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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did summer go?

I don't know about you, but for me summer just whizzed by. I guess it is a bi product of getting older. Time just flies by now.

I never even did any summer decorating around my house. Unless you count the 4th of July.

Not one sea shell made it's way down from the attic to any of my rooms. It really has been the lazy days of summer around my house.

So since I haven't been sharing much this summer (due to lack of summer decorating), I thought I would share some of the blooms of summer from my backyard. As well as some of my favorite things from my yard.

We have had a very unusually cool summer this year in southern California. Only a couple of weeks of really HOT weather (last week being one of them). Most of the summer the temps have been between 80-90 degrees. It was even in the high 70's over the weekend. Unheard of for the Inland Empire. We usually have temps in the high 90's to low 100's.

Because we've had such a cool summer, I got to enjoy flowers almost all summer long.

Most years the flowers die from the heat, usually sometime in June. But not this year.

This year we were able to enjoy flowers all summer long.

Except for our Plumaria plant. It decided not to bloom this year. We even bought special food for it at the OC Fair. But all is not lost, the flowers planted below did just fabulous.

This is what is suppose to be blooming on my plumaria . This photo is from last summer. I love them! I'm so sad they didn't bloom this year.

And what is a garden without a fairy?

Or two?

Or three? Or would you call this an angel?

Geraniums are the flower of choice in the hanging baskets on the lamp post.

In the past I wasn't a fan of geraniums. But I love, love, love this pink one.

I love having bright colored flowers in my yard.

We even have fruit trees in our backyard.

We have a peach tree, plum tree, apple tree and apricot tree. And we also have an avocado tree. Except that I wasn't sure when to pick the avocados and they all fell off the tree. Oops!

Lucky for us, we have neighbors who made jam with some of our fruit & shared with us. I'm too lazy to make my own. Was glad to see that the fruit didn't go to waste. And the jam was sooooo yummy. My favorite was the apricot jam.

And what is summer without a nice pool to dip into when the temps do get too warm. And yes, that is a dolphin topiary. Hubby's pride & joy. And home to some birds earlier in the summer. They made a nest inside.

I love my rusty mermaid. Got her last summer in Arizona of all places. She used to sit on the edge of the pool (see photo before), but she kept getting knocked in and someone had to jump in to save her all the time. Hubby got tired of that, so now she sits on the the retaining wall getting a tan instead of swimming.

This is the first year I tried growing flowers from seeds. My Zinnias did the best.

They have practically taken over everything.

And what says summer more than sunflowers? Nothing I tell you. I love how sunflowers turn to always be facing the sun. Hubby didn't think these flowers would grow as the packet of seeds fell into the pool and got soaked. Oh ye of little faith.

Well it's about time to say goodbye to summer. We will miss you.

The only consolation is: HELLO FALL!!!

Don't worry too much though, I don't think summer is gone for good. September can be one of the hottest months here in the inland empire of southern California.

Will you miss summer?


  1. Oh my, everything is just absolutely fabulous. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  2. Love all your flowers! I struggle to grow much here in the heat in Redding! My petunias seem to do the best! Love your dolphin! I am ready to see summer just gets too hot here!


  3. I won't miss the horrid heat we've had! I love your zinnias. I cannot get zinnias to grow from seed. Hardly can keep the plants alive either. You have such a gorgeous yard. Hubby has kept that dolphin in tip-top shape!

  4. Kim, your backyard looks like an oasis. All of your beautiful blooming plants make everything look cool and inviting. ~ Sarah

  5. It's been such a sad summer with the pool not even really heating up, but the plus side is your flowers are BEAUTIFUL! I love your backyard!!

  6. What an absolutely beautiful backyard and thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. Made me smile, so, so pretty. Have a lovely day ... welcome to Fall. You're right, the time has just flown by but I'm hoping to hold onto Fall for a while.

  7. Kim, With a yard that looks like yours- who NEEDED to decorate for summer? LOL The flowers are gorgeous, the pool looks cool and inviting, and I say- stay there as long as you possibly can. I remember when we would visit our son in Palm Desert- I don't think they ever had bad weather. We visited during all "seasons." *grin*