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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Mantel

As I told you already, I skipped fall this year and went straight for Halloween. As we LOVE Halloween in our house.

Ok, I'll admit, I'm the only one that loves Halloween in my house. At least the decorating part. My hubby & grown boys love the candy part of Halloween. Me, I love everything about Halloween.

Today I'm showing my Halloween mantel. I'm not completely satisfied with it. I have plans for making a banner. But if it goes anything like my 4th of July banner (which by the way, I never completed), it probably won't get made in time for Halloween.

I do have a back up banner, but it is still in the Halloween boxes in the attic. Still too hot to venture up there to dig the boxes out.

But as you can see, not getting down my existing Halloween stuff hasn't stopped me from decorating. I just went to my favorite home decor store, Tai Pan Trading in Rancho Cucamonga. Click here to read all about my last trip there.

Not everything came from Tai Pan, but a lot of it.

I did make this book page wreath back in April from a thesaurus that I picked up at Dollar Tree. I still love it. It's the perfect color for fall, and Halloween.

The scary face actually came attached to the black organza ribbon that I tied this up with. It was wrapped around the package of creepy cloth that I purchased from Tai Pan Trading a few weeks back. It added just the right amount of spookiness to the wreath.

Here is the right side of the mantel. The Halloween sign & crows came from Tai Pan Trading. The easel the sign is sitting on came from Dollar Tree last year. The candle holder was a thrift store find last year too.

I love, love, love this sign. It fits in perfectly with my house. We have a ton of spiders. Thus, a ton of spider webs.

Aren't these crows fabulous? They came in 3 different poses.

So of course I had to buy all three.

I just picked up these battery operated candles at Sam's Club on Tuesday. Came in a set of 3 for $14.99. I really love real candles better, but I almost burnt my house down a few years back at Christmas using real candles on my mantel. Battery operated is much safer. Plus these candles actually smell like vanilla.

I already had a set from Costco, but these are cheaper & I like them better. And you can never have too many candles.

I added the spider trim around the candle. Just taped it on the back where you can't see it. Unless you go turning around my candle. But you wouldn't do that. Would you? The spider trim came from JoAnn Fabric & Craft store. It is actually iron on trim. But I wanted to use it on a candle, not on fabric. So that is why I taped it on. Me & tape have become quite good friends lately.

I never seem to be at home to take photos when the light is better. So some of these photos are from this morning before leaving for work. And some were taken in the late afternoon, early evening.

Here is the left side of the mantel. This candle holder is also a thrift store find.

This sign and crow are both from Tai Pan Trading as well. I picked up the sign in August when I was in Utah on vacation, at a Tai Pan store there.

I do feel sorry for those of you who aren't lucky enough to live in Utah or southern California. As those are the only places that have a Tai Pan Trading store. And they don't sell online.

Maybe we can convince them to go nationwide. It really is that fabulous of a store. If not, you may just have to take a vacation to Utah or southern California to visit one for yourself.

The mirror on my mantel is actually my hubby's. It's one of the reasons I married him. Just kidding. The picture frame leaning against the mirror was originally gold and came from the thrift store. I painted it Heirloom White and then watered down some burnt umber paint (cheap persons glaze), slathered it on & wiped it off to give it an antique look. I love how it turned out.

This witch sign is another Tai Pan purchase. They had a lot of black & white stuff. Exactly what I wanted for my Halloween decor this year. And I was lucky enough to have a 25% of entire Halloween purchase when I went over Labor Day weekend. Yipee! I just love saving money. But then, I guess everyone else does too. Have you ever met someone who doesn't like saving money? I didn't think so.

I'm thinking about adding some black creepy cloth below everything. But then that would require me removing everything & putting it back. Sounds like too much work if you ask me. So I'm leaning more at leaving it as is.

Or I could add some Spanish moss around everything. That way I wouldn't have to move anything. But then, that would make a mess everywhere. And that would require work to clean it up. So, I'm not sure about that either.

Then my third option I was thinking about was spray painting some fall leaf garlands black & adding that around everything. But then you might not see the crows very well.

What do you think? Which option would you go for? Or would you just leave it as is? Let me know your thoughts.

I'll be sure to let you know if I do change it up any, or if I get my Halloween banner finished.

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  1. You are just too funny -I can't believe I didn't even know about your blog until I found you through Savvy Southern Style not too long ago. Now I can hardly wait until you post ( No I am not a stalker , just kind of like one huh? ) I really like your mantle. What I would probably add would be like the black lace spider web netting -someone in blog land wrapped a pumpkin with it ( can't remember who but it was cute ) I know JoAnn's has this fabric but probably your tai pan store ( can you tell I'm jealous lol ) may have it too. :-)

  2. I just love what you did -- I think it's beautiful and fun all at the same time. I don't think it needs a thing. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here today, thanks!

  3. Love it ..Love it!!
    You inspired me ... I'm skipping fall and going right to Halloween too .. It's just so much fun and I like to look at my Halloween stuff for as long as I can.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    <|:^) Betty

  4. Your mantle is stunning! I love everything about it; the layering, the colours, the've totally outdone yourself.

  5. You know what is funny -it was you that had the spider web lace fabric :-)

  6. Kim, this all looks great. I agree with Kathy. I'd use some of the spider web lace fabric.
    You are funny. I like your sense of humor, Kim. ~ Sarah

  7. LOVE your mantel!! I wish we had one of those stores near by!! I love HobLob and of course HomeGoods but they can get old after awhile. Thanx for stopping by earlier. Off to see more of your lovely blog!:)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I really love your mantel! It looks so antiquey and spooky! :-) Love it!

  10. Your mantel looks awesome. I would leave it just the way it is. I love reading your post...they always make me are a mess!

    Have a wonderful evening.

  11. Hi, nice to meet you! I love how your mantle turned out. I like what you did with the candles. I have to check out Joanne's for that trim. Thanks for sharing!


  12. That has to be the prettiest Halloween mantel I have ever seen. Who would have thought Halloween could be pretty. I really like it. The spider candles are soooo cool.

  13. Hi, love your mantel you did an awesome job on it. I love the wreath that you made. I would love to know how you made it. Tracy

  14. I am drooling over your the black and white. I get to go to Utah next week and finally to TaiPan!!! Can't wait after I have seen all the fun stuff you have.

    As far as some garlandy ideas for your mantel. I saw on blog where the gal ripped out pages from an old book, inked the edges of some pages, wadded up each page a little and strung them on a string...just kind of bunched them together and that was her garland. You could also rip pages out of book and run through the printer and print out a black crow etc, in the center of each page and TAPE the pages on a ribbon and hang. Hope this helps. Graphic Fairy has great clip art.

  15. I love your mantel. I'm not usually one for Halloween but you are making me think seriously about it. Your decorating flare is amazing!

  16. Everything looks great Kim! I sure like that wreath. Was it hard to make? Wish we had one of those Tai Pan Trading Stores near by. Sounds like they have some pretty neat stuff. ~Ames

  17. I love your mantle just the way it is! All of your Halloween decor looks wonderful, and I love the wreath you made and that spooky face that came with the ribbon!

    Kat :)

  18. The crows...I must have the crow's!!!!!!
    I'm always looking for good crows!
    Those are great!
    Your mantel is perfect...don't touch a thing!
    I need the crows....
    the crows...crows.....
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. Love all the black & white. I wouldn't used painted leaves b/c it would cover up part of the wording on the sign, etc. Maybe you could attach a black boa or something to the front of the mantel, but it looks good as is.

  20. Kim, you have the best holiday decor, no matter WHAT the season! I am soooo into silhouettes right now, so of course I love your mantel! Darn, I wish I knew where to get good stuff like that without having to pay an arm and a leg!! Terrific display as is, but if you decide to do anything, why not go with some sheer black netting or tulle? Just tuck it in and under and around!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  21. I too love Halloween!!! It's a favorite time of year for me, and I'm getting all primed and ready for the season myself!!

    Fangtastic decor!!! Such a TERRORific job.

    Here is my Show n Tell link

  22. Thanks for you sweet comment about my mantel. But wow, your mantel is FABULOUS! I adore your book chic and feminine (you know, in a skeleton kind of way) :)

  23. It looks awesome! I love the candle, and that spider plaque! Cool wreath too, just all around great job!

  24. Hmmm. I thought I left a comment but apparently I did not. After reading your profile, I was like, "Wow! That kinda describes me!"
    Anyway, I adore your deckies. Black and White. Crows!!! I have been looking for just the right ones to display outside.
    So yeah,...perhaps some white webbie type batting or black shredded lace could be added, draped where needed.

  25. This is FABULOUS! I really love every single piece; it makes me wish they had a Tai Pan Trading in my state!
    I love the wreath you made; it's genius!

    I do like the mantel as is; but I still think it would look great with some Spanish Moss; if you don't mind the mess!

  26. Completely AWESOME!!!! Great inspiration!

    I just stumbled upon your blog and am in BLISS!!!!

  27. I love your blog. I love your mantle. You are so funny! It is a treat to listen to your writing voice. Also, I think your pictures and the different times of daylight shining on them is beautiful!

  28. LOVE THAT WREATH! This looks fantastic~ well done!

    If you have a moment, please stop by and enter my Fab Fall French Giveaway.

  29. STUNNING WREATH...Hope you don't mind if I follow your tutorial and make one myself. Your whole mantle is amazing and I am so impressed!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. You have inspired me!!! I love your wreath I posted it on my blog, I hope you don't mind. I'm making mine tonight!!!

  31. Your Halloween Mantel is gorgeous! I love the wreath you made. I will have to try and find instructions on making a wreath from book pages somewhere. Happy Halloween!

  32. Darn I was getting ready to ask you where your birds came from when I read I'm not able to get them!--Boo Hoo don't you feel sorry for me!

    I do love that wreath with the scalloped edges! A girlfriend gave me a huge gesso frame and I am going to have to do something similar with mine- I love the layering effect you did!!

    bee blessed

  33. Love Tai Pan too. So many great things at good prices. Love your mantel. Give me a couple of days and I will have my mantel posted.

  34. That wreath is AWESOME!! I love your Halloween mantle! It looks great. After I read your about me, I decided we would be great bloggy bff's!!! So, I'm following you now! :)

  35. Your mantel looks awesomely spooky, Kim! I love it! Love those signs, too. I actually saw one on someone else's blog and I'm hoping I come across some locally. I found a place online but the shipping costs as much as the item!

  36. I just love that mantel! Your wreath is delish!

  37. Kim, your Haloween mantel is so much fun. Love that you added the spooky face to the wreath. laurie

  38. that book wreath is awesome, and i love you layered it. adding that skull is perfect. i tried adding ribbon (spiders, too!) to my candles, but they aren't sticking! you must be using some sort of magical tape, lol.

  39. Perfection my dear. Perfection! And...I totally need to find this TaiPan Trading of which you speak! Thanks for linking up Kim! I've missed your mantel :).

  40. Yay!!! A fellow Tai Pan lover!! I must admit most of the things in our home come from there too!

    Your mantel is absolutely gorgeous! Every detail, beautiful!!