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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Give Thanks" Thanksgiving Mantel

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in 2 days! Less than 2 days.

I can already taste that turkey. YUM!

Fall is whizzing by. Christmas is going to be here before we know it. YIKES!

I guess I better start posting my Thanksgiving decor. So today I'll share my Thanksgiving mantel.

I call it "Give Thanks". I know, I'm so original.

I made, not one, not two, but three banners for this mantel (that is if you count GIVE and THANKS as two separate banners).

And please pardon the crappy photos. I only have the weekend to take photos, and this past weekend it was rainy here in SoCal. So the lighting was terrible. And I have no idea how to take photos anyhoo.

The golden mercury glass candle holders came from Kirkland years ago. I still like silver mercury glass better, but this gold color works for fall.

I printed out three different Thanksgiving/Pilgrim/Harvest sheet music images (I'm only showing you one up close) from The Graphics Fairy onto vellum paper. Here are the links: Thanksgiving and Praise , The Happy Pilgrim , Tis Harvest Time.

Then I taped the printed paper around the candle & tied some twine around it. My candles are flameless so I don't have to worry about starting a fire.

The Thanksgiving subway art was a free printable from eighteen 25. You know how I love FREE!

The turkey came from Joann's a few years back and the white pumpkin is from Dollar Tree.

Here is my "Thanksgiving" banner that I made.

Super easy. I printed out the letters from my computer. I have no idea where I originally found these letters. But I love them. They are the perfect colors for fall/Thanksgiving. I just pinned them with some Dollar Tree paper leaves to some twine using mini clothespins from Walmart.

Doesn't get much easier than that.

Hubby made me this wood plaque out of some junk wood he had laying around this past summer. He made me two of them to make signs. But so far, I have only made one sign. Remember my "Life is good at the beach" sign from my Ode to Summer mantel?

I still need to make something with this plain one. But it works as a back drop for my "Give Thanks" banners.

This giant lollie/medallion is from last Christmas. I just keep changing out the center piece for the different holidays. What says Thanksgiving more than a turkey? Nothing I tell ya.

I found these letters from AllSorts blog. She created a "Spooky" garland but luckily gives you all the letters of the alphabet. The letters are in black, I just made them sepia tone for my "Give" banner. Added some more Dollar Tree paper leaves & pinned them to a piece of twine.

For the "Thanks" part of the banner I used my own alphabet art. I originally had the letters in a black frame sitting in front, but I like the looks of hanging the letters from the twine better.

If you want to know how to make your own alphabet art, you can find the link here. Everything I used to make the letters came from my own house. Makes it more personal to me.

This is a terrible photo of the right side of my mantel. I had to crop it from a larger photo. I realized (a little too late), that my real orange pumpkin sitting on top of the books had started to rot. The original photo I had for showing you showed a huge rotting hole. I thought I would spare you, so I took it off and put this one up instead. Always thinking of my peeps.

For this photo, I strategically placed the rotting hole in the back where you can't see it. The pilgrim man was a thrift store find this year.

I have to make a confession. I just realized that the above Thanksgiving printable wasn't a freebie. It was actually some ones hard work they were selling on Etsy. I originally found it on Pinterest. But realized that it linked back to Be Different Act Normal. She posted it from Craftily Ever After who made a print that she sells on Etsy after seeing a post by Domestically Speaking where she made one out of real burlap. I just copied the print from Pinterest and didn't realize until just now that it wasn't a freebie printable and that I had actually stolen it. Do you think I can be forgiven since I have now followed back the genealogy line back to what seems the original source?

Let's move on, shall we? Here is the pilgrim girl that goes with the pilgrim guy I picked up from the thrift store. The white pumpkin came from Target a few years back.

And there you have my Thanksgiving mantel. I like that I used stuff I already had lying around the house, plus a printer, some paper and some ink.

Tomorrow I'll try and post the rest of my Thanksgiving decor. I still have so much to do before Thanksgiving. I am hosting this year. We expect to have 14 people. That is small compared to most years. But only part of my extended family can come this year.

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  1. Hi Kim
    just popped over from Bunny Jean's and was blown away by your great looking mantle piece and the extraordinarily fabulous banners.
    So inspired!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. So creative and different! Thanks for sharing it looks great! Visiting from the Bunny Hop!

  3. Love the ceramic turkey with such a lacy fan tail. Very festive. Have a bountiful Thanksgiving.

    Visiting from the Bunny Hop, Debra

  4. What an awesome post--I love everything you did. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. hi Kim ... Very pretty ... especially love the candles with the sheet music. Hope your Thanksgiving was especially joyful. New Blogger ... please stop by and pay me a visit.
    Timless Treasures.
    Audrey Z

  6. Hi Kim... I am Just now getting around to commenting! I did take a peek at your post last week but just didn't have time to leave a comment.

    Good news! I chose your post as my pick of the week! I always love to see you what you are able to do with what ever is "just laying around the house"!

    I also made some candle sheaths for my battery operated candles. I have some that are REMOTE controlled! Yes... they have a clicker to turn them on and off. Great for high places.

    I hope you have time to join the party again this week. You also have an award to place on your sidebar if you like.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!
    (linky opens at 4:00 Tuesday)