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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall has finally arrived at my house

I have been so lazy this year when it comes to decorating my house. I usually decorate for fall in September. Then take it all down to put up Halloween. Then take Halloween down & put back up the fall decor for Thanksgiving. And then take that all down & put up Christmas.

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it.

This year I decided to simplify. Which in lazy man's terms (or lazy girl in my instance), translates to "not decorating for fall in September". Instead I opted to decorate early for Halloween.

My original plan was to not decorate for fall at all. Hey, that rimes.

Normally we have Thanksgiving at my house each year. But this year, my sister in law wants to host Thanksgiving. So I did the happy dance as I would not be required to clean my house or decorate for Thanksgiving.

I might even be able to get an early start on my Christmas decorating.

But I was feeling like fall and Thanksgiving had been forgotten. So instead of bringing down the boxes, and boxes, and boxes of Christmas decor. I decided that my house needed to be "fall-a-fied" instead.

So finally, Fall has arrived at my house.

I didn't want to drag down my boxes of Fall/Thanksgiving stuff (again the lazy person won out). I decided to get down just a few things & to use stuff I already had around my house.

I didn't have to change up much on this shelf. I took off the "spooky" labels from the bottles. And added a fall wreath to one of the bottles. Instant FALL. The wreath is actually a portion of some fall garland I bought at Michael's a few years back. I like it hanging from the bottle.

Took the black spider web lace off the pumpkin. Placed a Thanksgiving image in a small frame. Actually the Thanksgiving print sits in this frame all year round. It usually sits behind a vintage rose print. But I just switch the prints around when Thanksgiving rolls around each year.

Easy, simple changes.

Next we will move onto the little cabinet that sits at the end of my kitchen cabinets.

I changed out the empty white frame for this cream one that has been on the mantel. I just placed it the other direction. I also used the book page wreath I made. I've hung it from some brown damask ribbon from Walmart.

I haven't changed out the letter balls from the apothecary jar in awhile. But they seem to work for every holiday. I will be changing them out for Christmas though. I found some Christmas balls with Christmas words I will be using instead.

The ironstone pitcher came from the thrift store awhile back. I placed a vintage wooden tape measure inside that I got from the thrift store last week for 50 cents. It is missing a few sections, but I don't care. Except that there isn't enough sections to make a Christmas star. But I do have another one that will work. And I added another fall/Thanksgiving print.

On the left side I just added a couple of grape vine balls that I've had. I needed something to go under the cloche & these 2 balls fit perfectly. I added a fall wreath around the base.

Here is a close up of the fall print I printed out from my image collection. The frame came from Walmart years ago. They came in a set of 2 frames for 99 cents. They are small, but the perfect size for adding a small print wherever I need one.

This wreath has been one of my most favorite projects this year. I haven't grown tired of it yet.

Now we will move on to the top of my TV armoire. I didn't have to change out much from my Halloween decor.

I did change out the Halloween subway art for this Thanksgiving/fall one. It was a free printable from Betty Crocker Wannabe. I just adore you gals who make up this stuff & then give it to us for free. You are my idols.

To my birdcage I added some more of my grape vine balls & then added a white pumpkin on top. I replaced a Halloween print with a big copper pumpkin. Both the pumpkins came from Target last year.

Nothing changed on this side from what I had going on for Halloween.

I had planned on hanging paper leaves from the sticks every day with something I am thankful for. But the lazy person in me said, Nah! Besides, now it is the 15th & I would have to do too much thinking to come up with 15 things I am grateful for in one day.

Not that I don't have at least 15 things I am thankful for. It would just tax my little old brain too much to do it all at once. At least that is what the lazy person inside me keeps saying.

Oh well, maybe next year.

I did get my mantel & china hutch decorated for fall as well. Well, almost. I have a few more things I want to tweak. It just depends if I can get my lazy butt off the couch to do it. But then, Dancing with the Stars is on tonight.

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  1. Oh my! After your Halloween decorating-I don't think you are lazy at all! I just have a few pumpkins around. I kinda decorated for Halloween way back in Sept. for my Open House. Plus I decorated my booth too. I just changed over the booth to Christmas and at home we are just going to put a little tree out and the stockings. My reasoning is I'm having surgery 2 days after Christmas and I know I won't feel like cleaning it up-so hubby and the kids will and I don't want to hear all the complaining! LOL We are keeping it simple this year!

    Can't wait to see what you roll out for Christmas!


  2. I love it all Kim. A light touch of fall but just the right touch. That very first picture is my favorite. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Great vignettes. Love the first one with that mirror and the old bottles. Great subway art and love your white creamers and pitchers.

  4. Kim,
    I'm so lovin' those white creamers and pitchers...I need more to add to my small collection!


  5. I love it all! ... Love all the white with just the right touches of 'fall'.

  6. This looks great, Kim! I do the same thing, Fall, Halloween, Fall again, then Christmas. I do the same with prints in frames and why not, the frame is only needed for the holidays so why not use it for as many as you can. I agree, I love the generous bloggers who share those printables. I found someone as well and used two of hers already, love 'em! Finally, I love your idea of the grapevine balls under the cloche. I have a cloche I made out of an old dome clock and could use a new idea for it; I have some moss balls that I got at Michaels that might work, so thank you for that! : )

  7. I think everything looks so pretty! It has a touch of "simplified," but very creative! Great job!

    I'm still doing my fall decorating too, keep moving things around!


  8. I like all your simple fall changes...I kind of did the same thing on some of my tabletops...put away a witch and replaced with a turkey! All this dragging out boxes for each season or holiday can sure get old.

  9. I can relate on not decorating for every holiday and season...I am lazy, too, Kim! I love that apothecary jar filled with the lettered balls, but my favorite is the little wreath you made last's made with pages from a book, right?
    I won't be doing any Christmas decorating this year seeing we will be in Vermont this year...and I was going to do everything in aqua and silver, guess it will wait until next year.

  10. I love the Fall decorating you did. You have a real knack for vignettes! I like your white pitchers, they're so versatile, love versatile! Mary :O)

  11. Wow, how beautiful. Every vignette is stunning. So much eye candy and such lovely displays. I really like how unique and beautiful every one is. You do have some beautiful things and they are arranged in such a lovely manner. Stunning. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. Have you considered a career in decorating or decorating for the holidays? That's how good I think you are, Kim. Each vignette is just drool-worthy!

  13. Kim, it all looks lovely. Doesn't look like you've been lazy to me. Each vignette is perfect! Absolutely love your group of white pitchers. ~ sarah

  14. Boy! For somebody that claims she didn't do much, you certainly made your mark. Everything looks great. I love those letter balls in the apothocary. Where'd they come from?

  15. I love how you used my printable! Thanks for linking back!

  16. Lovely. I can imagine the comfort of relaxing with a cup of tea among your decorations. Looks so cozy.

  17. As someone who doesn't decorate at all for holidays, I am impressed. Last month I got as far as bringing out a Halloween wreath, but didn't find the hanger until November 1st. Maybe I should start planning for Valentine's Day, and then maybe...nah.