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Monday, January 17, 2011

More Winter Decor

I know that most of you are tired of winter already. But not me. But then, we have been having temps in the low 80's for the past few days.

I kind of long for snow and cold temps. Isn't it funny how we always want something we don't have.

Here is some more of my "winter" decor. I think these photos will finish it up. This weekend I plan to decorate for Valentine's Day.

Here is the top of my TV armoire. I switched out the twig reindeer and sleigh from Christmas for some of my white pitcher collection. The pitchers sit on top most of the year.

I added the willow tree sticks to this vase back in November. I still like it. I kept the Dollar Tree snowflakes hanging from the branches from Christmas.

I added this plate my sister in law made for me a few years ago.

Here is the shelf in my family room.

I switched out the mercury glass trees for these bottles. The bottles have been here for the past few months, except for Christmas. I left the Dollar Tree snowflake leaning up against the window mirror.

I love this white bottle brush tree. I moved it from being in my nativity vignette (which is now put away) to here. I even kept the snow on the shelf from Christmas.

I changed up a few things in this vignette from Christmas.

I added another blue/silver acorn inside the cloche and a frosty blue leaf ornament to the outside. I got both on after Christmas clearance at Walmart. I found them at 75% off.

I switched out the jingle bells in the apothecary jar for my letter balls. And I changed the small ironstone pitcher for the mercury glass candle holder I had there previously. I also put away the Christmas angel that had been sitting here.

Added another frosty blue leaf from Walmart clearance to this jar. Don't you just love it? I bought two and now I am wishing I had bought more. I always do that, do you?

I removed the Christmas print from this frame & moved the book page wreath from my mantel to hanging from this frame.

I just love the colors in this vignette.

In this cloche, I took out the small Christmas cloche (the cloche within a cloche). Moved the white trees around and added some small rocks that say "Brrr".

Makes me want to put on a coat. Just kidding!

And finally we have my "winter" letter art sign that I made last year. This year I hung it on the wall instead of using it on my mantel. If you want to know how I made it, just click HERE.

I never did get my other cloches are made up for winter. Oh well, hopefully I'll get them done for Valentine's Day.

My plans this past weekend was to get everything made that I'm planning on doing for my Valentine's Day decor, but I got nothing accomplished. But that is par for me. I did watch Brideszilla and My Fair Wedding all day yesterday. I love those shows.

Hopefully I'll get something done during the week, or maybe next weekend. My goal is to buy nothing new. Just make stuff from things I have around the house. I may have to cheat & buy a piece of colored paper or two.

I need to get something done or I'll have nothing to post about. I've been super lazy. I can't seem to get motivated to do anything around my house. I still have a couple of Christmas boxes that have yet to make it up in the attic. Don't worry, they are packed up (mostly). I just need some muscle power to get them up the ladder.

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  1. Kim, everything is just gorgeous!! I really love the shelf in the family room with the mirror. Love your winter decor!!

  2. Just awesome Kim....I haven't done a bit of winter decorating. This time of year I feel like shutting down....12 degrees outside.

    Your vignettes are always amazing! Love all the whites and pale blues. I picked up some of those blue acorns, but didn't see those beautiful leaves!

    I need to do something to my mantel for V-day. Hopefully I'll be in the mood after our trip to Disney in a couple weeks!

  3. Great vignettes, Kim. Love those old bottles in the second picture.

  4. Everything is just dreamy. Love the soft creams and white and your pitchers are fabulous. Such beautiful designs. Of course I LOVE the cloches also. Gorgeous vignettes. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Kim your winter vignettes are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

    Enjoy your evening,

  6. Kim, everything is so beautiful! I love your decorating style! Thank you for sharing and have a great night!!

  7. Simply beautiful and FRESH! You definitely have a style for decorating :)

  8. Kim, your winter vignettes are beautiful. We aren't getting snow here, but our temps are still cool. The weekend was so wet and gray that I welcomed a bit of sunshine today.
    Looking forward to seeing your Valentine's decor, but I'm certainly not tired of these gorgeous wintery scenes.

  9. I love all your winter displays! I especially love your bottle brush trees and the book page wreath hanging in the frame.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a nice comment :)

  10. Love your favorite piece is that gorgeous wreath...I am going to make one, one of these days!

  11. Lovely, and some good ideas too.

    Hugs from the Netherlands (a new follower ♥)

  12. Phewww... I thought I was the only one with Winter decortions in the house! The little white trees are just gorgeous....
    I've enjoyed your Winter tour! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Elly (also fom the Netherlands!)

  13. Love your bottles displayed with your snowflakes & mirror! The reflections & lighting is beautiful :-)

  14. Everything looks beautiful! I'm definitely not tired of winter!

  15. All these little displays are just amazing. I want to come to your house and just wander. It's like there is a surprise of something beautiful around every corner. I have so many of those same things, and it never occurred to be to use them as you have (the white bottle brush tree, the big plastic snowflake, the empty stopper bottles). I love all your winter white collection. Thanks for inspiring.

  16. you truly are outstanding!!! I too wish I would buy more than I grab and then kick myself in the butt for it.

  17. Oh I really love all your have an amazing decorating "eye"!

    Thanks for visiting me the other day. xoxo

  18. So many sparkly white vignettes! All of your winter displays are so beautiful!!

  19. Some very pretty ideas here, love your winter theme!

  20. Kim, everything looks so sparkly and pretty. How clever you are to write b-r-r-r on the little stones. I love that cloche vignette. You've given me a lot of inspiration. Thanks! laurie

  21. Everything looks lovely. I love your "details".

  22. Well you'd never know from your vignettes that you're enjoying the weather that I wish I was in right now. LOL Today is the first sunny day in a long line of gray and dismal skies, so it is really nice out. Still in the twenties, but hey- that is a warm up! Wish I was in Palm Springs, like I was a couple of years ago at this time. aahhh...... sun and warm days! ~ Sue

  23. Kim,
    It all looks so pretty! Soooo jealous of your weather! It's freezing here!
    Kim :)

  24. Kim, Thanks for the sweet comment on my Valentine's branch! I was done with the cold, but then I saw this post. You are oozing with talent. Love it! Love it! Love it!

  25. All so lovely decors. Would love love love for you to share this at my Best of 2011 party going on now Happy new year! My