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Monday, April 30, 2012

Preparing for Cinco de Mayo

I know, I know, I've been gone like forever.   But I have a good excuse.


Don't rush me, I'm trying to think of one.

Oh well, I guess I don't have a good excuse after all.

I've just been lazy as usual.

Not completely.  I have been busy getting ready to host my first Cinco de Mayo party.

I have all kinds of plans.  I've been busy searching Google and Pinterest for inspiration.  And I've been busy shopping for supplies.  I've had tons of fun planning and shopping.   However, the execution part, I haven't done so well with.  And now I only have 5 days to get ready. 

So far, this is all I have done:

I did get one of  my "Fiesta" garland ideas completed.  I just love all the bright colors.   I don't have a tutorial, but that's OK, Oh Happy Day does.    Except that I used crepe paper streamers and she used sheets of crepe paper.  I got all my crepe paper from either Dollar Tree or from the 99 Cent Only store.

I cut a strip of the streamer about 8 feet long.  Then I kept folding it in half (lengthwise) until my piece was about 4 inches.  Then I cut the little fringes on both sides.  I didn't cut all the way to each folded edge as I was afraid I might cut off at one of the folds.  So when I unfurled it, I did have to go back & snip a few more snips in the areas that were missing.

I'll show you next week how they looked as decoration after I set up for the party on Saturday.

Next I decided to make some punched tin napkin rings.  I always find it easier if all the utensils are placed inside a napkin at a party.  That way you only have to grab I thing instead of 4 different things.  Makes it easier to hold onto while getting your party food.

I don't have a tutorial for the napkin rings either.  Nor a final photo on how they will look as actual napkin rings.  But I do have photos of what they look like right now.  Besides, Martha has a tutorial on how to make these. 

I started out with 2 flat aluminum trays from Dollar Tree (2 for a dollar).  I trimmed off the outside edges so all I had left was the flat shiny part in the middle.  Then I used a ruler & scored the width of the ruler with a pen.  Then I used my exacto knife to cut where I had scored.  I got a total of 24 strips out of the 2 trays. 

After I was done, my hubby came out to see what I was doing and asked why I didn't just use the paper cutter (we have one of those old fashioned ones with the machete looking blade).  Duh!!!  Why didn't I think of that?

Once I had cut out all the pieces.  I used my ruler and pen and scored the long side of each strip and folded over the aluminum so that there wouldn't be a sharp edge.  I then cut 12 of them in half.  So I have 24.  I left the other 12 long as I might use them to go around some candles.  And I only need 24 napkin rings for my party.

I used a pen to draw designs.  I guess this really isn't punched tin.  It's more like embossed aluminum.  I did use my screwdriver to make some punches as well.   Sorry that I don't have any photos of the punching or drawing process, but I was by myself while making these and I didn't have enough hands to make and take photos at the same time. 

Here are my first attempts.  Not the greatest, but not bad either.  I was mostly doing flowers as I started off just using the screw driver, but then decided it needed something else, so I used the pen to draw things.

My second set turned out much better.

My favorite one is the 2nd one down (the Chevron looking one).   Now I just have to bend them in a circle around my napkin with the utensils inside and tape them.  I'm hoping that tape will hold them shut.  I guess I better check with Martha to see what she did. 

And I did get a couple of picture frames spray painted aqua and orange for my photo booth.  My husband thinks the colors are hideous.   But they will work out perfect for my photo booth.

Now all I need to do is make my tissue paper flowers, make some more tissue paper garlands by sewing crepe paper streamers together & making them ruffly,  make another tissue paper garland, make a wreath, make some mustaches for the photo booth and make most of the food.  Easy, peasy.

Luckily, my neighbor is making the pinata. 

If you want to see all my ideas, you can check out my Pinterest Cinco de Mayo page.

Are you having a Cinco de Mayo party this year?  What are your plans?   I'll be sure to post photos of the party next week so you can see how it turned out.  Hopefully not disastrous. 


  1. I am having a combination Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby gathering for my good friends. There will just be 4 of us. Cinco will be first with appropriate foods, pin the tail on the donkey & watching Three Amigos. After that we'll switch to Derby mode and have that on the TV, appropriate foods, pin the jockey (using our own faces that I will have printed, little betting on the horses. I have found many printables for both. We are dressing for both - I'm wearing a Cinco t-shirt (from Old Navy several years ago, southwest jewelry, a fancy hat, and pearls. Have fun!!!


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