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Monday, November 29, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. At least on my mantel.

So what did you do over the Thanksgiving weekend?

My plan was to stay home and decorate all weekend. Except for Thanksgiving day, when my plan was to eat, eat and eat some more. Oh, and visit with family.

So how did I do? Well, for Thanksgiving I deserve an "A+". I did visit with family and I ate, a lot. But for the rest of the weekend. I'd give myself a "C".

Instead of decorating like I should have been. I decided to go shopping instead. It's kind of hard to shop when you don't have much money. But that is exactly why I shopped on Friday and Saturday instead of decorating. The deals were too good to pass up.

Too bad that the only person I bought any presents for was, well, ME. But don't you think I deserve it?

Plus, I knew I had Sunday to get all my decorating done.

So here it is Monday, and did I get all my decorating done? You betcha.

Nah, I'm fibbing. I got most of my family room decorated. But not the living room, nor is my tree up. And the family room floor and my dining room table is a complete disaster. But my mantel is done.

Well, it's at least presentable enough for the mantel party over at Layla's. I'm sure I will be tweaking it in the weeks to come. But for now, it passes.

The inspiration for this years Christmas decor came by way of the thrift store. See those blue/silvery bells hanging from the ribbon? I found a package of 6 of them for less than a dollar. Not sure if they are vintage. They are at least, vintage looking.

So I decided to go with a cooler color palette of blue & silver.

The taller mercury glass candle holder came from Marshall's. I got it on clearance a few years ago. The base broke the first night I had it up. It seems that I ran hot water over the bottom trying to get off the price sticker. The sticker came off OK, but I guess since the mantel was cold it cracked & broke the bottom. I didn't notice it until the next morning. Lucky for me, the candle holder didn't fall over & break into a bazillion pieces. And hubby glued it all back together for me. Did you notice that I forgot to take photos of the broken pieces and what it looks like now that it is glued together? Let's say it isn't pretty, so I'm hiding it from view.

The two smaller mercury glass candle holders came from Big Lots a few years back. I just placed them on top of some glass candlesticks that I had. That way they looked more like the tall one I had. Now they look almost like they came in a set. But they didn't.

The large plastic snowflake came from Dollar Tree. I've had them for a couple of years as well.

I layered my frame over the mirror. I hung my book page wreath with some pretty ribbon I picked up at Michael's this weekend. Ribbon was like 60% off and I had a coupon to get an additional 20% off my entire purchase. Including sale items. Yipee! I love sales like that.

I added my thrift store bells and a "Merry Christmas" glitter sign that came from I think Walmart, last year. I think they have them again this year.

I have a couple of these mercury glass candle holders with etched snowflakes. I think I got them at Target a couple of years ago.

The "faux" greenery came from Michael's this past weekend. Sale item!!

I added a wide burlap ribbon underneath everything.

More mercury glass and silver on the left side. I just got the two candle holders at Kohl's this weekend. The taller one was on 75% off clearance. The smaller one was 50% off. The silver Christmas tree came from Marshall's or Home Goods a few years back.

I actually planned on using 3 candle sticks here. I had purchased a mercury glass candlestick last year at Target on after Christmas clearance. But I couldn't remember how tall it was. I thought it was shorter than it ended up actually being. It was the same height as my taller one I just got at Kohl's. Looked too funny having two the same height. So I changed one out for the tree instead.

And I was going to wrap my candles with some Christmas music. But I ran out of time.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I just hope that we don't have an earthquake or that someone doesn't bump the mantel.

I'd hate for all my purdy shiny mercury glass to come crashing down.

It would not make for a very happy Christmas, or Kim. Luckily the bells are not glass as I already dropped one on the tile and luckily it did not break.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the crystal garland. It came from Tai Pan Trading on Black Friday. They had a killer deal on Friday. Spend $50.00 and they give you back a $20.00 gift card (which you could go right back in & spend), plus a free mixing bowl set. Plus 20% off on all Christmas ornaments. Sweet!

I'll show you later what else I bought at Tai Pan. Plus I'll share photos I took at the store.

I still need to add my Christmas stockings. But that would require me making them. Hopefully I get them done before Christmas. As we don't want to use last years stockings again.

Now be sure to visit the hostesses of the linky party(s) below to say thanks and to get more holiday inspiration.

But before you go, let me know what you think of my Christmas mantel.

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  1. Kim, your vignettes are some of my very favorites...the blue and vintage and burlap and mercury glass....*sigh* SO perfect!

  2. You always create the most beautiful mantel displays and this one is no exception. I've visited three blogs tonight that have pictured their mantels and there is a common theme....simple and elegant! Love your color scheme.

  3. What a pretty mantel and that blue and the bells look vintage to me. I am doing my mantel in white and silver...still looking for angel hair. My mom used it when I was a girl and I am not finding it anywhere.

  4. What a gorgeous Christmas mantle display!!!

  5. Love your mantel! Looks great! I really like the blues and greens sometimes it is fun to get away from the red and the green ♥ Can't wait to see all your goodies!

    Hugs, Lisa

  6. Your mantle is beautiful! It looks like it came out of a vintage home, another time frame, a lovely place that we imagine as home.

  7. So very pretty ... I could sit there with a cuppa and enjoy the beauty and soft lights. You certainly have a decorating flare.

  8. gorgeous! i'm loving the colors you used, i'm going that route myself this year using the turquoise accessories i have year round. i like that blue can be used for xmas, too. your mantle looks fab, and great finds at kohls!

  9. Your mantel is beautiful Kim. I love that blue and silver!

    Thanks for coming by.

  10. That's so sweet...I love it:)

  11. Oh so very pretty! Looks timeless. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Good enough! Woman it is gorgeous! Love the silver with the blue such a classy combination.

  13. Kim, it looks beautiful! Of course,I loe your palette & you're right, it's the in color this year. I had picked up some of mine last year after Christmas & only bought a couple of extras. I'm really loving the freshness this year.

    Love all your pretty things you brought together, so sparkly. That bookpage wreath is so pretty too, makes me want to make one.

  14. Your mantel is beautiful!!! I love the blue with the mercury glass! I've got blue and mercury glass in my living room Christmas decor as well.

  15. Looks great! I love the sparkly elements! So beautiful.

  16. Well although you didn't get everything done, this looks fantastic! I always love to see your thrifty bargains, because that's how I like to shop too. It's so pretty! Can't wait to see what you do next.
    Cheers, Andrea

  17. Vintage loveliness!
    I just love the wreath layered over that old mirror and frame! Yum!
    I stole, ahem, copied a few pictures from this post--is that okay with you?
    I have not even started decorating yet. Tomorrow, I think.
    P.S. Yes, once in a while we deserve to go shopping--it's better than therapy for me--probably cheaper, too!

  18. Your mantel is gorgeous. I am a huge fan of mercury glass. I think those bells are vintage. I have some from the 50's and they look very similar to those.

  19. It looks absolutely lovely! Seems like blue and silver are the way to go this year!

  20. well it looks like your shopping this weekend was worth it cause your mantel looks great!! love the mercury glass!

  21. Kim it looks fantastic, I say A++! :) The bells look so cute over the wreath, and all the layers. Great job!

  22. Hi Kim,
    Love those blues this year. It all came together beautifully. I'm really liking your wreath too.

    Well, I just love it all!

  23. This is absolutely gorgeous!
    Love the colors!

  24. Hi Kim,
    Your mantle is beautiful! I am DYING over the book page wreath - did you make this or purchase it? I would love to have one.

  25. Gotta love TaiPan Trading! My favorite of the mantel is the layered picture frames with the book wreath and the sparkly Merry Christmas and bells.

  26. It's one of the prettiest i've seen! Love it!


  27. Kim, I love these soft colors for your Christmas mantel. What a wonderful find those bells were, and you could leave those out through New Year's. I love the way you layered the frame over the mirror - great idea! It all looks so pretty. Your mantel mosaic in your header looks beautiful too. laurie

  28. I have to tell you I love this mantel sooo much. The combination of the frames and the wreath and the mercury glass and the vintage aqua bells. I would have snapped those up at the thrift store too. It's just beautiful.

  29. Well I love it!! I think you did great and that wreath is amazing. Super photography as well!

  30. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! Love the bells and the book page wreath is FABULOUS!

    Merry Christmas!

    Lou Cinda