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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween is Over? Tell me it isn't so.

Another Halloween has come & gone. Time to move onto Thanksgiving. But before we start dreaming of turkey, I want to take one final look back at Halloween.

In my true procrastination style, I didn't decorate outdoors for Halloween until 2pm on Halloween. Lucky for me, my niece came over to help decorate and to help pass out candy to the trick or treaters.

Here is a looksy at my Halloween front porch & yard.

I just brought out a bunch of candles. Nothing is spookier than candles.

I used my dry erase pen to draw spider webs on a couple of lanterns.

Hung my bird cage.

As well as my candelabra.

I did manage to scrounge up a couple of pumpkins. Just never had time to carve them. So now they will become part of my Thanksgiving decor.

Even my fountain was gross & grungy. Perfect for Halloween.

Here we have the tomb of the unknown spook.

Brought out a couple of chairs to sit & wait for the little spooks to appear.

The pathway is lit awaiting their arrival.

Warned the public to turn back.

Now where are those little goblins? Time to get this party started.

I guess we need a queen aka my niece, to summon the trick or treaters.

The magical time has finally arrived.

If you offer candy, they will come.

The prospect of receiving treats lures them to our web.

Like a moth to the flame.

The hypnotic sights and sounds of the night have them in our power.

Trick or Treat? Lucky for you. We only give treats.

Happy Halloween!


Here are a couple of videos from our Halloween night. The first is a video tour of my yard & porch. The second video is of a DVD that we show in our front window using a DVD from Hallowindow and a projector. It is always the hit of the neighborhood.


  1. Hi Kim...

    Ohh my it is nearly 2am and I can't sleep so I'm blogging! Hehe! I just seen your post pop I'm guessing that you aren't sleeping either?

    Well Darlin', I always...always love coming to your place for halloween! No one does it better than you! Hmmm...for sure did put on a spread! Ohh my decorated your entire porch to be a little room in a haunted mansion! I love it! Each and every detail was sooo perfect! Love all the candles, lanterns, and that fabulous candelabra!! Okay...a chandelier??? Girl, you are the decorating Queen of Halloween! Simply fabulous! I bet all the trick-or-treaters had a GRAND time at your place! By the way, your neice is sooo cute in her Queen costume! Love, love, LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing your halloween with us, dear friend! This was definitely a TREAT!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Wow, Kim you went all out for waiting till the last minute. Looks so good. I love the idea of drawing the web on the glass. Such a cute, I mean spooky entry!!

  3. Great decorations! You do Halloween right! I never did decorate my front porch for Halloween. I had good intentions but never got around to it....guess I'll just wait till Christmas now.
    Looking forward to seeing how you decorate for Christmas.

  4. Wow...wished I lived in your neighborhood for trick or treat! Great videos.
    What a cool Halloween entryway, that bird cage with the crow/raven is fantastic, probably my favorite of everything...also love the candelier.

  5. Kim, You do up Halloween better than anyone in blogland!!! What fun and ingenuity, girl. Love the crow in the birdcage.....
    ~ Sue

  6. Once again I have to say that I love your style! The first video wouldn't play for me, but the second one is so awesome. I would love to live across the street from you!

  7. I'm sure the kids loved visiting your home. All your decorations are amazing and fun. Thanks for sharing the videos. ~ sarah

  8. I love your little area where you wait for the youngsters to arrive. I didn't do a whole lot outside. Now I need to bring it back in. But it's raining!

  9. What a wonderful display you put together. You have to be the hit of the neighborhood (town/city). Your creativity and fun are amazing. Great job! I can't wait to see what you do for the rest of the holidays. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I went through all your Halloween posts and loved them all! You are so clever! I especially enjoyed your videos. It must be fun to trick or treat at your house. I wanted to ask you what you used for the oil rubbed bronze paint. I am redoing my bathroom with those types of fixtures and I wanted to do some accessory pieces. The frame you did has a bronze look where you aged it, can you tell me your process. I look forward to next Halloween with you. Thankful for blogging friends, ♥Joan