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Monday, November 14, 2011

Adding bling to my spider web window

I know Halloween is over, BUT......

Just had to add a little bling to the spider web window that hubby made for me.

Hubby found this fabulous Swarovski crystal jeweled spider on eBay. Just had to have it.

It was actually a ring. But hubby removed the ring part & attached the spider to the window.

The perfect addition to my most favorite material possession in the whole world (at least for now).

I'm so lucky to have such a talented hubby. Can I leave a spider web window up all year?

He wants to make me another leaded or stained glass window for Christmas. I just have to think of something I want him to make me. Any ideas?


  1. If you are looking for vintage window inspiration, one of my favorite sites is "Oley Valley Antiques". Your husband might take me off your follower list when you see all of the gorgeous antique windows you want him to make. :@

    (I made the window on my blog sidebar from a photo on their site. )

  2. The window turned out so cute! How about words like HO HO HO, or Bah humbug....a candy cane would also be super cute. Just some thoughts...

  3. That window is so cool!! The addition of the spider was perfect!! You are very lucky to have such a talented husband!

  4. How about a simple snow flake? That way you could keep it up for the entire winter.

  5. That is the most amazing window... and the spider looks cool as anything on it! I mean really, with the light, on the spider, on the window... it's amazing. And, i'm still loving how he used the different textured glass all in clear... it's a work of art!


  6. Why yes, I do have an idea (ha!). How about a star or a tree? He is soooo talented. That window is awesome. He should sell them!

  7. BTW, I hate spiders, but that one is really cool. I didn't even know they made something like that.

  8. that bling was MADE for that! great find, and great idea to change it out from a ring.

  9. Well a snowflake would be gorgeous! I love the spider web, he should consider selling them!!
    The addition of the spider is perfect.
    Love it!