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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Mantel

I know that it is now Ocho de Mayo. But I never got the chance to share my Cinco de Mayo mantel prior to Cinco de Mayo.  So I am doing so now.

I've never decorated for Cinco de Mayo prior to this year. 

And I have never had this much color at one time in my house. I'm more of a black and white kind of girl.  I'm on color overload.  I love it! 

I first found some old frames in my frame stash and spray painted them blue or orange.  The green lanterns came from Target.  The plates & this mask came from Hobby Lobby.  The red & green bottles were originally found at a foreclosed house my hubby was cleaning out.  He put them in the backyard where I found them covered with dirt and grime.    Hubby cleaned them out for me using soapy water and some BB's.  

This mask came from Dollar Tree.  I don't know why I thought masks had anything to do with Cinco de Mayo.  Maybe it's the feathers.  The blue candle holders came from Tai Pan Trading last year or the year before.  The small red bottle was found in the backyard.  

The Cinco de Mayo banner was a free printable from Cakes likes a Party blog. 

I need to learn how to make my own.  But why should I when there are so many fabulous free printables out there in blog land? 

These candle holders came from Target's dollar spot.  Love the colors.  

I did make the colorful flower wreath.  All by myself.   And no, I did not take photos while making it.  Pretty easy as far as wreaths go.  I just spray painted a Dollar Tree wreath blue.  I already had a couple of the wreaths from Dollar Tree sitting in my garage. I then hot glued on different colored flowers and some Dollar Tree ribbon on the back to hang from. 

All my flowers came from Dollar Tree and/or Michaels (on clearance). I paid $5.00 total for all the different flowers.  I probably spent $10.00 total including the spray paint.   And I had enough of everything to make a 2nd wreath (larger) for my front door.  Which I haven't taken a photo of.  So 2 wreaths for $10 bucks.  Fast, easy and cheap.  My 3 favorite words when it comes to doing a craft project.  

And that my friends is my first Cinco de Mayo mantel.  Now I just need to buy a new plastic storage bin to store all my Cinco de Mayo stuff in.  And then find room in my attic for the box.  Not an easy task I'm afraid.  I might just have to purge something in order to make room.  Hard to do for a hoarder like me. 

Tomorrow I will share photos of my first ever Cinco de Mayo party.  Lots more color to come. 

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