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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tablescape Thursday-Thanksgiving in March

I don't know what's wrong with me but I've been so lazy lately. I wanted to participate in Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, but I didn't want to put forth the effort (not that you all aren't worth it, I'm just lazy). But as I sat here in my laziness I felt like I was missing out. I wanted to participate. But how can I participate when I don't want to put together a tablescape at 10:00 at night? Then the light bulb went off (did you see it get brighter?). I do have photos I have never posted. Photos of a tablescape where we actually ate at the table. Plus most of the items used were a thrifty find, so this also qualifies for Thrifty Thursday hosted by Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville.

Back in March my son Jesse was craving Thanksgiving dinner. Problem was, it wasn't Thanksgiving, nor was it November, nor was it Autumn. Did we let that stop us? Heck no! I had a turkey in the freezer I could thaw out and I had on hand most everything else that goes with Thanksgiving dinner. And the best part, it wasn't too hot to cook a turkey. So why not have Thanksgiving in March? So I did what any good sister does, I invited my brother Eric's family over to celebrate a spring Thanksgiving with us.

This was the table for the kids (well most of them are actually adults, but they are still our kids). This table is in our kitchen/family room. This table had belonged to my Great Grandmother & is from the 20's or the 30's. It sat in my parents storage shed for about 20 years. I dug it out a few years ago to use when we bought our house. The wood on one side of the table was all destroyed, so hubby Mike remade the side. But because most of the wood was in such bad shape, we painted the edges of the table black (to hide where he had to remake the side), painted the legs black, and the chairs black. He left the top natural wood. We just finished reupholstering the chairs this past weekend. I will be sharing that with you on Monday for Monday Metamorphosis.

I used my Walmart $5.00 clearance lace tablecloth (a thrifty find). Both sets of salt & pepper shakers are thrift store finds. Can't remember how much I paid, but they had to be less than $5.00 or I wouldn't have bought them.
The dishes are Spode. The pattern is Delamere in black. Hubby got them for me at Christmas from Costco. It also came with bowls & cups. It was $39.99 for a service for 4. $10.00 a place setting and Spode? Very thrifty. They are fabulous & I love them!!!! The silverware is Michealangelo by Oneida (we use everyday). I got them years ago from Montgomery Ward. It was a thrifty deal at the time. I need to replace some forks & todays cost for the forks is more than I paid for my entire set! My fancy napkins are paper.
The candleabra is from a thrift store. I used this same candleabra in one of my Easter tablescapes. It was originally silver but in bad shape. I spray painted it white & then distressed it. I added acrylic crystal garland & prisms (thrifty find from ABC Distributing catalog years back). Total cost for candleabra less than $10.00. I originally had 2 identical ones that I bought to use for our wedding reception. I sold one on ebay right after the wedding and kept one.

The 2 birdies are thrift store finds. $1.00 each. They were originally gold, I spray painted them white. I still want to antique them, just too lazy to do so.
I used a wreath that I bought from Joann Fabric last year under the candleabra. I love to use wreaths this way. The wreath I got on clearance for $10.00.
I love how springy this wreath is. I love that on 2 sides it has bird nests. This side only has eggs.
And this side has a sweet little birdie. This was the photo I had been using in my other blog, Manning Family Tree, as my blog header until I changed it for a patriotic one.
And here is proof that we actually used this tablescape (I am notorius for not actually eating at my tablescapes). Dinner was roasted turkey, corn bread stuffing, green bean casserole, corn, yams, rolls, salad. I'm getting hungry for Thanksgiving dinner just looking at the food.
So there you have my lazy girl tablescape. I'm so lucky I had these photos on my computer or I wouldn't have been able to play along this week. Now before you go, you might want to leave me a little comment & let me know what you think. I promise I won't bite. And be sure to visit Susan & Leigh to see what this weeks participants have to show off.


  1. Love the Spode -- your table is really pretty -- and love all your thrifty touches.

  2. I do love those Spode plates. Your candleabra looks great. I am craving a Thanksgiving dinner--last night I asked my husband if he wanted turkey this weekend! I think we are going to buy a turkey breast and do a mini TG dinner. Maybe I will use that for my next TT.

  3. Well, if I had one that scrumptious on my computer I surely would have used it! I LOVE those dishes, and can hardly contain myself at the cost. Spode! Be still my heart, how I want some! The meal is divine. When shall I be there for the next one? I truly like that you list where you got what and the prices. Helps me out a lot when I'm looking things over to purchase for myself! Have a fun day!

  4. Great tablescape and your dishes and linens are fabulous. Such thrifty finds, but oh so pretty. The Spode is beautiful and I really love the candelier. Now I think I really would like some turkey. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

  5. Love this table and the centerpiece you chose for it. Very nice. I really like seeing your family eating at it, too. I saw their relaxing feet in one of the photos above and was wondering what kind of grief they might be giving you about taking photos of your table. I always get "comments" :0)

  6. Hi - love your table and those dishes. What a fun idea to have Thanksgiving dinner at a different time of year. That's too good of a dinner to only have once a year ;)

  7. Kim, lovely table! I especially like your black & white dishes - hubby "did good"! Linda

  8. What a beautiful family and looks like they are all enjoying their thanksgiving dinner in March. Hey! Who says we can't have Thanksgiving anytime we want to? We do have a lot to be thankful for, right? I love the Spode dishes, so pretty, and I like everything on the table. Beautiful tablescape, Kim!...Christine

  9. As long as the fmaily are eating together, I wouldnt care if its balogna sandwiches. It works, huh? That is a GORGEOUS table! The dishes---I am in love with. As I am the candleabra and the bird and next. All precious finds! Thanks for participaing in Thrifty Thursday this week! I was late in posting the links, so forgive me. It's my fault that you may have some late visits.
    Thanks for partcipating. Next week I will be back on a good schedule!

  10. The Spode is beautiful, and a pretty table...I like your candelabra and birdie re-do. Very nice!

  11. I just love those pretty spode plates! What a great idea to have Thanksgiving in March. I always get so burned out on turkey and dressing during November anyway. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please come again.

  12. Oh wow, I can't believe those dishes and the price!!! They are gorgeous!!! Very pretty tablescape.

    I bet you were excited about your first "harvest"! I love picking my few veggies. :)

  13. your dishes are really pretty! Bravo to the hubby!

  14. Oh, that Spode pattern is so beautiful! What a lovely table!

  15. Kim,

    This is a wonderful idea. If we can have Christmas in July, why not Thanksgiving in March?!

    Your discount tablecloth is beautiful (you know you can get packs of 4 napkins at Target for under $5.00. I pick them up all the time to have on hand. The Spode dishes are gorgeous...I would have been willing to even pay a little more!!

    My favorite is your candleabra. You did a wonderful job decorating it with the wreath and making it look a little springlike. The birds and the green candles look wonderful with the whole table setting!!

    Great TT post, Kim! :-)


  16. Thanksgiving in March - Perfect!!! My husband and I have turkey dinners fairly often. :) I tell my husband that one of the reasons why I take so many pictures of stuff through-out the day, so that on the days I have no imagination I can always look in the archives. That's exactly what you did! Fabulous!

  17. Well here I am visiting this blog I don't think I've ever been to before!!! I enjoyed your sense of humor right off the bat! Love the black spode dishes and your thrifty candelabra...I'll leave my face on your blog to "Follow" Starshine Chic!, have a Fabulous weekend! xoxo~Kathy~@ Sweet Up-North Mornings... Stop in for a visit, I'll leave the light on for ya...