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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trick or Treat Halloween Hutch

For the past two years I have been having a thing for black and white Halloween. I still sort of do this year too.

But you know how we are with decorating trends, something we think we can't live without today, is old news tomorrow.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm missing some color. And what color would that be? Why orange of course.

Normally I despise the color orange, but for Halloween, I can put my distaste of it away for a few weeks. In fact, I'm kind of liking the color orange in my Halloween hutch this year. But I would never admit that to anyone but you. And you aren't going to tell anyone. Are you?

Picked up this old lantern at an antique store down in Temecula at the beginning of Summer. It was 1/2 off. So less than $20 bucks. (The most expensive item I purchased for this years Halloween decor.) And the owner of this particular booth at the antique store was the son of one of the prior owners of Knotts Berry Farm. This lantern kind of reminds me of Knotts Berry Farm. Which by the way, becomes Knotts Scary Farm this time of year. I've never been when it's Knotts Scary Farm and now I am too old to really enjoy being scared. I might just pee my pants. And that isn't any fun.

What really sold me on this lantern is how rusty it is. I just love rusty stuff. I added this glitter jingle bell spider. I picked up a package of the spiders at TJ Maxx a month or two back.

I added a glittered spider web that I made last year to plate on the wall. The clock is hubby's. It was his mom's clock, so it is quite sentimental to him. The only problem I have with the clock is that if you move it ever so slightly it stops working and starts making a buzzing sound. Hubby them comes all unglued that it will burn up the motor. And don't I know how old that thing is? Yes, hunny, you remind me every time I move the clock and it starts buzzing.

I really love this clock, but I don't let hubby know. I just wish it chimed. Then it would remind me of my Grandmother's clock. But then again, chiming clocks can be a pain in the you know what.

I won this one hour broom parking sign from someones blog last Halloween. Sorry that I can't remember from whom it was. I never did post about my win. Should have, then I could go back and find out from whenst (spelling?) it came.

I love this little print. I just printed it off the Internet in black & white. I added the mini broom. In case I need to make a quick getaway. But then, my butt would be too big for this tiny broom. I really should go on a diet. NOT! No, I should, I just won't. You see, DIET is a four letter word to me. Really, it is.

Anyhoo, all this talk of food if making me hungry. And I need to distract myself from food, so I better get back to talking about my hutch.

The pumpkin plates are just paper plates I picked up from Target last year. I just taped them to my white ironstone plates. I found the pumpkin pails at Target as well, in their Dollar Spot. The skeletons and the black silhouette cut outs on the plates on the top row came from Dollar Tree this year.

The ceramic pumpkins came from Target last year. They had them again this year as well.

I have found a lot of my cloches from the thrift store. All of my ironstone has come from thrift stores as well. The orange spiders and Spanish moss are from Dollar Tree.

Another Target pumpkin. I love the vintage look of these pumpkins.

This white pumpkin started out looking mighty ugly. I really should have taken a "before" pic. But I get so excited to paint, that I usually forget. It was orange and green to start with. I found it at the thrift store for a buck. I still need to antique it, but I got so excited to see if it would fit under this cloche (it did). I then added this Dollar Tree skeleton and a TJ Maxx jingle bell spider (you can't really see it in this photo).

Since I am a known tweaker, I will probably mess with this one a little more before Halloween. Depends how lazy I decide to be between now and then.

The "Trick or Treat" garland/banner was a freebie from the Internet at MyGrafico Digital Arts and Crafts store.

They have a whole slew of party printables that match this garland.

I did shrink it down some in order to make it fit my hutch.

I wish I had the patience to learn how to create my own.

Until that time, I will just have to beg, borrow & steal all of the great ones out there in blogland for the taking.

Arrr!!! I feel like such a pirate. But since I only print out "free" ones. I'm not stealing, I'm doing it with the owners blessing. And I am forever grateful that there are creative people out there that can make me look like I am as well.

Sounds like a win/win situation to me.

This bottom corner of my hutch doesn't get a lot of light, so my photos rarely turn out. But under the cheese dome is a bunch of old metal wheels we found at the thrift store. Everything in this photo (except for the Target ceramic pumpkin and the reproduction skeleton keys in the glass jar), came from a thrift store.

I love the witches hat on this pumpkin. And the smile on her face (aren't witches female?).

My skull salt & pepper shakers are new this year. I found them at Tai Pan Trading in Rancho Cucamonga last month.

I have two cheese dome cloches on my hutch. They are sort of a pain to decorate as they aren't very tall, and the glass usually distorts the view to what is under the glass.

I was trying to think of something different to put under this one when "low and behold", the heavens parted and these orange tickets came floating down as manna from the sky.

I actually found them out in the garage. Hubby said he picked them up from a thrift store awhile back. Obviously my hubby is cheating on me. How dare he go to a thrift store without me.

But I'm glad he did. As these are perfect for this cloche. And the bonus is they are ORANGE! Plus we are having our first ever Halloween party and they will be perfect for handing out to everyone for party games.

This trick or treat sign was another Tai Pan Trading purchase, but from last year.

And finally we have my three apothecary jars. I really should have filled them with treats. But for some reason we have ghosts at our house, who love treats. Everytime I fill a jar with treats, it mysteriously disappears. And all the men in my household swear it wasn't them. So it must be ghosts.

I did print out a toe tag I found from Make Your Own Invitations. I did shrink it down to make a tag since these are actually suppose to be party invitations.

And that is this years Halloween china hutch.

In case you missed last years version. Here it is again.

My black & white version from 2010.

My more colorful version for 2011.

Which one do you like best?

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  1. Your hutch looks fabulous, Kim...even better than last years, which I really like! That little bit of orange really makes everything stand out. I love the color many bloggers hate many other colors go so nicely with it.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I can keep a secret! Your's is safe with me. I like a little pop of orange at Halloween too, but the rest of the year it makes my skin crawl. LOL

    Your hutch is wonderfully styled, I just love it. I think the tiny skeletons hanging out inside the white pitchers are just adorable!

  3. The Raven on the Lantern? Absolute genius! I have a couple lanterns but need to fnd my ravens. (you don't mind if I steal your idea, right?)

  4. I like both. Last year I did color and this year I will be doing B&W. I am really not keeping up with the trend.

    I have some Black and White owl plates that I will put in my hutch. I have had the dishes out on the dining room table for two or three weeks now. They have already been featured by other bloggers.... so much for taking the lead.

    Sorry to hear that your husband has been sneaking around thrift stores without you... but I bet you've done the same to him.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  5. I love the orange!!! Your hutch looks amazing!!! AWesome idea to tape the plates!

  6. Love the salt & pepper shakers! Everything looks great!


  7. Love it! Personally I love orange, year-round, and I think it really makes your hutch pop! Love the spider rings on the cloche handles!

  8. You always put together the best holiday displays! I absolutely love your hutch and think the addition of the orange makes it perfect!! I love the tickets under glass!!

  9. I love them both! You have a wonderful eye for design!

  10. perfect halloween decor. Your hutch decorations are superb. Thanks for wonderful ideas. This is my first visit to your blog I think. I am a new follower!

  11. Wow! I love the banner. This is so fun. Makes me want a hutch. Thanks for sharing this.