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Sunday, December 12, 2010

All my Christmas decor in one post

Since Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I better post all my Christmas decor in one post. So I am warning you in advance, lots of photos to follow.

All of the following decor is in my family room/kitchen. I still haven't decorated my living room yet. But I am not doing much in there. So hopefully I'll get it done this week.

We will start off with my fireplace mantel.

I've already shared my mantel with you in two different posts. If you missed them you can see more here and here.

I like the tweaked version the best.

Next is the table behind my sofa. This is where I decided to show off my nativity this year.

I picked up the brown paper shred filler at Dollar Tree. My husband loves how it looks with the addition of the filler.

This nativity means a lot to me. My mom painted it as a gift for my Grandmother many years ago. When my grandmother passed away, the nativity was gifted to me. So it has a lot of good memories attached to it.

I changed out the pictures in the frame that hangs above. I decided to go with vintage angel prints. Luckily I've picked up some CD's off of eBay over the years that have tons of vintage images. If you are not so lucky, you can usually find great vintage royalty free images over at The Graphics Fairy.

Here is a shot at night.

This cabinet sits at the end of my kitchen cabinets. I posted about this area already as well. But I have since tweaked it since originally posting about it.

I added another pine cone to this cloche and a blue mercury glass acorn I picked up at Walmart while on vacation.

I also added this sweet little angel bell I picked up at an antique store in Phoenix on vacation for $1.00. She was just too sweet to pass up. Plus I loved her color. I also added some prisma shred.

Next is my china hutch.

I found a set of vintage Christmas deer salt and pepper shakers while on vacation last week. I've been obsessed with finding some vintage deer since I saw some on a blog (sorry I can't remember whose blog I saw them on that started my obsession). I was sooooo happy I found some while on vacation. I paid $10.00 for the set.

You can see the other deer on the right hand side. I decided to just use some of my plain white dishes this year. I have probably 4 or 5 different sets of Christmas dishes. But decided to go with a white theme this year.

I know I've already shared my apothecary jars and my cloches in the cloche party post. But I did add this Joy ornie to the middle jar since then. I'm always tweaking things.

If you want to see more up close and personal photos of my cloches, you can find the post here.

The vintage angels on the middle shelf are a reminder of my childhood. My mom had a set just like this when I was a kid. So when I found this set at the thrift store last year, I had to buy it. The boy angel is suppose to have a music box inside, but it was broken off. So now he is shorter than the girl. I placed him on a stack of mirrored coasters to make him the right height to kiss the girl.

This is my white trunk. I got the large tray at a thrift store. Makes it so much easier to display things now that the surface is level. I added a bunch of cloches that I already showed you in the cloche party. The Happy Holidays glass block was a gift from a friend a few years back. The little wire Christmas tree with the hanging snowflakes on the right side came from Tai Pan Trading a few weeks back.

I placed a small cloche from an antique store inside a larger cloche.

I did the same thing with this cloche. The smaller snowman cloche/ornie came from TJ Maxx a few weeks back. I placed it on a candlestick to give it some height & surrounded him with his own forest of white bottle brush trees. Then placed everything under a larger glass cloche.

And here is the same area all lit up at night. The cloche on the right in the back sits on a glass block that has an opening. I placed a set of Christmas lights inside to make it glow. The lighted star on the left is actually a tree topper I've had for numerous years. I've never used it on a tree though.

This shelf sits right above the white trunk to it's right. You can read more and see more pics of this area in this post here. I did add some "faux" snow to the shelf since I last posted about it.

I strung some silver glitter letters on some tinsel that I got at Dollar Tree in their wrapping paper & bow section. Hung it across this mirror.

Here is a cloche that didn't make it in my cloche party post. I just got the vintage scene from the thrift store this weekend for $1.00. I did add the snowman and the 2 green bottle brush trees.
But everything else came together. This cloche is sitting on the end table next to my couch.

The little scene came with the elf, the deer and the white bottle brush tree. They were sitting on a bed of cotton batting with angel hair. Remember angel hair? I sure wish you could still get it, or something equally as fabulous. The wooden snowman is actually an ornie that I found at an antique store in Phoenix on vacation. It was $1.00. I already had the green bottle brush trees. And the cheese dome and the white plate.

On the same end table I have a lamp that sits on a big dictionary. I added this double frame with a couple of vintage images from one of my vintage image CD's. I added the vintage pink angel. I found a package of 6 angels (all exactly alike) at the thrift store on Saturday for $1.00. I was totally into finding vintage Christmas stuff while on vacation this past week.

I finally got my tree put up today. Took me most of the afternoon and evening to finish it. I'm happy with how it turned out. I just adore a white & silver tree. I've had it this way for the past few years. I did add a few new things this year.

One of the new things are these glittered stars. They originally came from the Dollar Tree, but they didn't look anything like this. They were actually blue and red and had a cartoon Santa or Snowman painted on them. I spray painted them Heirloom white and they glittered them up with some Martha Stewart crystal tinsel glitter and some ice glitter. I love how they turned out.

See the crystal garland? That is a new addition this year. I picked it up a few years back from Target, but I have never used it until this year. Don't know why, as I love it. I also love this Santa ornament.

This unicorn ornament is my most favorite. I've had it since I was a teenager back in the 70's. I was so into unicorns then. I still am. And see that silver glitter ribbon? It is new this year as well. I picked up a spool of this ribbon at a Goodwill in Phoenix on vacation for $2.99. The spool said the ribbon originally cost $25.00. One spool was enough to go around my tree 4 times. They actually had 3 spools of this ribbon, but I only bought one. Now I am wishing I would have gotten at least one more. Oh well.

Here is my coffee table vignette. The silver deer and sleigh came from Bombay Co store a few years back. It was a clearance item as one of the deer's antlers was broken. Hubby tried welding it back on. Not one of his finer jobs. But at least it has held. I filled the sleigh with small silver and mercury glass ornaments.

I added some of my new silver glitter ribbon around the two candles to give them some bling. The larger mercury glass candle holder came from Target on clearance last year. The shorter silver candle holder was a thrift store find.

This is my TV armoire. I got the believe sign on clearance last year (I think from Target). I did just add some crystal tinsel glitter to it. The blue garland came from Walmart this year.

On top I have a set of 3 twig deer. Last year I saw the ones that Pottery Barn was selling & knew I had to have them. I found mine from ABC Distributing last year for $5.00 for the set of 3.

I just found the twig sleigh at Kohl's this year. I got mine while on vacation using my Kohl's cash.

I hung some Dollar Tree snowflakes to my branches.

And finally we have my kitchen. At least one section of my kitchen. The peace sign came from Tom's Farms a couple of years ago. I love how the silver glitter has tarnished.

My new Christmas collection is Santa mugs. Most of mine came from the thrift store. I did find 2 small (mini) mugs at two different antique stores in Phoenix. The small one on the right above is one of those finds. It cost me $1.00.

The plates came from Dollar Tree last year. And the snowflake came from Kohl's last year. I just glitterfied it as well with crystal tinsel glitter.

In my plate rack I have 3 thrift store ironstone plates. I taped to each a paper plate that came from Target. I had planned on adding letters to each to spell out JOY. But haven't had the time yet.

This little elf I found at a Savers thrift store while on vacation in Phoenix. I paid $2.00 for him. Thought he was adorable. The mug came from Joann Fabrics a couple of years ago. The vintage candy canes came from an antique store last Christmas.

Here is the other mini Santa mug I got while on vacation. I did pay $3.00 for this one. This is another cloche that I didn't get done in time to share for the cloche party. The little Christmas girl bell came from the thrift store last year. I paid a dollar for her.

The two egg nog cups and the Santa bell where vacation finds as well. I found the cups at 2 different antique stores. I paid $2.50 for one and $3.00 for the other. The Santa was $1.00. I placed him under a cloche that I made from a vintage light cover.

I placed these vintage looking ornaments in one of my glass jars. I got them from a Goodwill in Phoenix for 99 cents. I don't think they are actually vintage, just made to look like it. But that works for me.

Whew! That was a lot to look at. If you made it to the end, I have to give you props. You are a serious decor blogger.

Now I better finish up & get to bed. It's almost 1:30am here in SoCal and I have to get up early to go back to work. My vacation is officially over. Boo hoo.

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  4. Wow! Your decor is amazing. I love your mantel and over the top tree. Beautiful!

  5. So beautiful. I love all of your decorations, they are all wonderful. The cloches of course stole my heart and your Nativity is absolutely stunning. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

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  10. Thanks Kim, for the excellent adventure that you have put together, showing us through your creative detail. Loved every minite of it!

  11. Hi Kim, I'm stopping by from The Nester's place...beautiful decorating and yes, I finished reading the whole post:) I loved how you wrapped the candle with ribbon so I copied and wrapped a glass container with silver ribbon...looks great, thanks!

  12. Your decorations are just beautiful! The nativity is so special, how great that your mom made it and you have it now-enjoy:@)

  13. Oh, I enjoyed seeing all this! I just love your style, you always come up with so many unusual designs!

    Can you believe I posted three times today! I hope you will come see all of them!


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    Happy Holidays!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

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    Angelic Accents

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    Shelia ;)

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  37. Hi Kim...

    Ohhh my goodness gracious, Girlfriend...your home is absolutely gorgeous...SPECTACULAR...all dressed up for Christmas!!! As I started looking though your beautiful photos I kept thinking that this could be a magazine spread for Romantic Homes!!! Seriously!!! I just loved each and every thing that you did! This Christmas tour is one of my favorites this year!!! Ohhh...I don't even know where to start...I'm afraid that I will leave something out! Hehe! I love, love, LOVE how you decorated your mantel!!! Of course, I just adore the mercury glass trees...sooo pretty! By the way...your mantel sure made for a gorgeous blog's stunning! You had me at the header photo...hehe!

    Love, love, LOVE all of your pretty cloches! Ohhh...and I just found the ones that you did...the cloches within the cloches...totally awesome! You rocked it all the way, Darlin'! Ohhh...your tree is just breathtaking! I really do love the creamy white and pretty! That silver glitter ribbon that you found is beautiful! Yes, I would have loved getting my hands on some of that...wished that you had bought the other spools as well! wink! Girlfriend, I just loved that photo of your tree. It's the first time that I've seen that part of your room...with the wall of windows! It's gorgeous and I love how you added all the pretty white pitchers to the ledges of the upper windows!!! Kim, you really do have a talented "eye" for design and decorating!!! I also really enjoyed all of your vintage Christmas pretties...they're awesome!!! Using all of them in your decor just takes me back in time! Your home looks like it came out of a "bygone" time...I love it!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your awesome home with us...this Christmas tour has been such a treat and like I said's one of my favorites in Blogland! And...I'm not just saying that! You did soooo GOOD, my friend!!!

    Well my dear, I really do apologize at being so late to get by for a visit! I just seem to get slower and slower these days and I'm finding it more and more difficult to do my decorating...then blogging about it...and getting around to everyone. I really hate that! Anyway, I'm so glad that I made it to your place...this really was such a treat!!! If I don't see you before Christmas...wishing you and your sweet family a very Merry Christmas! May the Lord bless you and your gracious home with His love, peace, and joy!!!

    Love ya, sweet friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

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