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Monday, December 20, 2010

Thrifty Christmas finds

I can't believe how fast Christmas is coming this year. Seems like yesterday it was Halloween.

My most favorite part of Christmas is the decor. This year I picked up a bunch of Christmas stuff as various thrift and antique stores.

A couple of weeks ago I went on vacation to Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona. All we did all week was shop at thrift and antique stores. My kind of vacation.

Here are some Christmas items I picked up while on vacation:

This sweet angel is actually a bell. I loved the color of her. I found her at an antique store called The Brass Armadillo. Cost: $1.00 less 15% discount.

This cloche came with the mercury glass tree. I found it at an antique store called Everything Goes in Phoenix. It was my most expensive purchase while on vacation at $12.00.

I've been obsessed with vintage Christmas deer for the past month.

I found this set of vintage salt & pepper shakers at an antique store called Zinnias at Melrose in Phoenix for $9.95 for the pair.

This cute elf figurine was found at a Savers thrift store in Phoenix for $1.99

I collect Santa mugs and I found a couple of mini ones while on vacation. This one came from a store called Antiques on Camelback in Phoenix for $3.00

I also found 2 vintage egg nog cups. One was found at Antiques on Camelback for $3.00. The other at Brass Armadillo antique mall for $2.50 less 15% off.

The Santa bell also came from Brass Armadillo. Cost: $1.00 less 15% off.

The vintage ornaments came from a Goodwill thrift store in Phoenix for 99 cents.

I also found this glitter ribbon at the same Goodwill. There was at least 25 ft on the roll for $3.00. It had an original price tag on it of $25.00. There was enough to wrap around a couple of candles & then wrap around my Christmas tree four times. There was at least 2 more rolls of this ribbon at the Goodwill. I wish I would have bought at least one more roll. It is fabulous ribbon. Would look great for gift wrapping.

I found this vintage Charlie Brown ornament for a buck less 15% at an antique store on 7th Ave in Phoenix.
The snowman ornament came from the same store as Charlie Brown. It too was $1.00 less 15% off. I found the vintage elf, deer & white bottle brush tree figurine at my local thrift store a week ago for 99 cents. It came in the bed of cotton with the angel hair. I added the snowman ornament and the green bottle brush trees to the display & then put everything under a glass cheese dome (not pictured).

I found a couple of vintage folding measuring tapes at Brass Armadillo in Phoenix for $5.00 for the two less 15% off. I love how you can make stars out of the folding tapes. The Santa is from Dollar Tree.

I picked up a few vintage metal Christmas cookie cutters at Brass Armadillo for 99 cents each less 15% off. This gingerbread one is my favorite one. I placed all my Christmas cookie cutters in a glass jar.

I found these ugly stars at Dollar Tree. I guess they are not ugly. They are just not my style. I decided they needed to be changed up a bit.

First I spray painted them Heirloom white. Then I glittered them up.

Once they were glitterfied, I hung them on my tree. I love how they turned out.

Now I'll show you the stuff I've picked up at my local thrift stores over the past 2 weekends.

I found some Shiny Brite mini ornaments for 99cents for 4 packages. I placed them on a bed of snow in this candy jar from a thrift store. I've had the candy jar for a couple of years.

I found a set of 5 vintage angels for 99 cents. I hung 4 from some cup & saucers.

I almost bought one I found at an antique store while in Phoenix but they wanted $2.50 for one. I'm so glad I passed that one up as I found 5 for less than a dollar.

This set of 4 angel ornaments were $1.99.

I decided to hang them in the tree. That is where they really belong.

I found this sweet little girl this past Saturday for $1.00. She was just too cute to pass up.

Plus she looks perfect in this little vignette. You can see where I put the 5th little angel.

I found 2 boxes of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments for 99cents a box this past weekend. All the ornaments were teal and gold. There were a couple of silver ones as well.

The Santa was found at my local thrift store on Saturday for $1.00. I found the glass cloche & stand at a Salvation Army in Phoenix for $1.60. They had 3 of these, but I only had room to bring one back. Boo hoo.

These fun elves were 25 cents each from my local thrift store.

I found 3 boxes of vintage wooden ornaments for $1.99. There were at least 36 ornaments. These were a couple of my most favorite ones.

This Santa was also part of the vintage wooden ornaments I found. I placed him under a small cloche.

At another local thrift store I picked up a total of 5 items and spent a total of 85 cents. That is my kind of deal. This small cloche & Christmas plate were 20 cents each. The mini Santa mug was picked up in Phoenix for $1.00 less 15% off.

This ornament has a date of 1964 on the bottom. It was 15 cents.

This vintage bottle brush tree was 10 cents. I wish they would have had more. The back side is smashed, but I just hid that side.

And this Santa mug was 20cents. I couldn't believe the deals they were making on Christmas stuff at this local thrift store.

The last item I want to share was my hubby's thrifty find. It is a German Christmas Pyramid.

He found it at one of our favorite thrift stores down in San Diego County. He paid $4.00 for this. He did have to glue back on a couple of the figures. I couldn't find the exact candles it uses, but picked up some emergency candles from Dollar Tree. A pack of 6 candles was a dollar. Hubby carved down the bottom of each candle to fit in the opening.

This is my favorite thrifty find this Christmas season. I have always wanted one of these since I was a child. This one is not authentic German, but a knock off. But I don't care.

As you can see, I have been having a blast shopping for vintage Christmas stuff at thrift and antique stores for the last couple of weeks.

You never know what you will find and that is part of the fun.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my goodies. What is your favorite item?

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  1. Definitely the gram had some just like them! Wonder where they ended up. Hmmmm. You were definitely the Christmas thrift queen this year Kim! Love the nostalgia :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. I am glad you found all the good stuff in Phoenix! I know many of those stores you went shopping at...great finds. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. wow ! that was fun, i feel like i've just been to santa's workshop! my favorites were the stars you glitterified, and the 4 angel ornaments, and the little girl holding the tree... you'd be a blast to go shopping with!


  4. You sure can find the real deals! I remember Santa Claus mugs from when I was a kid. Forgot all about them until you showed yours!

  5. Wow you really did the shopping!!!! Found some great stuff too!!

    Phoenix is a great place to shop! Bill's folks live there so we get there now and again- I love the thrift stores there!

    Your vintage reindeer are too cute!! I think I am going to start a collection of those cuties!

    bee blessed and Merry Christmas!

  6. I thought my one little find was fabulous but you really did great. Such lovely things to make your home more festive.

  7. What a wonderful display of vintage finds -you have them displayed so nicely -gotta love that Charlie Brown though :-)
    Merry Christmas

  8. Christmas Blessings to you and your family, From my mountain to yours Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Wowsa, I think you must be some kind of thrifting savant! What great goodies :)