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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday Favorites-Setting the Mood

It's time for Sunday Favorites hosted by Chari at Happy to Design. She gives us the change to repost something from the past. This week I am am sharing a post that will hopefully get you in the mood for Thanksgiving.

I originally posted this on my family blog Manning Family Tree 11/25/08.

Thanksgiving is almost here. My mouth drools just thinking of all the yummy food to come. The turkey, the ham, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes and gravy, the yams, the corn, broccoli, green bean casserole, Thanksgiving jello salad, tossed salad, and let us not forget the pumpkin pie. And making their appearance for the first time this year, funeral potatoes (thanks to Danica). I'm getting hungry now. When is dinner?

The only thing that would make my Thanksgiving perfect would be Grandma Manning's rolls. I loved her rolls. I can just picture them now. Too bad I didn't inherit the cooking gene which is a good thing. Can you imagine how fat I really would be if I could make rolls or cook like Grandma M? We will have to settle for store bought rolls. Oh well, a girl can dream. Too bad Marti isn't coming to my house, she could make the rolls (she inherited the cooking gene I'm told.)

Food makes being with family all the more tolerable. Just kidding!!!! I love my family & I love any excuse to spend time with them, especially when it revolves around food. I just wish more family was coming for Thanksgiving. We will miss those of you that were invited that have chosen not to attend. You know who you are. But all is forgiven. I understand why you can't come and I won't take it personally. Just know that you will be missing out on some great food & great company!!!

I thought that since Thanksgiving is almost here, I would set the mood. We need something to get us in the mood for this day of thankfulness, family & food. So who better to set the right mood than Maxine.

So without any further ado, I give you MAXINE:

This is my personal favorite & one I can relate to:
Hope you had a good laugh. If Maxine doesn't set the mood, nothing will. And a word of warning to those of you who haven't figured out how to get out of coming to my house for Thanksgiving, expect to be amazed, unless I don't get my house cleaned on time, then expect the normal. You know how I procrastinate.



  1. Good Morning Kim,
    I did get a good laugh and I think I should copy some of those Maxine cards and display them at my house at Thanksgiving. I volunteered to have Thanksgiving at my house this year and my family knows I am not a cook. They are already giving me trouble about it (good natured of course). Thanks for my early morning laugh!

  2. Good post! I chuckled at Maxine. Have a great Thanksgiving.


  3. Kim, I loved the post today, especially the Maxine jabs, I mean jokes! Making rolls is really very easy...I have a great recipe if you would like it.

  4. This is just the funniest. Love Maxine. Hugs, Marty

  5. Oh Kim - - - that bikini clad turkey is disturbing!!! Very funny and very disturbing!!!!

  6. Hey Girlfriend...

    Ohhh yea...I am sooo ready for Thanksgiving! Not all of the hard work and cooking but I DO love the eating part! It's so funny because each time I do the "whole nine yards" I always wonder why I don't fix those dishes more often because I really do love them! Just for instance...turkey! It's really an inexpensive meat and once cooked...we can eat days off of it! (which means no more cooking for awhile...hehe!)

    Loved all of the Maxine funnies...she's my hero! Hehe! I just got such a kick out of reading them all...thank you, my friend...for the laughs today! I also cracked up when I read Keetha's comment about the bikini clad turkey! I have to is very disturbing...hehe!

    Thank you again, my friend...for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites...I loved your post!!!

    Have a super Sunday!

  7. Oh yes, those made me laugh! She's really a riot! The turkey is...interesting LOL!


  8. I have to say that while Maxine was funny that turkey was a howl. Did you actually make that and, if so, what was the family reaction?