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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekly Thrifty Finds

I can't seem to get up early enough on Saturday morning to hit the local yard sales. I like to sleep in & get my beauty sleep (so far it's not working too well). Shopping at thrift stores fits my schedule much better.

I just love shopping at thrift stores. You never know what you will find. That is the most fun part. And getting stuff for pretty cheap isn't half bad either.

Today I am sharing this past weeks thrift store loot.

My favorite find of the week is this Lefton plate. I love it!!!! It was $4.00 and in perfect condition. And it matches a tea cup & saucer that I already have.

When I was in the thrift store I couldn't read the makers mark. I thought it said "Made in China". I knew it looked a lot like the tea cup & saucer I had a home. I just thought it was a "Lefton China" knockoff. But when I got it home and got it cleaned up I was able to read that it was actually "Lefton China". It was the real thing.

I just love a pink & green color palette. And I love, love, love hand painted roses.

My next favorite find is this glass dome. It is huge!!!! And it was only $2.50. I'm going to make it a cloche or I might just make a hanging lamp out of it. I haven't quite decided yet. I really don't need another cloche, but I couldn't pass it up. Did I tell you it is huge?

The problem with thrift store shopping is that I tend to buy stuff I already have. I can't seem to pass up something I like even if I already have it.

Take this candle holder (I guess that is what it is). I already have the exact same one. But it's great for placing a decorative ball on it. It was only $1.00. And since I love the one I already have, what's the harm in having two?

And candlesticks. I already have a bazillion. But I love to pick up ones that are a little different from what I already have. They make great bases for making cake plates. This one was $1.00.

Plus my niece is getting married in August and the original plans were to use a bunch of candlesticks on each table. So I've been using that as an excuse for buying more candlesticks. Except I just found out that we can't use tapers at the place the reception will be. They only allow tea lights and/or votives. What??? Tea lights and votives aren't as romantic as tapers.

Even though we don't need candlesticks for my nieces wedding. I couldn't pass up these 2 tall ones. They were $3.00 for the pair. Oh well, I guess I will just have to add them to my candlestick collection.

I know, I know, enough with the candlesticks. But I love finding old brass ones. You can paint them up any color you want. And at $1.00 a piece you don't have to feel guilty. These will be painted blue hopefully by this weekend.

I guess I have too many collections. I now have 3 of these glass compotes. So now I have a collection. Why do I need three? And why do I need a new collection? But for $2.50, I couldn't pass it up.

One of my newest collections has been milk glass vases. But then I saw on someones blog painted vases and I knew I needed some. So I found me some clear glass vases for 50 cents each. I'm going to try painting these blue this weekend as well. And if they don't turn out, it really won't matter as they were cheap. But if they do turn out (which I'm expecting they will), I'll have something new to decorate with and blog about.

Another of my collections is cherubs. These were only $1.50 each. I really only needed one, but two is always better than one. That way I have one to keep and one to sell or giveaway.

Next is lamps. I love lamps. I have a lamp obsession (but then, what don't I have an obsession with). I have no idea where I will use this vintage glass lamp. It was only $3.00. I got it for 1/2 price. Would you have passed it up? I didn't think so.

Besides my collections, we have seasonal decorating to think about when shopping at thrift stores. These next few items I picked up for 4th of July decorating.

This small creamer has an eagle and stars on it. It's perfect for patriotic decorating. Plus this one is a double winner. I also collect white creamers and pitchers. This was 50 cents.

I also couldn't resist these 3 glasses or jars or what ever they are. They have stars around the rim.
I think I am going to put a candle in each one. I love the stars. So patriotic. They were 50 cents a piece.

So there you have this past weeks thrifty finds. Hopefully I will show you later how I used my thrifty finds. Right now my biggest problem is where am I going to put this stuff. I really need to get rid of some of my old stuff. I guess it is time to start selling on eBay again. Or maybe open up an Etsy store. Don't worry, I'll let you know.

Thanks for stopping by. What thrifty things did you find this week?

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  1. I love the plate, it's beautiful! I also really like the lamp too! Great finds!

  2. I love all your thrifty finds. I'll take one of those cherub holders. And I love the white pitcher with the stars.


  3. Wonderful finds! The prices are great there!

  4. I agree it is so hard to pass up great finds at great prices. I do a few yard sales but I love my Thrifts!! I think the plate is gorgeous and what a great find. My other fav is the glass lamp. Now that is beautiful!

  5. Wow, those are some awesome finds! I hate getting up early on the weekends so I rarely make to yard sales. I'd rather pay a few pennies more and go to the thriftstored. Love, love that fab lamp!


  6. Good for you! I love all your finds! I need to start thinking about seasonal....that way I can buy more...great idea!! Love your plate and lamp!

  7. You sound just like me....too many collections but still can't pass on an item if the price is right!! You made some great purchases. I'm interested in how painting the vases turns out.
    Love the banner and red, white and blue theme on the blog.

  8. Great finds. That is an amazing price on the glass dome!!! Happy shopping, Connie

  9. I need to come shop with you ~ you always find the greatest stuff! I'd be happy with just the plate or the cloche, not to mention the eagle creamer!! Good going!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  10. I love it all, but especially, the vintage glass lamp. That would have come home with me for sure. Yes I am drooling over your treasures.

  11. Love the plate. I also collect Milk glass vases-I think I am up to 10 or 11 now! And I would use those glass jar things with the stars for 4th of July and fill them with sangria!

  12. This is a sad confession - but I am so jealous of your eagle creamer and star glasses! They are so stinkin' cute and perfect for the Fourth of July. I'm afraid if we'd been at the same thrift store we might have come to blows over those! LOL

    Great eye! Can't wait to see it all decorated.

  13. Wow! I need to go shopping with you!