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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Inspiration from Tai Pan Trading

I made my seasonal trip to Tai Pan Trading on Black Friday. I usually try & take lots of photos of their fabulous displays. But this time I only took a few. Mostly I was too busy trying to decide what to buy.

They had a special from 6-9am that if you spent $50.00 or more, they gave you a $20.00 gift card to spend another time. They also gave you a free mixing bowl pitcher, in a color of your choice. I chose red. A free Christmas apron. And a free glass bird red candle holder.

And did I take any photos of my freebies? NO. What kind of blogger am I? Not a very good one. I can't seem to remember to take photos. I would take them now, but I am at work. And my freebie items are at home. I'll try & post photos of what I got from Tai Pan Trading later in the week.

For now, I'm sharing some of the displays they had at the Rancho Cucamonga Tai Pan Trading store.

They always have beautiful tablescapes. I think this one was my favorite.

I love the Christmas trees.

And the crowns. Now I am kicking myself for not buying a crown, or six. I since I didn't look at the price tag, I have no idea how much they were. I may have to go back & spend my $20.00 gift card on some.

I love how they tied a wreath to the back of each chair. Love the plaid ribbon.

This black, white & silver tablescape was fabulous. And would be perfect for my table. I should have taken a photo of the salad plates under the bowls. I almost bought the salad plates but they were $8.00 a pop. I little too rich for my cheap blood. I love everything about this tablescape as well.

Here is table decorated in traditional Christmas colors. I still have a thing for traditional. I like how they added a red sash to the chair and added some silver greenery and some red balls. Easy! And the snowflake pillows in the chair on the left. Love them! But didn't buy them. I think they would be pretty easy to knock off.

Look how festive this looks. And so easy. Just tie a napkin with a fat candy cane, come silver greenery and some red balls. I love how they have the white dishes sitting on a green wreath. I don't know how practical that would be eat on. But so pretty. Love it!

Another easy thing to decorate a chair. Just tie on a Christmas stocking with some pretty ribbon and add a few balls.

That is one of the things I love about visiting Tai Pan Trading. Lots of great tablescape ideas.

Now I'll show you the other things that I did get photos of.
Loved these "JOY" blocks. I'm thinking of knocking them off (but don't hold your breath). I am really into green and white for Christmas this year.

I thought these Christmas tree cones would be easy to knock off as well. But since I am into green this Christmas. I would make the snowflakes green instead of red. Or maybe even do them in white glitter. Ooh, now I want to make some.

Speaking of white and glitter. When you first enter the Rancho Cucamonga store, you are greeted with everything glittery & white.
I may just have to decorate some tabletop in glitter and white.

I love all the ornies hanging from the chandelier. Too much yumminess in this store.

If you happen to live in southern California or in Utah and have not visited a Tai Pan Trading store. You better gittyup and get yourself down to one. You will thank me.

I'm thinking I need to make another trip back there. SOON. That $20.00 gift card is eating a hole in my pocket. It's itchin' to be spent.

And can you believe that Christmas is in 25 days! YIKES! I better start buying stuff for others instead of buying for myself. But then, the men in my family wouldn't like anything from Tai Pan Trading.

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  1. Oh my goodness... what a wonderous place! I love the entry with all the white and sparkles and goodies everywhere, and the idea of putting the stocking on the backs of the chairs... that's really clever! I know you will come up with a tablescape or mantel or hutch that will look just as pretty if not prettier than these guys though!


  2. Hi Kim,
    Wow, they have lots of pretties........I have to say tho that I am with you on that first green table, I just love love love that green, and those neat apple green trees, so lovely.
    Thanks for sharing all these lovely pics with us.
    Blessings for a most blessed Christmas Season hon,

  3. what a great place to spend black friday.. thanks for the photos. I loved viewing them. so much inspiration there.

  4. WOW Kim what a fabulous place to shop!! So much pretty eye candy. I would have left with a cart full LOL! Martina

  5. Lots of ideas to grab from here. Thanks so much for sharing so many lovely photos. I too love the 1st one. Green and white is lovely!

  6. Kim, thanks for sharing the inspiration from Tai Pan. I hope to visit that store some day.

  7. Just found your blog and LOVE those Christmas pictures!

  8. Oh my that's a lot of inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

    Tablescape Thursday

  9. Congrats!!! I wouldn't have made it an entire week without going back and spending that gift card. It's a good thing (for my husband!) that there isn't one on the east coast!! Love those crown ornaments! Love the green/white plaid ribbon on the chair.

  10. I wish there was one of those stores in my area. I love the first table with the lime trees...stunning in my book!

  11. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog, been a while. I always love your decor!


  12. Kim,
    It's been a long time since I've blogged, so you might not remember me. I'm your cousin Becky Sizemore's "aunt-in-law (Rick's aunt).
    It's a good thing I don't live near a Tai Pan store, or my hubby might not be able to get me to go home! Everytime I go into a store like that, I go home and hate my house and wish I could redecorate every room with items from that store!
    I hope you & your family have a wonderful holiday season.


  13. OOooh...Better than a CANDY store! Did I ever tell you that I finally found a Tai Pan store? It is in Ontario, close to the airport. That's about 1.5 hrs from me. I thought of YOU when I shopped, hehe... I was the best 2 hours I had that week! I wish I had known about that special they had going on. Can't wait to see what you got for free.

    I will just have to go back to see all the beautiful decor. Maybe I'll make it an all day shopping trip and stopover at the Premium Outlet Mall.

    xoxo Bunny Jean