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Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Mantel

Winter has decided to visit us again this week in SoCal. Last week was Summer weather, this week Winter.

I love when it actually feels like Winter here. I'd much rather it be cold than hot.

Don't get me wrong. I like the warmer weather too. I just like it in the Summer, not the Winter. Since we only seem to get either Summer or Winter temps where I live, I want it to be at the specific time of year those temps were meant for.

Since the weather has turned colder, I decided to dress up my mantel in celebration.

I love the neutral colors.

This is the closest I'm getting to snowflakes here.

I reused my mason jars from the Anthropologie knock off snow globes I made for Christmas. I didn't glue my bottle brush trees to the lid. I just used some "sticky" stuff to keep them in place. So when I took them apart, I thought, why not just turn over the jars and put some candles in them. So I did.

This mantle cost me "nothing" as I already had everything on hand.

I've been collecting "snowflakes" for years.

Reused my "Winter" garland from last year.

The only new purchase this year are the battery operated votive candles. They came from Costco in the fall when they had their coupon for $4.00 off.

Time to turn on the candles.

I think real candles give a better ambiance. But then, you can't beat the safety of the battery operated ones. And since I've had a couple of close calls with real candles, I'm sticking with the battery operated ones.

I made this "Winter" garland last year. I have these fancy letters on my computer that I have no idea now where they came from. I printed them out, cut them out, punched some holes, strung some twine and wa la I have me a garland.

I'll probably only leave it this way for a week or so. Time to start thinking of this years Valentine mantel. Techinically, I should have had it up for a couple of weeks already. But I'm the procrastinator, remember. I just barely took down my Christmas mantel yesterday. Still need to put the boxes up in the attic though. Hopefully tonight.

But then, The Bachelor is on, and then there is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to watch.

I guess there is always tomorrow.

Is it just me? Or can you hear Little Orphan Annie singing as well.

Do you decorate for winter? Are you a procrastinator like me? And is it to soon to decorate for Valentine's Day? I don't procrastinate the dreaming, or planning part. Just the execution part.

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  1. I love it! Winter is just as pretty as any other season and we need to do it up inside if out is cold. Maybe out will be cold here, maybe not :(
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. your mantle vignettes are BEYOND gorgeous! sigh...

  3. ohhhhhh, it's charming! I love the snowflakes and all the white, it's so bright and pretty...and i really love the white frame you layered over the mirror. You do the best vignettes ever...


  4. I used to decorate for Valentine's Day, years ago when I had my own place. My daughter usually put up some hearts and a few pretty things. Your mantles are always so inspiring to me. Seriously, I don't know how you think of some of the things you come up with. They are always, always beautiful.

  5. I love love LOVE your blog! Was surfing today for cloche ideas and found you. Can't wait to link to my friend Erin---she has a mantel, I don't, lol. I will stop by often!

  6. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)