: Y

Put them all together & you get: SPOOKY

Perfect for my Halloween mantel. I'll share more of my mantel & Halloween decor later in the week. I'm not completely done. Remember I've been sick. Cough, cough!!! And I'm sorry that there is some glare in the photo. It's hard to take photos when glass is involved.

But don't you just love it? I know I do. And the best part, it is so easy to change it back to "Family" when I'm done.


Well I hope that you enjoyed revisiting this post. Now be sure to hop on over to Chari's blog Happy to Design to see all the other Sunday Favorites posts. As well as Donna's blog Funky Junk Interiors to see all the other Saturday Nite Special posts.


  1. I Love it! You have a good eye :) I have those same balls in the same apothecary jar, lol! I hope hubby can fix your conservatory :( I love the way it looks. Now I'm trying to think where I would put a frame like that. Hmmm????

  2. i remember this when you 1st did it and thought how the heck she find those....well i must say you made spooky look easy but i am sure i would havea heck of time....looks great i love it

  3. Nice! I love your spookiness : ) Halloween is a fun time for decorating and you do it very well!

  4. I love this! Where do you get frames like that?

  5. Kim, you are very clever and talented. I think you are also full of energy. These photo are terrific and I love the idea of finding different letters in things around your home. You could market these! ~ Sarah

  6. How creative is that. Now I will be looking for letters in and around my house. What a great idea and so spooky looking.

  7. Good Morning Kim...Girl I loved seeing this again and how you made it...Just awesome my friend...Hope all is well on your piece of Calif. today and each day...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. love it! I've been meaning to try this!

  9. Super creative....LOVE it! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :) Happy Fall!

  10. Hi Girlfriend...

    So happy to see you for Sunday Favorites this week, my friend! What a treat!!! Well my dear, this was a fabulous post to revisit! Girl, you are so creative! How you came up with the letter "K" was simply genius! I don't know if I would have seen that "K" in that piece! Hehe! Anyway, your "SPOOKY" sign came out fabulous!!! Thank you for taking the time to show us where each letter came from...such fun!

    Hope that my note is finding your well, my friend! I have been soooo busy lately. I'm struggling for blogging time! Take care!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  11. This is truly clever and, love, love it! Toni

  12. Kim, you are so smart! I always love these objects made into letters, and this one is great! It would take me FOREVER to figure out these letters. Great idea! laurie

  13. I came over from Porter Place Cottage, and so glad I did. Will have to come back and look around. There is so much to look at and in your past posts also.

    You are artistically creative!

  14. This is SOOO smart and creative! :)

  15. Ok, this is so stinkin fun and cute I can't stand it. I love that you did this with photographs! So creative.

  16. I have HOPE in my sunroom, so many compliments. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi Kim,

    I loved this post and tucked the idea away. I finially completed a couple of projects using your idea. I posted here:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Kindly, Lorraine