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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Home Grown Easter Grass

I finally decided to jump on the wheat grass bandwagon.

You know me, better late than never.

I bought wheat berry kernels from my local grocery store Winco. They have bulk bins. I was so excited when I found out they had them.

I bought about 25 cents worth. Brought the kernels home & soaked them over night in water.

And no I did not take any photos. I always seem to forget the before photos. I just get too excited.

I planted the seeds in some tin containers from Target dollar spot. I've had these tins for probably 3 years. I'm finally doing something with them.

Placed them outside in the sun until they started to sprout. I left them outside in the sun all week. But then it got hot on Friday and the grass started to wilt. Decided it was time to bring them inside. My coffee table trunk in my family room seemed like the perfect spot.

I added a burlap runner and an Easter tag to the one in the middle.

I found the Easter tags at They were free. I just love free. I did use my Distress Ink on the edges.

I love these! Now I just need to find a mini lawn mower. :)

Have you tried growing your own Easter grass yet? Better get on the bandwagon.


  1. Every year I think that I'll do this and thin I forget about it. Yours looks terrific. I really like the green against the silver containers.

  2. Ditto Paula on forgetting to do that every year! Love springy!


  3. I love the bright green color against the neutral backdrop. Really fabulous photography!

  4. Oh my gosh, those containers are perfect for the grass, Kim. I love the brightness of the fresh grass against your sofa.

  5. Kim I love it and it looks so pretty on your coffee table!! What a great idea, Martina

  6. They are soooo cute... love them!