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Monday, June 22, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures

This week's thrifty finds didn't even come from a thrift store or a yard sale. Have you ever gone to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore? If not, you should see if there is one in your neck of the woods. I found out a few weeks ago that there is one in Temecula. So we stopped in to see what they had. My first opinion was that I wasn't very impressed. In the front of the store they had furniture that I thought was kind of pricey. But when we ventured back into the warehouse area, I was quite impressed. They had all sorts of doors, windows, paint, tiles, shutters, etc. And pretty good prices for these items.

As we were looking around I noticed an "employee only" area. I looked to see what they had back there & my heart skipped a beat when I saw a fountain. And not just one fountain, but two identical fountains. I found hubby & showed him the fountains. He asked the employees in the back how much for the fountains. They said, they were not for sale yet. That one of the fountains was broken (the top finial had broken off) & they were trying to figure out how to fix it.

Hubby told them he was interested in buying only the broken one. All of a sudden the employees changed their mind about selling the fountain (probably cause then they wouldn't have to fix it). They said we could have it for $20.00. I said SOLD.

And here it is after hubby glued the top finial back on. We did a little research & this fountain is sold at Lowe's & sells for $250.00 new. I did the happy dance once I found this out. We did also find out that the Habitat ReStore sold the 2nd fountain for $50.00. So I am ecstatic about my $20.00 price. We still need to move it to the front yard, but I couldn't wait to share with you.

These next two items are even a better thrifty find. FREE!!!! Hubby fished them out of the dumpster at one of the commercial buildings he does maintenance at.

I love the rustic finish on this little plant stand. I still have to find the right spot to place it. Can't you see it holding pots of beautiful flowers?
And finally this plant stand was also fished out of the dumpster. I just love it!!!
I just love the patina it has! Can you believe someone threw these 2 items out to the trash? Some peoples trash, is my treasure. Thanks hubby for dumpster diving for me.
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And be sure to check out my other post for today for Metamorphosis Monday. I'm showing our mobile garden hubby built.


  1. Hey KIm !
    Wow you hit the mother load ! Don't
    cha love when you score big - love it !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  2. Those were wonderful finds! I can't believe those were in the trash!

  3. A little paint and those dumpster dive finds will be better than new! kudos to the hubs... I love the fountain!! You did great at the HHH store. Some locations have waaaaay more than others, depends on the locale and what retailer is donating what.... Sue

  4. It is funny what people will throw out-but all the better for the ones who find it!

  5. Awesome! I wish that my Oklahoma sister in law lived here. Because she would hit dumpsters with me. My husband about has a heartattack when I suggest we stop and pick some junk up. But, when I've stopped and nabbed something, it's turned out to be quite the treasure. Love you stuff! And, I want a fountain!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Just dropped by via Rhoda's blog and can't believe the goodies you got! Way to go! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Don't you love it when the husbands get involved in helping you find pretty stuff.

  8. What a score! Free is fabulous! Love the fountain, a steal of a deal!

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. Wow what a good day of shopping and diving you all had!! Great buy and a freebie. I love the little patina stand also

  10. Kim! You really scored on that fountain, good for you. I would have bought that too, I love fountains. And the dumpster diving things....what were they thinking. Those are still very useful & I love how shabby they are.

  11. I love all three pieces. I've been looking for a fountain myself. Maybe I'll find a broken one too...ha. Debbie

  12. I love ReStore! We just went in on Saturday for shop lights. They were $2.50 and when we went to Home Depot to get bulbs, they had the same ones for almost $40!

    I covet that fountain, great find!

  13. Beautiful finds! You really scored BIG!! Love them all :)

  14. Hi Kim,
    You found some wonderful stuff! I love your $20.00 fountain. I have been looking for one this season, but the one’s I liked were pricy. The plant stand and metal shelf look great. I would gladly dumpster dive with you any day! Cathy

  15. Hey Kim,
    Just had a minute to finally check out your new blog! I can't believe the great things Mike finds, fixes & builds! I'm so jealous!! Love the portable garden, the fountain & these two dumpster finds... I wish people near my house threw away such great things!