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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three or More Tuesday-Beachy decor

Yesterday I showed you the metamorphosis of my family room decor over the past 6 months. If you missed it, you can find it by clicking here. It ended with showing you my summer/beachy decor that I did this weekend.

So for Three or More Tuesday I thought I would show you more of my beachy decor as I definitely have more than 3 areas decorated this way. Not to mention that I used 3 or more shells in my decor.

Tam at The Gypsy's Corner is the fabulous hostess of Three or More Tuesday. Be sure to visit her blog to see this weeks participants. You will not be sorry. You are always in for a visual treat when visiting Tam.

We will start off with a little cabinet that I have tucked in at the end of my kitchen cabinets. The large conch shell on the left belongs to my hubby. He has had it since he was a kid. All the other shells I got from my son. He has been collecting shells since he was a kid as well. He was cleaning out his room last week & came across a box full of shells. He said I could have them. Boy did I do the happy dance. Don't you just love the purple starfish? I know I do. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will notice a sea horse in the apothecary jar.
Next is my china hutch. Lots of three of more items here. I collect white pitchers. Here is some of my collection. Only three of the pitchers are old. I wish I could afford to only collect old ironstone pitchers, but alas I am poor. The older pitchers are the one on the far left & far right on the top shelf and the pitcher second from the left on the bottom shelf.

I just started collecting blue canning jars. So far in the past month I have found 4. Here I have 3 of them. I filled the larger one with shells that came from the Dollar Tree. The medium jar is filled with clear glass beads. They came from the Dollar Tree as well. I bought the glass beads 2 years ago to use at my parents 50th wedding anniversary. The smallest jar is filled with all white shells. I bought these at Marshall's or Ross a few years back to use for my step son's wedding reception.
On the top shelf of the hutch I have four little plates that look like sand dollars that I got from Kohl's. I got them on a 50% off sale, plus I had a coupon for additional 30% off. So I got them for about $1.50 a plate. I used shells for tea light holders. I am using battery operated tea lights just to be safe. The pitcher on the left is an antique. I got it years ago so I don't remember how much I paid. But probably not very much as I'm a tight wad. The one on the right came from Ross a few weeks back for $5.00.
I have displayed 3 plates that I got at Marshall's a few months back. These are the smaller plates & were $2.99 each. The larger plates were too big for my shelf. You can still find these plates at Marshall's (at least mine had them last Friday). Here are a couple more of my white pitchers. The one one the left is an antique and the one on the right I got from some catalog years ago. It was a little pricey but I loved it's lines. I added this dessert glass (can't remember exactly what you call this right now) filled with shells.

A close up. I got the little starfish & sand dollars from Oriental Trading Co catalog a few years back to use for my step son's wedding reception. I think these shells came from the Dollar Tree back then as well. Under my cheese dome cloche I have a small bowl that I just got from Kohl's this past weekend. They match the sand dollar plates on my top shelf. They were on sale, buy one, get one free. I also had a $10.00 off purchase coupon. So total paid for 4 little bowls was $2.00. That's 50 cents a bowl! Woo hoo! I filled the bowl up with shells & then sprinkled blue glass beads around the outside of the bowl. The white ironstone plate was a thrift store find a few weeks back for $1.00. I already had 3 that matched & was happy to find a 4th. And of course Harold & Maude my Target S+P shakers couldn't be left out.
I have another pedestal cake plate that I placed a white plate on top of. This white plate matches the blue plates displayed that I got from Marshall's. I bought both the white & the blue plates as I couldn't make up my mind which color I liked better. I placed a large shell, a large starfish & some shark teeth (all snagged from my son) on the plate. I sprinkled in some blue glass beads.
And what would a beachy theme be without some bottles? I put a collection of 5 old bottles under this cloche. I guess I should have put a message rolled up inside of one of them. Maybe I'll go home & do that tonight.
Next we will move onto my fireplace mantel.
On the right hand side I have 3 glass jars full of shells. The little apothecary jar on the left came from the thrift store a few weeks back for $1.00. The middle compote & the vase on the right I got on clearance at Marshall's a few years ago. I used 2 of the larger blue dinner plates from Marshall's on my mantel. The star fish I used on my mantel are resin & came from Kohl's. I got them at the same time I bought the sand dollar plates on my china hutch. They were also 50% off & then I used an additional 30% off coupon. That is they only time I buy anything at Kohl's. The item must be 50% off & I must have an additional coupon.
Here is a close up of the left hand side. The 3 apothecary jars came from Big Lots a few years ago. I think they were $10.00 for the set of three. The jar on the right is filled with shell necklaces from Oriental Trading Co from my step son's wedding reception.
The welcome sign I got at a trade show in Las Vegas. I have 3 or 4 of them & was going to sell them, but most of them are damaged at one end. So not sure what I will do with them. I used shells as tea light holders. Again, battery operated tea lights are being used. I learned my lesson using real tea lights. I burnt the frame above at Christmas time using real candles. I thought they were far enough away but I was wrong. I've also used my new bowls from Kohl's to hold a couple of tea light candles. I filled them with sand & sprinkled in a few shells. I also sprinkled the blue glass beads all around my mantel. I think they look like bubbles.
A shelf in my family room has 3 shells. The starfish is hiding behind one of the green balls. I also have 3 green balls on this shelf that are being elevated by 3 candlestick holders.
And finally on the white trunk by my window I have 3 stacking glass cake pedestals with a collection of shells & my small collection of swans. The stacking cake pedestals came from Brylane Home catalog. I got them for free with a gift certificate that I earned from using my credit card. I love reward programs. My swan collection started with the smaller glass swan on the left on the middle tier. It is Swarovski Crystal that I bought in Innsbruck Austria. I then found the larger crystal swan on the left of the bottom tier at an antique store for cheap. The crystal & silver swan on the right of middle tier came from a thrift store. The Lenox swan on the bottom tier was an ebay find.
So there you have my beachy decor that qualifies for Three or More Tuesday. Doesn't it make you want to go to the beach? Don't forget your sunscreen.



  1. Kim, that colour blue is just amazing. You have some really nice pieces in your collection and you know how to show them off in their best light.

  2. What a beautiful collection! Isn't it amazing how beachy colors and shells send you into a more relaxed state?

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday! Chris

  3. Feel like I have had a trip to the beach...without the sand between my toes. Wonderful colors. And I had never seen a purple star fish...until I posted a great photo of a live one on beach at the edge of the surf. (not too long ago (June 20) Is has bright orange ribs on the sides.
    Got the magazine at W-Mart.


  4. Have you ever been so 'not' into something one day, and then 'into it' the next?
    Well, that's me and sea shells.

    So love your decor and all your shells.
    You have done them up so beautifully!!

    Barbara Jean

  5. Everything is SO beautiful! The pictures you took of your things are marvelous. Too bad you don't live around Omaha! My DH and I went to several estate sales last weekend. Looking at your photo's today, I thought of some things that I passed up. A few blue canning jars, a glass pedistal container with a lid (boy that'd be great for my small shell collection). And we were shopping on Sunday so everything was half off! Ahhhh!

  6. What a fun collection! Thanks for sharing.


  7. Hey Girlfriend...

    After viewing your fabulous metamorphosis post yesterday...I just had to come back for more!!!

    Girl, you really have outdone yourself with all of the beautiful summer decor!!! I just love all of the creamy whites with that beautiful soft aqua color and ohhh...all those pretty shells!!! You've done a spectacular job with all of these vignettes!!! In fact, all of your photos just look like they came off of the page of Victoria magazine or Cottage Living!!! Soooo pretty! Love all of your shell got some great bargains on them!!! Sure wished I had that store here! Ohhhh...and I loved all of your pretty white are a girl after my own heart, Darlin'!!!

    Hope that you're having a terrific Tuesday, Sweetie!
    Love ya,

  8. Everything is just gorgeous. I especially love the blue and white on your shelves.

  9. Girl you have the beach cottage look down! Don't you just love changing your hutch out? Lots of cute vignettes.

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my little giveaway. Your name is in the pot. : )


  10. You got it going on with the cool beach pieces...Love your hutch and dishes...soooo pretty, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. I love your beachy decor, I want to start collecting now :-)

    Have a nice day

    Lots of luv,

  12. oh my gosh.. you got so many lovely vignettes that I am drooling to the max.. all are so beautiful! I like your hutch.. and the plates, pitchers, jars all so fit perfectly.. and the shells... gosh.. you got so many pretty ones! I love it.. I am coming again here, to read some more!..

  13. Love your beachy decor and the way you have it displayed makes it look so striking!!

    Thanks for visiting the other day and the compliments on my purchases - come back to visit anytime!!

    Happy Hump Day -

  14. Your beachy decor is cool and refreshing!! I am really starting to like seeing seashells since summer came along (I mean on blogs, LOL!) I never wanted to decorate with them much because I am nowhere near the ocean. But hey~it's okay!! So I may have my own beachy vignettes coming up.

    I love everything you have espcially the canning jars and the apothacary jars...I must be a jar person! And the purple starfish is stunning!

    You have put a lot of work in this and it shows. I'll bet you are getting a lot of compliments!!

    Love it!!


  15. Hi Kim,
    I love your beachy theme. I had a nice visit and will be back soon.
    Take care,


  16. What a lovely room to walk into... so relaxing & calm. I see a few things I have (& a few things I'd like to have!)

    Pleasant day :-)

  17. Hi Kim, all your summer accessoris look amazing. I don't use many light or pastel colors but I love your look. So cool and peacful!

  18. Kim you have such a pretty house! Love the bottles under the cloche! Everything looks fabulous!


    P.S. Maybe paint over those signs and make new ones or cut off everything except Welcome?

  19. Soooooo pretty! I love the blues and whites together, and the beachy theme is just so fresh and summerlike. Gorgeous! Amy :)

  20. Kim, I just love your beachy decor! I love those blue dishes, the shells, the creamy white, and the starfish. You have a real knack for accessorizing!


  21. This is all sooo pretty! I just love those aqua plates! I saw them at our Marshall's too, but can't get them!


  22. Kim, this is my first visit to your beautiful blog..but certainly not my last.. Your apothacary jars are gorgeous...and your ironstone to die for, what a beautiful collection. Thanks for swinging in, I enjoyed your visit and your comments...hugs ~lynne~

  23. Wow! I do love your look! This is all so beautiful and the collections are all displayed to perfection. Thanks for your visit -- looks like we both wish we were at the beach this week!

  24. Kim,
    What a beautiful beachy collection you have! The colors are so soft and and zen like.

    I especially love your ironstone pitcher collection!! Sweet!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  25. Hi Kim, I love just about everything on that hutch. Love the mix of white and blue, it's a perfect combination!