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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Give Thanks!

It's that time of year when we think about giving thanks. We look at ourselves and those around us and decide, what am I really thankful for? Do I have a gratitude attitude?

I love this time of year, as it gives us a reason to really think about what is really important in our lives. The number one thing I am thankful for is: My family

Lucky for me, they are not too spooky.

For which I give thanks. So in honor of everything I am thankful for this holiday season, I made a new letter art sign that says: Give Thanks. Ever since I first made the "Family" sign, I've been hooked on taking photos of items around my house & yard in which to make letters. So my sign keeps transforming.

For my newest sign, I made the letters from the following:

Part of the railing from this plate rack became:

The letter: T
This trellis out in my backyard actually became 2 letters: H & K. See if you can spot them. I'll give you a little hint. You may have to turn your head sideways to see one of the letters.
Here is the "H". This is the letter you have to look sideways at the above photo to see.

And here is the "K". Did you find it in the trellis? When I used this same "K" for my "spooky" sign, I had quite a few comments that they didn't spot the "K". This is my favorite letter as Kim starts with K.
I cheated a little & used a letter "A" from my letter balls. In my "family" sign I used an Eiffel Tower for the "A", but for some reason when I tried using it for this sign, it looked more like an "I" and I was afraid everyone would think the sign said "Thinks" instead of "Thanks". Using this "A" leaves no doubt.
See? There is no mistaking this is suppose to be an "A".
I did the same thing for my "N". I couldn't find anything that looked like an "N" around my house, plus I was running out of time. So I snagged a letter "N" from this Vacation Memories sign in my hallway. My sister made this for me a few years back using photos from our family vacation to Snowbird Utah. And here is the "N". I thought it was extra nice that it has a photo of me & my hubby in the "N". As I am most definitely thankful for my hubby and our marriage.

And I already had the letter "S" from my spooky sign. This is where I got the "S", from my Shepard's hook. Makes a good "S".
For the "Give" part of my sign, I found a leaf image on google that I saved to Picasa (my photo editing software) and added the word "Give". I then printed it out on card stock & cut out the leaf. I used tape to attach it to the sign.

Put them all together & you get a fabulous "Give Thanks" sign.
I placed it on my mantel to take photos. Not sure if that is where it will stay. We'll see. For now, I'm kind of liking it there. But I also liked what I had there before as well.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed the metamorphosis of my ever changing letter art sign. You know I will be changing it out for Christmas as well. I was trying to think of a 6 letter word that would encompass Christmas. I was having a hard time, all I could think of was "Jingle" or "HoHoHo", when all of a sudden it hit me when I saw this sign that sits on top of my TV armoire:
What encompasses Christmas more than Christ? Nothing. He is the reason for Christmas. And I am so thankful for him and his sacrifice for all of us. So you know I will be posting my Christ letter art sign in a few weeks. I just need to find a letter "C". But that should be easy since my last name begins with "C".

Have any of you made your own letter art sign? If so, send me a link, I'd love to see what you've done.

And what are you most thankful for? Besides family, faith & friends, I am most thankful that I still have a job and a house to live in and food to eat. And that I have a computer & Internet so I can blog with you all.


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  1. Just awesome my friend...You always have the best posts here girl...Now I love the "Christ" and you are so right my friend he is the reason for the season...Many mountain hugs to ya....Gl♥ria

  2. Oh I love this! You've totally inspired me. I still have the letters "b o o" in 3 frames on my entry table! I think it's time to take those down, don't you? ha ha

  3. Those are SO neat! I saw photo letters like that for sale at a cute little specialty decor store here for $6 a letter!!! I LOVE yours! They're WAY WAY cute!!!! You've definitely inspired me...

  4. I love it!!! You are SO creative, how come I didn't get any of these genes?

  5. I love what you've done. Do you already have ideas for Christmas letters and a sign? Can't wait to see what's next.

  6. I loved your "Family" sign and I love the "Give Thanks" sign too! It looks great on your mantle and is perfect for the season! I think I mentioned before that my son had this project for his photo journalism class and we had more fun looking for letters in other objects. We created a THANKS card with some of his photos for his thank you notes last Christmas.

  7. Hi Kim

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice message.

    I know how tough it is to have a tight budget. We are in the same boat. I'm not crazy about the whole gift exchanging thing anyway. Just causes so much stress, and that takes alot of the joy away from what Christmas is REALLY supposed to be about.


  8. Me again,
    I forgot to tell you how cute your new "give thanks" picture turned out! You are sooo creative! Love how you added the the leaf to the top too! Love it!


  9. You are so smart! This turned out great! I love it. laurie

  10. You have really put a lot of thought into this stunning display and it was so worth it! It really is beautiful and full of meaning and significance.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  11. What a great one!! You had fun making that!! It looks wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Lisa

  12. Soooo fun! I tried doing this the first time I saw yours, and ended up in frustration after 2 lettes :( I'll make a go of it again sometime. I really like how you used the leaf on top for the 'give' part. Very cool and unique!

  13. Hi Kim,
    Today when I was out looking for a pair of winter boots I saw a crown and thought of you! I don’t care a hoot about gift giving; it’s being with family and friends that matter to me. I come from a big family, and we are spread out, so it’s rare to get together, and when we do it is special. Living overseas I saw how fortunate we are as Americans. We have our problems, but our country respects our human rights and I’m grateful for that.
    Wishing you the best,

  14. Love what you did with the letter photography! Fun!

  15. Kim I think I see an etsy store in your future


  16. i love all your letter art work. So beautiful!

  17. I love letter art. I took a ton of photos and started a few things, but I just never carried through to finish anything. You have inspired me with your beautiful work.

  18. An Etsy store??? Can I be your first customer? My husband loved the sign you made out of automobile parts, for your daughters boyfriend I think. I would be thrilled to hire you if you are available. Email me at if you are interested. I look forward to seeing the new sign. The "give thanks" is awesome. My mom always used to say that you can never go wrong, if you have a thankful, grateful heart. Thanks for a great post! Deborah & Hubs

  19. Great signs with meaning, finding the letters in different things is a great treasure hunt. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.