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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let there be White Tablescape

Well here it is 2:00 in the afternoon (which makes it 5pm on the east coast) and I have been looking at everyone's white tablescapes and I feel so left out. I wanted to participate, but when I got home from work last night I decided that taking a nap sounded better than putting together a white tablescape to blog about. But now I am really regretting that decision (my life story). So while I was checking out everyone else's I noticed that not all were completely white. So I thought "Ah ha! I have a tablescape I posted about before on Tablescape Thursday back in April that is mostly white. It might just work for this blog party". Late in the afternoon I can just about justify anything.

And what blog party am I talking about? Why the Let There be White tablescaping event hosted by Cuisine Kathleen. Be sure to visit her blog by clicking on her name, the party name or the photo above. Then you will find all the participants.

If you have seen this tablescape before, I hope that you don't mind that I am sharing it again. This was my welcome spring tablescape on my other blog Manning Family Tree. But because I have started this new blog for my decorating & blog party stuff & this tablescape is mostly white with a touch of blue & green, it works just as well for summer (if not better). So I am posting it here. I'm changing up some of the wording for this repost as well as I originally posted it before Easter.

This is my living room dining area. All the furniture in this room is Mission style. It was my husband's furniture before we got married. Even though it wouldn't be my first choice (I'm more of a Shabby Chic girl), I have learned to love it.

For my centerpiece I hunted around my house for various items I could use. The pineapple concrete finials came from my backyard (I guess that is what you would call them. I asked my hubby what he would call them & he said "ugly". Men!) . The larger one originally came from Home Goods a few years back. The smaller one came from Marshall's a couple of months ago. The piller candlestick was a thrift store find & a leftover from our wedding. Two of the green balls came from Michael's on clearance & the one in front came from the Dollar Tree. And of course my Target birdie S&P.
I've used my JC Penney Home Collection clearance plates.

My napkins were a clearance find at WalMart. For my napkin rings I used drapery clip rings & attached a silk gerber daisy flower (from a dollar store) & a piece of blue organza ribbon (the candle holders from Dollar Tree came tied up with this ribbon).
I set up my table on a Saturday & took my photos during the day this time. They turned out so much better. See what happens when I actually plan ahead? I get better results.
I found the blue candle holders at the Dollar Tree. The placemats are from Marshall's on clearance. The silverware is my everyday set by Oneida. The pattern is Michaelangelo. I've again used my Libby goblets from WalMart.

One final look at my table. I just love how this table turned out.
Well I hope you enjoyed my summer (previously spring) tablescape. And I hope you don't mind that it wasn't completely all white.


  1. Well, as I'm a color girl, I didn't have all white anything myself. So I didn't join this party. But I do love this tablescape dotted with a little color. Tranquil and looks like something in a beach house.

  2. Kim, I think your tablescape is just perfect. It's all about summer and what goes more with summer than blue sky. I like your finials and pillars you used in the centerpiece. I know, men don't get it, but we do. lol

  3. Oh my goodness...this is just PERFECT for Let There Be White. I am so glad you posted it again. I never realized that we were supposed to use ALL white..ANYWAY, your dishes are to die for. I love that pattern. And, I used Michaelangelo for years..when daughter married, that was her choice, too. Over the years,her kiddos lost a few pieces so I gave her mine set. They are my favorite of all flatware, bar none.
    Your table is just stunning...
    xo bj

  4. Great post - it went well with the event..Love your pieces

  5. that table is so pretty...I love the touches of least that is what it looks like!

  6. I love it. The sparks of aqua are great. I have to agree, planning ahead makes such a difference. If time allows, I find letting it sit a day or so is best. It gives me more time to dream on it and try it a few different ways. Enjoy. - The Tablescaper

  7. LOL, white dishes, white cloth..those were the only rules! Anyone could play, and I am glad you did!
    I remember this from T THurs..very pretty!!
    I see the Target birds..I don't have them..but I enjoyed seeing all the adventures..

  8. What a pretty table! Love the touch of blue!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. What a gorgeous tablescape. I love the pineapple finials and the pillar, what a super idea for a centerpiece. Your dishes are stunning, I love the design. Everything is just lovely. Hugs, Marty

  10. I love your whites, especially with the touch of blue! first time around for me, enjoyed your post!

  11. Your tablesetting is very pretty! I really love your dinnerware! You will like those chargers from Amazon!

  12. Very pretty table. I love the aqua, too. Your white plates would make a stunning white on white table, too.

  13. I love the coolness of the blue with the white. The shade of blue is just gorgeous. I really like your plates. Great pattern!

  14. What a lovely tablesetting! Very cozy!
    Thank you so much for stopping by. It's nice to meet someone from my own area...

  15. I love your tablescape, with a splash of color :-) Those dinnner plates from JC Penney are lovely! I need to get out more, I forget to check JCP. Clearance is even better!