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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let's have a tea party

Today I am participating in two blog parties with one post. Barb over at Grits and Glamour is hosting Tea Time Tuesday. And Tam over at The Gypsy's Corner hosts a weekly Three or More Tuesday party. I'm sure you got here from their posts, but if not, be sure to click the links on their names or the photos above to take you to their blogs. There you will find the list of this weeks participants.

Those who know me the best know that I can be lazy, or to be politically correct, motivationally challenged. So because of this defect in me, I don't really have a new post to share with you. Instead I am going to reshare a post I did on my family blog Manning Family Tree for Tablescape Thursday back in May. I'm sure a lot of you may have already seen it, but there might be some who missed it. Plus it's my favorite tablescape that I have done so far & I love seeing it again & I hope that you will too. Since this post is about a tea party & the table is set for three, this post qualifies for both blog parties.

Now I don't have any daughters (boo hoo) or any grand daughters (we can always hope). But I do have 2 nieces who I call my faux daughters. I'm lucky that my nieces only live about 15 minutes from me, so we see each other quite a bit. I decided that we would have a tea party. Only problem is, I forgot to invite them and we don't drink tea. But I love tea cups, tea pots & everything else that goes with a tea party, so I thought I'd throw a faux tea party for my faux daughters Danica & Taylor.

Since the weather has been beautiful here in SoCal aka: Southern California, we would have our little tea party out by the pool. Oh, oh, looks like someone forgot to put away the extension cord & hose as well as sweep before taking the photo. Men!!! (Did you notice that I'm not taking the blame?)

Here is the tablecloth I started with (I really took this photo when I was putting everything away, but if I hadn't brought it to your attention that the cement is now all cleaned up, you wouldn't have even noticed. Would you?) I got this tablecloth at a thrift store when I lived down in San Diego county. Don't remember how much I paid for it, but knowing me, it wasn't over $5.00. Most likely only a couple of dollars.
Then I used my Bordallo cabbage plates. I only have 3 of the dinner plate size. That is why this tea party is just for 3 of us. The plates came from Ross back in Jan or Feb. I got them on clearance for I think $3.50 each. The silverware is new!!! I got it at Ross a few weeks back. $12.00 for a service for 4. I love the dark color of the bamboo.
Next I layered on my thrift store china salad plates that I got a few weeks back. I paid $2.00 for 4 of these plates plus 2 smaller plates in a different pattern. I love the pink flowers with the green cabbage plate underneath.

Here is a close up of my new silverware.
Then on top of the salad plates I put a different tea cup at each place setting. This is for me. This is my favorite tea cup. It is by Lefton. I got if off ebay. I may have splurged & paid $10.00 for this. I loved the green color with the pink roses.
Here is the tea cup for Danica. This came from ABC Distributing catalog. The bottom says "Formalities". I paid $4.95 for this tea cup. Again, I love the pink roses.
And the tea cup for Taylor. I used a Royal Albert American Rose tea cup but put it on a completely different saucer called June Bouquet by Duchess bone china England . But I think it goes together as they both have pink roses. Both the tea cup & saucer came from the thrift store. Most likely paid less than$1.00 each. I then attached little vintage napkins along with a reproduction vintage print as a name card to each tea cup handle with a drapery ring (in this case it is more like a hook). I love the medallion that was on the ring. I think it looks vintage. I'm finding that drapery rings work great as napkin rings. And they are cheap. I got these at Ross & paid $2.99 for 7 or 10 of them. Since they are actually hooks, they will come off easily from the cup handle. The napkins were part of a lot of 40 vintage napkins that I won from ebay for $9.99. I also put a packet of flower seeds (25cents each from Dollar Tree) at each setting as a little take home gift. I have them on forks bent to make easels (forgot to take photo). Here is my place setting. I love Shasta daisies. They were my favorite flowers when I was a teenager. Now my favorite flowers are roses or hydrangeas.

Here is Danica's place.
And Taylor's. Don't you just love the basket on the napkins? For the centerpiece I started out with this wooden basket that says "Fleurs" on the side. I got this at Costco at the beginning of the year. They originally came with succulents in them, but they were dying so this was a clearance item. I got it for $6.00. I think they originally sold for $20.00 or so. Since I don't like succulents, I didn't care if they were dying as I was throwing them out anyways. I only wanted the wooden basket.

Then I added some silk peonies. I thought the color of these flowers matched the pink in the flowers on the tablecloth.
Next came a birdhouse. I got this a few years back to use in my wedding. Can't remember where I got it from though. I just love this birdhouse. I sat it on a vintage napkin inside the box.
Then I added this little birdie & bird nest. This came from Michael's last year on 50% off sale.
And then I added this iron candelabra. I got this at a trade show in Vegas a few years back. I paid $2-3.00 for this.

I love how this turned out. I guess I should have lit my candles. Oh well, just pretend they are lit.

My tea service items all came from thrift stores, ebay or were free. The pink & white pitcher was an ebay find I'm sure I paid less than $10.00 for it. The tea pot was a freebie from my niece Danica. She had bought it at a thrift store to use for a friends Mad Hatter birthday party. She gave it to me after the party. The sugar & creamer came from a thrift store.

I just love my tea pot!!! I normally collect china that has roses, but I love how this pot has little blue flowers. Something different from what I normally collect.

The goblets are my Libby glasses from Walmart. I think they were like a dollar a piece.

I love how each place setting is a little different. But they all still look good together.

One final look at the table. Did you notice that the concrete is now swept? Isn't hubby a doll for doing that for me? Thanks for joining my faux tea party. Now I guess I better invite Danica & Taylor over for a real tea party. I know they will be asking for one when they see this.

Update: Since I first posted this on my family blog back in May, my niece Danica has asked for a real tea party. So far, we haven't been able to get together to do so. I hope you liked my little faux tea party and that I cheated a little. But wasn't it worth it?


  1. This is just beautiful! I love all your layers and I really love that beautiful table cloth.

  2. So Pretty! I'm just starting to collect china hoping to be able to set a table this beautiful one day. In the meantime, can I come to your next tea party?

  3. I have the same Libbey glasses in my kitchen. You did a great job and I am glad you had some feminine family members to share it with. Men are so lame at this kind of thing.

  4. What a beautiful tablescape! Everything is so lovely! Looks like it came straight out of a magazine. The tablecloth is so pretty and colorful.

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Great re-post of a very pretty table.


  6. Oh what a lovely and fun tea time table you set. I love every detail you thought of! Love the tablecloth...

  7. I read the original post in May, but still enjoyed reading about all the lovely details again!

  8. Oh it is lovely, and the idea of the curtain rings is fabulous! Thanks for all of this beautiful inhspiration. laurie

  9. This is just beautiful from the tablecloth (what a good find) to all the pretty cups and saucers! Those are the prettiest placecards I've ever seen!


  10. cute setting, and i do love rose tea cups!!

    Blessings, and thanks for sharing with us.

    barbara jean

  11. It is all very beautiful! I like coordinating china better than matching! Love the curtain ring idea!

    I enjoyed your faux tea party and know Danica will love her real tea party!


  12. Hello Kim !
    I saw this before and still enjoy seeing it ! I bet your nieces were thrilled - what a great aunt you are ! I hope you have lots of grandgirls one day !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  13. I just love it all: the mix of beautful teacups, the "hook" - great idea, the seed packets, and of course the cabbage plates. Just lovely - The Tablescaper