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Monday, July 13, 2009

Metamorphosis of family room decor over past 6 months

Welcome to another edition of Metamorphosis Monday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Be sure to visit her blog to see this weeks participants. I'm late again with my post. But I wouldn't be the queen of procrastination if I wasn't late.

I thought since this year is now more than half over, I would show you the metamorphosis of the decor in my family room for the past six months.

We will start with the little cabinet that is in the dining area of my family room/kitchen.
Here it is all decked out for Valentine's Day.

And now it looks like Spring has sprung. This was my spring look before putting out my Easter decor.

Here it is at Easter. I just now realized that this was the only photo I took & it is fuzzy. That is why you are suppose to take more than one photo of something.
And this is how is currently looks today. All beachy & summery. I think this is my favorite look so far this year. I did have it decorated differently between Easter & now, but forgot to take a photo. I sometimes get so excited to change out the look that I forget to take a before photo.

Now we will move on to the white trunk that sits next to my couch & is up against the window.
Here is it's Valentine's look.
Spring look.
Easter look. Did you notice the ugly black box with buttons? This is hubby's remote control box for all the outside lights & sprinklers. It's hard to conceal sometimes.
Here it is at the beginning of summer. I had it this way while the rest of my room was patriotic decor. I moved the 3 apothecary jars to my mantel just this weekend.
And this is how it looks today. At least now you can't see hubby's ugly remote control box.

Next I will show you the shelf on the wall that is just to the right of the white trunk. I forgot to take a photo of the shelf for Valentine's Day. But I know I decorated it. You'll just have to take my word.
This is the only photo I could find on how it was decorated at the beginning of spring. What you can't see is a cast iron candelabra on the left. But if you look in the photo below you can see what it looks like.
Here is Easter. Pretty sparse huh? I had it decorated like the above photo & then I used the spring stuff for a tablescape. So I put these bunnies on the shelf while using the spring stuff for the tablescape so that the shelf wouldn't be empty. I guess it didn't work very well. I did add the book to elevate the candelabra & added the sugared Easter egg.

Here was the spring decor after Easter. I took away the candelabra & placed the larger pineapple finial on 2 books. I also found a little urn & a candle holder at the thrift store to elevate the green balls. Here is my first attempt at Summer decor. I added some shells. This is how it looks today. I placed the one green ball back on the little urn. Not sure if I like it as it blocks the starfish. I added the silver tray behind and I took away two shells. I think I like it this way the best. But I may take away the little urn & have the green ball just laying on the shelf so that you can see the starfish better. What do you think?

Next I will show you my china hutch.
Here it was for Valentine's Day. Notice how my silver coffee/tea set is all polished up nicely. That was the last time I polished them.

This was my early spring decor. Someday I am going to paint my hutch white, I mean black. Oh I can't make up my mind. That is probably why I haven't painted it yet. I'm leaning more towards black right now. I hate making decisions!!!

Easter. See how the tea set is tarnishing? Did you notice my bunnies on a stick? Wasn't that fun decorating with them? My Target S+P birdies were AWOL during this time.

My after Easter before summer Spring look.

My early Summer/Patriotic look. I added the rooster lamp.

And finally this is how it looks today for summer. I really need to polish my silver tea set now. But I kind of like the tarnished look. Am I just rationalizing being lazy? It works for me!

And finally I will show you the metamorphosis of my fireplace mantel.
Valentine's Day. I didn't take a photo of the entire mantel. Don't know why, guess I was having a blond moment. Here is the left hand side. Below you will see the middle. I forgot to take a photo of the right hand side. But the right hand side looked exactly like the left hand side. I have 2 of the flower topiaries. So you will just have to use your imagination.
Here is the middle at Valentine's Day. Did you notice the burn marks on the bottom of the framed print above the clock. I did that at Christmas time with candles on the mantel. Good thing I caught it before I burnt the house down. It took me, I mean hubby, a few months after Christmas to fix this.
This was my spring decor. Remember my Met Monday post on my other blog that I showed how I made the FAMILY letter art picture? I made another one that said LOVE for my husband's niece when she got married a few weeks back, but I forgot to take a photo to share with you all. I told you, I'm blond! Oh, and the heart topiary on the left, totally dead now. I have a black thumb. The only reason our plants outside survive is hubby.

Here is my patriotic mantel. I just changed it out this weekend. I still need to put away the stuff though. All this is sitting on my table. Don't worry though, we don't actually eat at our table. Just kidding. No I'm not. lol.

And finally we have today's summer look. I'm now using battery operated tea light candles instead of the real thing. Don't want to burn my house down. At least not yet. Just kidding. I'd be so sad if my house burnt down. I have too many things I treasure.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed your trip down memory lane with me. I think I am progressively getter better at this decorating stuff. If not, just humor me & tell me I am.

Come back tomorrow & I'll give you a close up look at some of my summer items for Three or More Tuesday.



  1. Wow... so many wonderful looks. I'm having a hard time picking a favorite. I think I'm in a patriotic mood today, so I'll pick the flag and star mantle ;).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Oh I do love all of your gorgeous vignettes. They are all just so pretty. I love the changes for the different seasons. So many beautiful looks. All are so well done. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hey Girlfriend...

    I love all...ALL of your seasonal metamorphosis!!! I think I've been here to see most of them but I sure did enjoy seeing them again! I hadn't seen all of your summery changes though! I love how you decorated everything with the shells...pretty white and soft aqua!!! Simply gorgeous!!! It's always such a pleasure to come to your's so beautiful and your love for decor and pretty things is always so evident in all that you do!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

    Love ya,
    PS...thanks for stopping by and taking a 2nd peek at my Texas mosaics...I know that you looked at them the other day! Hehe! Girl, I just can't get back on top of things! My old bones and the fibromyalgia just keeps me down! I really need some energy so I can get some new posts up!

  4. Kim, great seasonl changes. They are all so pretty. You have so many nice accessories to play with. Lot's of fun!

  5. OMG!
    Everything looks so pretty!! You have a real knack for decorating and your certainly not a procastinator as it says in your profile. So pretty, Cindy

  6. Wow, you have some great things to work with and you are very clever with arranging them! I love the dishes, I am a softie when it comes to dinnerware. Then again your topiary display was really nice too. . .

  7. Hi KIm !
    You are a decorating maniac ! Wow, I can't decide what I like the best....the jars, the hutch or that mantle or everything ! Now I know who to ask for vignette advice ! So pretty , what a show !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. What a great idea for a met post! I enjoyed seeing all of the changes. Love the way you create such pretty vignettes. laurie

  9. I have really enjoyed looking at these pictures! Wonderful! If my husband was home tonight I'd have to show him as I decorate for every season...I have 7 or 8 little vignettes here or there. He's on the road a lot and you can see him looking around every time he comes home...seeing whta's different.

  10. Wow! You've been busy, Kim! I love all your vignettes. My favorite on your hutch is the early spring one but I like all of them.....Christine

  11. So So pretty.

    I love to change things for each holiday and season.


  12. I am in love with that white trunk, Kim! I've always loved old trunks, and that one is stunning. I like how you have decorated it too. Everything else is quite lovely (like the mantle.) But my mind keeps going back to that trunk!

  13. Hey Kim!
    I really enjoyed seeing the seasonal looks that your house enjoys. I really don't do as much, but I wish I did. Perhaps over time, I'll collect enough stuff to change things around with the seasons.
    So far, my idea of changing things around with the seasons entails changing the little hangie thing on my welcome sign. You know the signs I'm talking about? They have a different ornament for each season/holiday that hangs from a hook under the words 'Welcome.'
    Yep. That's me.

    I also really like the tarnished silver look. Don't get me wrong, shiny is nice too, but tarnished silver just has so much character!

    Everything looks amazing!