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Thursday, April 21, 2011

We are still hopping down the bunny trail

Just 3 days until Easter and I still have Easter stuff to share with you. I know most of you have probably already moved on to thinking about Mother's Day. Not me, the procrastinator. I'm still tweaking my Easter decor.

Here is the shelf in my family room. It's pretty much been the same for the past few months. The mirror hasn't changed, the bottles, books & twigs haven't changed. Unless you count the spider webs in my twigs. But don't look at them. Hey, I said don't look.

I did add some Easter stuff to my shelf. But I was too lazy to add any blossoms to the twigs, or even to hang anything.

I always have such dreams of grandeur, but then real life gets in the way. I mean, my laziness gets in the way.
I made this huge medallion fan thingy back for Valentine's Day. I just keep changing out the middle section for the current holiday. Don't you think of Easter when you see bunnies? I'd call it a success then.

I found these 2 cute bunnies at Dollar Tree a few weeks back. I love the coloring on these.

And my Easter basket was a thrift store find for 50 cents. Can you believe that I don't have any Easter baskets in my stash of stuff? Neither could I. Well, I probably do, but I just couldn't find any. And for 50 cents, it wasn't breaking the bank to get a new old one. I had plans of gluing on flowers all around the outside of this basket. But do you see any flowers? Nope.

I filled the basket with some of the many fake eggs I have. Then topped it off with a papermache egg that came from Home Goods a few years ago. Nothing super exciting.

I did take off the fan medallions I had on the bottles. I added this Easter plaque and a couple of Easter tags.

The plaque came from my trip to Tai Pan Trading in Rancho Cucamonga a few weeks back. What? I didn't tell you about it? Shame on me. I even took photos to share. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday I'll post them. Depends on how much real life gets in the way, or my laziness, or my procrastination. I think this plaque was a dollar or two. Pretty cheap.

The tags are more of the FREE printables I found at Need a tag for an Easter basket, gift or food you are taking somewhere? Hop on over to and print out some for yourself.

I printed mine out on white cardstock. Cut them out, punched the hole and then used my distress ink on the edges. I tend to get carried away with distress ink. I need to learn better control.

Another fast, easy & cheap Easter vignette.

Are you all ready for Easter? I'm not.

I haven't bought any Easter candy. Looks like the Easter Bunny might not make it to my house this year. But then, if you saw us, we don't need any candy. But I might have to buy a peep or two or eighty.

And I better get to thinking about Mother's Day pretty quick as it's in 2 weeks! Yikes! And my Mom's birthday is a week after that.

I'll think about it, after I take a nap.

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  1. Funny post! Love all your Easter stuff. Keep on tweaking!